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OP snickerdoodle

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I'm actually looking for a clan. One that is close to Achilles and Actively plays.

My current clan is at 90 percent but they have all just stop playing it.
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Company Freelancer

Send an invite to the Spartan Company Here-
The Kingdom of Jimmbabwe

This is Company Freelancer, Home to the Elite

I am Balored, Founder of the CFL U.S. Division and Leader of Company Freelancer. This is currently a Halo 5 Clan/Community. We started in 2011 on Halo: Reach with the same vision we hold today, to create a home and playground for Competitive and Casual gamers a like. We are one of the best clans to step foot into Halo since Reach. Our constant vision and our confidence within our members is what has led us to where we are today. Our vision and our leadership is what has made us the clan and family that we are today. Since we are Freelancers under one organization, we are an anti-military clan in that sense. We do not follow the whole armor colors, clan rank, etc. like we used to. We follow under the understanding that a certain armor color, rank, or whatever does not define you in Company Freelancer. What defines you in Company Freelancer is how you hold yourself as a person and of course your game play. Now of course we do operate on Seniority as well, you'll notice that all the Lieutenants and Admins of the Clan are all Original Company Freelancer Members. We will not tell you who you are in Company Freelancer, you show us who you are. So now, do you think you have what it takes to become a member of CFL and become dominant? Are you tired of going into matchmaking games alone? You think you've got what it takes to lead a squad of players? Do you want to grow as a Halo player and achieve your full potential? If you answered yes and are feeling confident to at least one of those, then sounds like Company Freelancer should be your new Home

Here are just a few things Company Freelancer offers to its members
- CFL Forums
- Events, Customs, Matchmaking, etc.
- Excellent Leadership and Guidance
- A Diverse History and Background
- The chance to put together your very own team within CFL
- A fun entertaining and enjoyable environment
- And a Clan that works for everybody, especially, You!

If you don't believe us we even have montage to show you a few things about us check it out if you're on the edge about joining the group
Remember if you join the Company and are active, you too could be a part of a CFL Montage one day.

Ranking System withing the group is monitored through color of emblem and also in the CFL Discord Chat, the Company Emblem IS NOT a requirement but during clan matches it is required to be worn with the proper rank color for that match, after that it is no longer required and optional.

The Ranking System and corresponding colors are as follows in ascending order:
  • Recruit - White
  • Freelancer Tier V - Khaki
  • Freelancer Tier IV - Pickle
  • Freelancer Tier III - Blue Steel
  • Freelancer Tier II - Carnelian
  • Freelancer Tier I - Aubergine
  • Freelancer Council - Pepper
  • Leadership - Pepper
These ranks are colors are rewarded through activity through the clan and with clan authorities and members. The requirements will be discussed further with you once you have joined. All colors are ONLY Secondary Emblem Colors, the rest is pepper. These ranks are a way we can see who the most active and trust worthy Freelancers are and who we can rely on most. Can you show us we can put you at the helm of a squad leading them to battle and come out on top? Prove it.

Requirements for Joining
- Must be 13 years of Age
- Must of Course have Halo 5
- Be Respectful
- Have a sense of humor, some teasing is involved so have a sense of humor and don't take everything so serious
- Have a mic
- Common Sense
- And the most important thing is BE ACTIVE ON HALO 5

With the world biting and clawing at each other and fighting for glory to be the best, Company Freelancer has always stepped up to a fight, Will You? Will you join one of the best clans to step foot onto the Halo scene? We'd love to call you a member of Company Freelancer, and to have you at our side in this fight for the top. If you have any questions ask me at any time.

Jimmbabwe, Leader of Company Freelancer
Recruiting for the Spartan II Victor S101 a clan going back to 2011 that has recently rebooted. We are looking for active members that are looking to improve themselves through a combination of:
- Raids
- Matchmaking/Arena
- Expert Training

We are recruiting for both Halo: Reach and Halo 5

To join please contact MrPlayerdent or Ragnar Kuul
Please delete.
Name 300style military
been around since 2014
5 divisions
Special Forces
Please see our bio for more information
pleas add and message me on xbox to join
Good day fellow spartans, Trust My Honor here and i am recruiting for my company LXM 301st Battalion, i am not the leader but id like to say what i think about the company and why you should join, LXM has many branches,spartans,leaders, and allies, with our main and first company the Alpha has already achived the armor set and are working for the helmet, the 301st is going for the armor set still, we have spartans on everyday, will be open to help you, grind with you, and leaders who will guide you and answer every question with respect and honor, if you would like to join this company or have any questions please send a message to our President LXM Volo on waypoint or xbl, thanks for reading and good luck to all!.
Clan Name: Fireteam Echo 7
Points Of Contact: message to Edgar Zx, AtomicXTremeDmR
Mission: "Fireteam Echo 7" is a specialized squad of tactical assault missions deployed in Warzone. Trained by the ONI and experienced in a thousand battles , " Fireteam Echo 7" is one of the most interpersonal Spartan Companies, where camaraderie and good communication mean a lot during battles.. What's our goal? Get the Achilles armour).
Working together we are confident that we can achieve this, Join the fight!

Original Waypoint Recruitment Thread here...
Too Legit is recruiting

We are almost to the Achilles armor so join up while we have room

We like to just chill and slay all are welcome

Please feel free to msg me or send request via our clan link vI SOunDwaVE Iv

Looking forward to slaying it up with you guys
Dare To Comeback is recruiting!

Looking for some friendly, skilled players to join my Dare to Comeback team. I'm primarily wanting to develop a skilled S.W.A.T. group to scrimmage, rank up, and just chill on co-op campaign with.

Join Dare To Comeback:
Gamertag: ChristyWin

Recruiting for a new clan:

League of Completion

Looking for players with good sportsmanship who are looking to build a community to help others and themselves out with commendation completion. All game modes and maps are in the grab bag as we're helping each other and others with commendations.

Message me on Waypoint (here) or shoot me a message on XBL @ Shad0wPhe0nix13 if you're want an invite or are looking for more information
Clan name is the The Fang
Requirements- Mic, 16+ of Age
Message- UrBaNxWaFfLeS For More info or A request to Join
Clan: Revenant Ops

Point of contact: robeewankenobe

Mission: Looking for good, experienced players who are looking for that good knitted group of people who know what they're doing are are reliable. This , in hopes of being a strong formidable force is for people who want to get better, do good, and win in game modes both in WarZone firefight and PvP.
Hello all my name is DYNASTYBLUE2 i am a member of Awoken Gaming Community Decendant Squadron. We are a active Xbox one Community i am extending a invite to you all to join out community. Currently Have competitive teams in For Honor, Rainbow Six Siege, Modern Warfare Remastered ,and Destiny We welcome all casual gamers.
AGC allows all gamers to join, meet friends and enjoy the fun while assisting player to improve at the game. You always have some one to play with and to help you out if you need to get the certain thing done. We play all types of games and always expanding Come join a fun laid back community. is where you can apply to join, The only requirements to join AGC are that you are atleast 16 years old,and are not already in a clan or gaming community. Please when applying put my XB! GT-DYNASTYBLUE2 in the reffered by column. if you have any questions pls pm me directly on xbox GT DYNASTYBLUE2
Clan name: Cerca Trova

Clan mission: We are a group of a few friends who wants to get the Achilles armor but it would be impossible for us by our own, that's why we are looking for players like you to help us to get that armor.
It doesn't matter if you are a good or bad player, if you want the Achilles armor, ask us to join this company and we will accept you regardless of your K / D, skill or if you play a lot or little.

Point of contact: If you are interested, send a message to the next accounts on Xbox Live:
Or just send your request to get in.

Somos un grupo de amigos que buscan conseguir la armadura Achilles pero entre nosotros sería una tarea imposible, por eso buscamos jugadores como tú para que juntos, lleguemos a nuestra meta.
No importa si eres bueno o malo, si quieres conseguir el Achilles, solicítanos ingresar a esta compañía y te aceptaremos sin importar tu K/D, skill o si juegas mucho o poco.
Si estás interesado, manda un mensaje a las siguientes cuentas de Xbox Live:
O simplemente envía tu solicitud para ingresar
Clan Name: Solar Contingency
Point of Contact: NH NSPH, WAR D0G12, Jerome SII S096
Clan Mission: We are a competitive/recreational clan that wants to make the most out your clan experience with some fun but also a serious environment.
Clan Name: Uncles With Benefits
Point of contact: Me TaintlessXerxes or BillyBobBaggins
Clan Mission: None. Exist and have fun. We get together and play big team or other arena game types.

join us
"My mission is simple, to protect that which unites us and walk down the path that will lead me to true victory, I take this weapon and honor the nine that stood before me and take the rank of Specter, let my enemies be ignited through the Heavens Fall!" that is the oath the crew of the Heavens Fall take to honor there fallen brethren. If you wish to join our cause message Soma R SIV for further info and put in a request at the UNSC Heavens Fall!
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