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Find Clans That Are Actively Recruiting

OP snickerdoodle

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Hey can I join your clan please
Good day to you Spartans,

We are The Nubbstompers and we are happy to have you be apart of our community. Our members range from the casual player to the hardcore. Feel free to drop in and see what we are all about. We are always accepting those who seek to play without the extra stress, it's a game, have fun.If you are in the mood for competition, we have Onyx caliber players that are always looking to team. Hop on in the forums and start up a conversation and organize some teams. With WZ, Arena, and the campaign, there is plenty Halo to get into. This is a game and we understand real life stuff happens! We just ask that you vent off mic.

If you have any other questions, comments or wish to get an invite just message us.
New spartan company focused on getting the Achilles armor and helmet. Join if you are interested in a fun community and making new friends. Keep up to date on progress towards the Achilles set on our twitter :
and keep in touch with the company on our discord:
want to join the join here! Seeker squad
We are Hydra Corps!

Our main goal is to acquire the Achilles set but to also have fun!

We're a fresh, new, laid back team looking for more players. We don't take things too seriously but all we ask is that you're fairly active!

Contact us at our main page or direct message me!

  • Name of your clan - HoneyBagders
  • Point of contact - Aaron from Xbox
  • Clan mission - Social community willing to partake in mainly ranked play and some warzone.
- Mic required

Check this out:
This cool new team called Hydra Corps is looking for more soldiers!
We're a fun, fresh, and laid back team working on getting the Achilles armor.
We're accepting all applicants right now so come join!

Wolf Underground is A spartan Company that hand selects Spartans to join. The selection is based off of performance. No there is no tryouts only evaluation. There is a thing, a saying Spartan-IV are our weaker younger brothers and sisters. As Spartan-II and very few Spartan-III we must be rolemodels, we must show them what it means to be a Spartan.
This is S – 17 if you have any further questions use your AI to contact me. God speed Spartans.
(For Spartans who are chill and less competitive but still wants to have a goal to work towards with high rewards.
We are about 75% to the Armor for Achilles after that we will be focusing on the helmet we have only 31 Members.)
(For our competitive side we will be hosting Grind teams for arena. These teams will than play out the season to achieve only 2 goals. 1st Hit Champion tier and be rank 1 and 2nd is to produce pro teams through this. While using The 1st goal as practice.)
Blood Elites Clan is looking for people who have eligibility in Leading groups of players.

We are looking for players willing to put time and effort into helping a clan grow and succeed. We need those who have experience not only in Match Making, but Warzone, and Raids who have a small or large history with leading smaller or Larger Groups.
Since we are recruiting for higher ranks, authenticity of your experience will be needed through background checks. (Aka Proof of history via a Recognized Clan)
If you still want eligibility to be a Leading Roll without a Background Check contact me directly to set up meeting with our recruiter.

We are looking for these rolls.
  • Corrections Trainer (Gunnery Sergeant/Staff Sergeants)
  • Recruiters (Aka Warrant Officers [Most Needed])
  • Rank Management/Recruiter (Commanding Officers)
Of Course we're also looking for members to make up the body of our clan. If you'd want to put time into something at a lesser extent we have these positions that will make up the majority of our clan in time.
  • Private Grade 1- PVT1
  • Private Grade 2- PVT2
  • Private Grade 3- PVT3
  • Corporal- CPL0
  • Corporal Grade 1- CPL1
Team Leader
  • Sergeant- SGT0
  • Sergeant Grade 1- SGT1
  • Sergeant Grade 2- SGT2
Join my Company we're The Greatest Fleet of all Time!


Casual gaming... would like to find people who want to run as a squad with mics... and work as a team..

(those IIx are capital i's)
Delta squad 6 is looking for people who want to play together as a team. We are a military based spartan company, and we are excepting anyone. If you want to join please message me at Shadowikc.
Through the ashes of our past we rebuild our future. The Orion Project, not your average clan. Join us by messaging BiggDanTheMan or Firecro22. Also, we don’t care about Achilles armor.
im a halo player with 10 years of experience under my belt
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This is a company that consists of individuals interested in [casual or competitive] warzone,slayer,firefight,arena,and infection.
We are on the lookout for active members.
83% to Achilles Helmet
Requirements to join us: Fireteam Horse

    • Have a mic.
    • Appear online
    • Not currently part of another other Spartan Company
    • Be willing to participate in matches with us as well as being active
    • Speak English (To ensure that the team can communicate with ease)
    • We WILL NEVER scrutinize and boot members from the company based on in-game performance. We just ask that you help grind commendations
[Acilles body armor achieved 3/11/2017]
Fireteam Horse is canonical in the Halo universe
Immortal Eclipse is an average clan with a set ammount of division that are wip due to halo 5's current downage
And we are working towards achilles.
We currently have our ranks set up and divisions opened up
Clan: Fleet Command
Contact: xGregorie
Mission: To grow our clan and become our best.
Company: XP Junkies
Mission: Adults only company who likes to have fun and just be relaxed. Check out our description to see if you sound good to you. Currently 92 members and 72% to the helmet. We will have another 10 spots open in a few days
UNSC First Fleet

The UNSC First Fleet is a proactive UNSC group that prides herself on assisting the UNSC community to the best of our abilities.

Each ship is captained by veterans of the community leading young and seasoned marines, ODST’s and Spartans in all theaters of operations in the community. Joining the First is not an easy task but a task that pays off with hard work and dedication. As a member of the First, your options for advancement and training are endless as one day you could even captain a ship of your own. We operate as a family and work together to better our members and better the UNSC community.
You never go into conflict alone.
Admiral Jaeger SII S056, UNSC Fenrir.
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