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Find Clans That Are Actively Recruiting

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This is a extension of Who Doesn't Need Achilles
If this company is full, contact WDNA 3rd Company, or Who Doesn't Need Achilles
  1. In this company, we prioritize friendly competition and a close-knit core. I want this Company to be a tight group of friends who can laugh at and with each other.
  2. We have ranks. See Ranks below for more information.
  3. We have divisions. See Divisions below for more information.
  4. Freelancers will be accepted into such a position as long as they specify such intent.
  5. All players and play styles are accepted, the only requirement is that you participate in the Company, be it via grinding commendations, recruiting others, helping out your company compatriots, etc.
There are two different rank paths, one for Covenant, and one for UNSC. I will message out promotions every Sunday (Central Standard Time), but you may decline any promotion you wish; however, you may not skip ranks in this fashion.
Covenant Ranks
Promotion requirements: Complete Grunt Slayer
Promotion requirements: Acquire 50 Plasma Pistol kills and EMP Assists
Promotion Requirements: Complete Jackal Slayer and Needler commendation
Promotion Requirements: Complete Hunter Slayer and Fuel Rod Commendation
Promotion requirements: Acquire 200 Gravity Hammer and 100 Brute Plasma Rifle kills.
Promotion requirements: Complete Covenant Destroyer, Covenant Power Weapon Mastery, all Covenant vehicle commendations. Forerunner rank must be available
Members:UNSC Ranks
Promotion requirements: Complete Lvl. 3 of Assault Rifle, Magnum, and Warthog Gunner commendations
Promotion requirements: Complete Lvl. 3 of SMG, Battle Rifle, DMR, and Rockethog Gunner commendations
Promotion requirements: Complete Lvl. 3 of Marine Slayer and Gausshog Gunner
Promotion requirements: Complete Weapon Mastery, Marine Slayer, Warthog Destroyer. Forerunner rank must be available
Members:Top Level Ranks
Forerunner (Lieutenant)
Promotion requirements: Complete Forerunner Destroyer, Forerunner Power Weapon Mastery, Phaeton Gunner, Phaeton Destroyer. Precursor rank must be available
SJC Dreams
(see Divisions)Precursor (Leader)
Promotion requirements: N/A
Members: NanosylDivisions
When joining Who Doesn't Need Achilles?, you will be asked to select a division: Covenant or UNSC, unless you applied as a mercenary. You will be assigned to a division based on your choice. Each Division will be led by a trio of Lieutenants..
Covenant Division
Member count:
UNSC Division
Member count:
who have a halo Reach clan I can join
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Clan - Talented
Contacts - aCreeWarrior / A7X Coming Home
Mission - Enjoy the game, while still keeping a competitive mind set. Let's "SLAUGHTER" the competition together.
Spartan Company Order of the Lion Knight

Point of contact SoapVEVO

Our main goal is world domination, we are aimed towards competitive players with potential skills yet to be demostrated, as I expect to pull the best of me as a leader, I expect no more from my Spartans to be the best of the best.

In battle you can only rely on teamwork, you can also try and be a 'Lone Wolf' if that is your playstyle, but never forget that my Spartan Company fights as whole one, ones victory is everyones victory.

(This Spartan Company speaks Spanish and English, so players from Latinamerica feel free to join)
Clan: Champs on Smurf Accounts
No Longer recruiting.
who have a halo Reach clan I can join
Your welcome to join the Omega Legion. Fun friendly clan that helps out in any way you can imagine.
Project Titan Needs Volunteers
1 Be Atleast A Teenager 14 And Up Preferred
2 Be A Good Sport Don't Rage Quit Too Many Times Or Consequences Shall Become Upon You
3 Get Over 7 Kills In A Custom Map With Any Preference Of Weapon Against A High Ranked Officer
4 Get Me To Laugh! I'm Kinda A Chatterbox Being Honest And If You Can Make Me Laugh During Your Training You Can Be Instantly Promoted To Any Higher Rank Than Recruit
5 Don't Be The Guy Who's Always Talking Smack
That Can Easily Get Your Demoted Or Kicked Out
6 Try And Make Our Gamenignts We Will Have Atleast 2 Per Week
Thank You For Reading This I Hope Too See You As A Titan
Who have a halo reach clan i can join
Clan: Team Frankie
Point of contact: Kakashio O

Goal: We are 2 Kill Commendations of Unlocking The Armor .

Requirements: Be an active Halo 5 Player.

Road Trip Level 3/5 Kill an enemy Spartan with a ground vehicle 5108/9000
Sorry mate Level 3/5 Kill Marines 6173/12000
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This post has been edited by a moderator. Please do not post spam.
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The Shotgun Runners are looking for Warzone players (and Arena) that are active with Halo.
We are 2 Comms away from the suit and have 4 completed already for the hat... If you play Wazone, we need you. Most of us play arena, and we need Marine kills still....

Shoot a message over or request to join. Your help is needed!

P.S> i recently paved the way to add new members, cutting out 99 members down to 88. So we have some room.... I'd prefer not to cut more, but i gave some warnings out for inactivity (which is our only rule: play halo or geeeeet out). You know you want a new set of shiny armor...... come get some.
Welcome to ESWATCorp. We are looking for new recruits for all levels and our goal is to not only achieve the Achilles armor set but ESWATCorp wants to be the first Spartan company to have a team in a major compition. But to achieve this we need Spartans. We are a start up and we are willing to work to get where we want to go. New ideas are always welcome and so if you are with another company but have ideas on recruitment or arena strategies drop a message on Xbox to Xarrian Spartan or you can go to ESWATCorp at Halo Waypoint and leave a message there. Ideas are awesome but watching them grow into being is better. Thank you for your time and consideration, Happy hunting Spartan, Xarrian Spartan signing out.
M6D newly formed, but we are not new to the Halo universe.

Point of contact : Desert Dwella (same on Xbox live)

We have been around for a long time as a small group, so we started this company. We are recruiting and we are selective.
If u have a negative attitude, blame your teammates, start trouble with other companies and Smurf.... YOU NEED NOT APPLY TO THIS COMPANY."YOUR ONLY AS STRONG AS YOUR TEAM!" Don't lose sight of that.... No single soldier has ever won a war!!!We get it done without tricks and cheats. Guys/gals... This is a game.... Let's have fun with it while kicking some serious enemy Spartan tail.
We are all about MCC, BTB, Arena, and if we have time Warzone.
****If u apply, u will be tested for team compatibility. Being active in Halo is encouraged. Playing with fellow M6D members is a must or why be in a Spartan Company? The team dynamic is real! ***
***Any generic application will be discarded, tell us what your looking for in a Spartan Company and little about your history with the Halo universe when applying, that's important.***

Well... U want in??? Let's see what you got!!
Name of Clan: G.O.R.E- Guns of Rage
Point of Contact-
Purpose of Clan- To provide an authentic and new experience about what a clan is about. Everything we do here, we do with a purpose and passion. Even is that means playing an online match of infection. Here we do raids, game nights, practices, promotion ceremonies, etc. If you looking to apart of something bigger and for a purpose, this is the place for you. We are a Military based clan that uses 3 main branches on the battlefield, and 3 sub branches in side of the clan. We are growing everyday, and are excited about the future and what it has to offer.
Rules are:
Must be of the age 13 or older.
Be active on Halo and the Clan.
No double Claning.
Have a HIGH level of discipline and follow orders as instructed.
Have a working mic, no kinect.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day.
i am looking for new members for my clan name United Nations League. Gamertag name Tuk Gharai
Clan: Champs on Smurf Accounts

No Longer Recruiting
Hey guys i am the leader of Fireteam Achlys a new military clan that works together to enhance our skills and abilities as Spartans. We look for all kinds of players accepting any ranked or new players to help grow Their skills together. How recruit you is easy we take you into a public match and see your ability as a spartan. If you have any further questions please feel free to message me and i will respond as soon as i can.
Field Marshal Beskar Itera
NAME: We are a brand new competitive lore based clan apart of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and intend to push our name as individuals into the UNSC clan community as one of the best out there while also representing ONI again to the Halo community as skilled players and passionate halo fans. The UNSC Vanishing Point is a military organized clan with an growing Navy Force, Marines & an Spartan-IV Contingent each with its own defined unique play style and group dynamics. Promoting all kinds of play either if its WarZone, Arena or Raids.REQUIREMENTS:
    1. Must be willing to change: Emblem, armor colors, service tag.
    2. Must be willing to comply and work with a military ranking structure and chain of command. This also means following orders.
    3. Must be willing to be active. If you are unable to be active for a set period of time, please inform us.
    4. Must be willing to follow all protocols and regulations of the Office of Naval Intelligence and the United Nations Space Command.

    • PRIMARY/ Xbox Live message the gamer tag Spartan Raines or Seele Von
    • SECONDARY/ Register and put in an application and we'll contact you.
    • TIETIARY/ Join the unsc meriwether lewis spartan company

Hours are relatively flexible, however we are available most nights and mornings as well as weekends. When our numbers grow we expect full scheduled custom game scrimmages and recreational nights on the leisure deck.

MISSION:Providing players with good people to party up with in Halo 5: Guardians Arena and WarZone multiplayer matchmaking, giving members the necessary tools to explore the lore and what it would be like to be aboard the UNSC Vanishing Point with a competitive lore-based atmosphere. Our mission is to play smart, play together and our highest priority to play for fun. Find out more about the UNSC Vanishing Point in ethics, code and values during the application process or a DM to me Spartan Raines.We are also looking for other clans and competitive teams to match with, feel free to contact either one of us for scheduling. Our focus is on Halo 5: Guardians.
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