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DW is the place for you. Our clan name is DarkWarriors. Mt gt; is ilovetacosdavid. We are a clan that has 13+ members. We have meetings about every weekend. We don't care if you have a good k/d or if you only like a certain game type. We can take you in and train you to become a good halo 4 player. Our motto is We are the darkwarriors, we are united. Message me at ilovetacosdavid
Name of clan: Primarch Of Shadows

Point of Contact: Me xXBadLegosXx

Mission: our mission is to clense the community of corruption or we just have fun help out other clans
hey lets have an alliance
Clan Name: Misriah Tactical Division (MTD)

Points of contact: Our clan's website ( - It's some kind of beta but will be improved) or just... me?(D4mm1tB4st3rd) I'm online almost every day so I'm sure I can answer you.

Clan Mission: The Misriah Tactical Division is a military clan - wearing uniform, following orders and (most important) being an active member is a MUST! We will meet up for trainings, briefings and even gamenights! When we are ready I'll see what I can do to get us some so called "Raids". Some of you might know Raids from the clans of Halo: Reach - however: If there are any questions just ask me and I'll give you further details. 1

To join the clan you need to have a mic of course. Also I want to keep my members above the age of 15 so we won't be overran by little squeaker-kids shooting around while briefings. Contact me (here... on Xbox Live or on the site) if you want to join MTD.

We are strong. We will proceed. We will SUCCEED!
Clan Name: United Nations Rebel Forces (UNRF)

Point of Contact: Clan Leader (NinjaTabii)

Mission: To create a competitive, military based clan that enoys a good fight. We use tactics and proper military etiquette when fighting. We also have fun in custom games and love playing other peoples maps.

So far I only have a few people in the clan but I'm looking for more players. I also want to start a forge team in the clan. these people must be willing to make proper 4v4, 8v8, flood, etc.. maps including a meeting hall or base and anything else the leaders would like you to. You may also make maps for fun and ask us for feedback.

If you're interested in joining please message me on xbox live and you can go through our tryouts. Thank you and see you on the battlefield!
Clan name: TOK-(The Onyx Knights)
Points of contact: Nighthawk4461 or XsyndoxXscoutX or our website which is not running right now due to editing.

Mission: our mission is to have a very relaxed and fun time playing matchmaking or custom games together, but we do have tryouts for the clan and training every couple of days that we play together, we have already done clan battles and raids against other clans such as the sangiehli or the unsc clans and also against our allied clan the ODST.
We have four divisions In our clan, Marines, ODST, SIII ( Spartan 3) and SII (Spartan 2)
So message either of the contacts if you are interested in trying out and don't worry tryouts are only so I know how skilled of a player you are and will put you in a division, however almost all recruits become marines, odst straight up Is hard to get.

So message me if your interested I'm Nighthawk4461 on xbox live :)
Name of Clan: MultiplayerForgeCampaignBrotherhood
Point of Contact: NinjaTabii or Lord Sofe
Objective: To create a fun loving environment for halo players and to make sure that everyone has a spot in the clan where they matter.
Name of the clan: The Darkened Assassins

Point of Contact: A55A551N VLAD

Clan Mission: Our goal is to have a fun yet tactical and serious game play. We do matchmaking which provides fun and it shows our weakness and how we can improve on them. We have a Basic training which is shooting ranges and a parkour test which takes about 15 mins less or more depending on how many players are participating.
Forerunner Guard


Goal: We are currently trying to revive the clan. We would like to have a group of people who are interested in competitive gaming, or casual gaming.
DO you love halo? Do you like to having friendly competition and game nights with friends? Do you also not take losing for an answer? Then The Federation is for you! We are a clan composed of few members but are growing rapidly.

We have two sides of this clan:

Do you like to enforce the rules? Do you want to punish those who disobey the law and deserve to be contained? Join The Federation today and wipe out all that appose the law. They say rules were meant to be broken, but rules are meant to be followed and enforced. Help put an end to the filth on the streets and get rid of the Rebels!

The Federation think they know what's best for the gaming community. They think that what they do is right because they are being told to do it and carry it out. But We've got news for them. They fight for the wrong cause. They have two choices, either surrender now and let us create a better gaming community or die fighting for what's wrong. The way we see it the war can only end in two ways. And we're here to make sure it ends our way. Join The Rebels and fight for what's right.

This clan is run by Co-Leaders:
Me, NinjaTabii
and Lord Sofe

I run the Federation and Lord Sofe runs The Rebels. We are at peace now but once one side favours in players, they will try to take over the others. If you would like to join, Message either me or Lord Sofe requesting to join and you may choose which side you are on. But be careful, because once you choose, there is no going back!
Clan Name: U.C.A.F
Point of contact GT: ZeALoTT
Goals: To become a large, organized military styled group! Dominate our enemy.

We are looking for mature players that are above average in skill, if you decide to join us, you are guaranteed an interesting, fun and worthwhile experience. You will not only get better at the game, but make amazing friends and even develop leadership skills you will use in real life!

The UCAF does competitive scrims, raids, customs, and meetings and we are organized through a lasting battle tested military ranking structure and chain of command. You WILL be apart of an elite group few get into, you WILL get better, you WILL be challenged, but it'll be worth it with the friends and memories made throughout the course of your time with the UCAF. Fight on the front lines in every major clan war on Halo! Defend the cause and be apart of something bigger than yourself!

Try out for the UCAF if you are up for what we have to offer!

- Chancellor ZeALoTT "We only take the best!"
Hello everyone and welcome to The Genus Project. genus was the name chosen because it means Noble Race in Latin and our goal is to form a group or ply layers who are noble. Joining this clan doesn't require you to change much. We have three sections in our clan but keep in mind that they all do everything in the clan. These sections are to place you in what you excel at.
These sections are:

Fortuitus Players
These players like to play casually. They don't excel at anything but they are also good at everything. This is the basic place for players who just want to have fun and play with other players.

Innectus Players
These players like to forge. They forge maps for the clan and love to make al kinds of maps varying from slayer to flood to mini game maps. Your maps can be tested by fellow members or on game nights. You will have a lot of chances to show off your masterpiece.

Mortiferum Players
These players like to punish their enemies. They like to play online because they want to ensure that the enemy remembers them as the players that destroyed their reputation as a halo player.

Elite Pro Team
These are the deadliest players. The best of the best. They will not take anything less then a win. This team is the hardest one to get into. This involves multiple training games and years to see if you're the right fit. I'd you don't get in don't feel bad. You can try again every month to make sure that it's not always the same players but remember, you can only try out once a month when the try outs for the elite pro team are held.

Me and my friend Lord Sofe had just started this clan and currently have few members but are growing. The sooner you join, the better you'll be known around the clan. Message me on xbox live for more info or recruitment. Gt is NinjaTabii
Name of Community: Project Ascension

Points of Contact:
1.)Gamertags best to contact: Salvanous or AidedPoem01319
2.) Message us at Project Ascension

Community Mission: We are primarily a Halo based community that isn't afraid to throw out gamenights to other games. Titanfall, CoD, if you want it, we will work to provide.

Project Ascension looks to the individual member to guide them into various branches within the community of Animus, Nexus, or Terminus.

Animus: For those who are more casual gamers, simply here to make new friends and avoid annoying randoms.

Nexus: For those who look to seek better coordination with a team of people, who want to look to having a fun time, but appreciate competition especially as a team.

Terminus: For those who have the burning drive to improve or teach how to become better as an individual.

Each branch is optional, yet they all look to our members to see how they can further enrich their gaming experience.

Alongside providing a rich variety of games, and seeking to enrich our members' gaming experience, we also provide a turn based war simulation in which the tide's of battle are determined by your own prowess. These campaign are simple to grasp, and each campaign can easily last months, if not up to a year if the side are fully equal. Our system also allows for multiple factions to go into conflict unlike other war simulations that only look to have a simple 1v1 in terms of factions. We open our arms to all possibilities in which we can apply 4 factions.

Our mission within Project Ascension isn't simply provide this to the Halo universe, but to perfect what we do, and then go on to find new things to bring to the community and perfect that as well. If you have something you want in a community that we do not provide, odds are we are already looking into providing it.
Clan: TFL (The Forsaken Legion)

Contact: Message TFL MATARBUCKLE on Xbox live to join.

Mission: To keep it short and sweet, We want to have fun, so that means we play to win.

We are curently in the process of starting this clan back up, for it it was inactive during the duration of the school year.

We are looking for dedicated halo players at this time only.
You will need a head set and halo 4 to join.
We also play battle field and gta 5 but our main game is halo 4.

Like I said we are in the process of starting back up so fire team leader positions are open. Fire team leaders will have to reqruit their own fire team which contains 4 peolple including the leader him or herself.

We need active members that are good at the game so message TFL MATARBUCKLE if you are interested.
Do you miss how clans used to be on Halo Reach? Clans like Fleetcom, HRL, HGA? Do you miss how they were Structured, Active, Fun. How there was always a GOAL you had to work towards, you always had things to do, not just clan related but also fun activities. Clans that were Militarized and very political? A Clan that has different uniform for different Branches, Has Clan Wars, Raids, and more? A Clan that has Training's & Meetings? A Clan that brings back EVERYTHING a clan had in Halo Reach

Clan Name: Sigma-Four
Point of contact GT: xI Verdict Ix
Goals: To become one of many super power militarized Clans, Fun, Active and always have members work towards new goals. A clan that players are dedicated too

Now there is a clan bringing all the good things you miss into Halo 4. Sigma-Four is now recruiting, opening was may 20th, and doing fantastic. Check out our website for ALOT more information

LOTS of opportunity, GREAT Clan Maps and much much more. Just looking for dedicated, fun, active members. Who want to not just get far within Sigma-Four but also want to bring a fantastic future for this clan.

MUST know good English.
MUST have a Mic.
MUST be ACTIVE on XBL and Halo 4.


Hope to hear from you soon
and have a FANTASTIC Day!
Clan name: Shadowblade

Point of Contact: Blackbomber200, Kodyman98, and JohntheZ0mB1e

Clan Mission: To Establish an active well organized and well trained friendly military clan in the Halo Community. We look forward to seeing people who are mature and have a working mic join our ranks either be it Marines, ODST, or Recon. Look forward to seeing you soon. See you on the Battlefield Halo Community

Message us for more Details
Clan Name: United Forces of Armageddon

Points of Contact: KrucialKilla19 or UFA Frag User

Clan Mission: The United Forces of Armageddon (UFA) was established on May 29, 2014. Members from the United Colonies Federation (UCF) broke off from the corrupt and dying government to create a better clan. We are a strict, military-based clan with four leaders, known as the Horsemen. We have four leaders so one leader does not abuse his power. We currently have four branches open: The Armed Forces, The Guardians, The Intergovernmental Intelligence Agency, and The Ghost Division.

The Armed Forces: Standard ground forces. Default branch for all new recruits. Head Horseman - MinuteMan34

The Guardians: Protect the Field Marshals and the Horsemen. You have to have at least 1500 more kills than deaths to be considered for the Guardians and rank up to Sergeant General in the Armed Forces and receive a personal recommendation by a horseman. All Horsemen oversee this branch.

The Intergovernmental Intelligence Agency: The IIA is an elite task force that searches for other military-based clans to form alliances and get our name out in the community. The only way to get in is through a personal recommendation by a horseman. Head Horseman - Bad 2 teh bon3

The Ghost Division: The elite branch where members specialize in a weapon or vehicle group. Has four regiments - The Optimal Deployment Sniper Team (O.D.S.T.), The Rolling Thunder Unit (specialize in explosives, heavy weaponry, and all vehicles), The Specters (specialize in stealth and reconnaissance), and The Marines (specialize in close quarters combat and defending critical objectives). You have to rank up to Sergeant in the Armed Forces then meet the requirements of the regiment you decide to join. Champion's Bundle DLC required. The O.D.S.T. is trained exclusively by Big Al 1300. The Rolling Thunder Unit is trained by Bad 2 teh bon3 and MinuteMan34. The Specters are trained by all of the Horsemen. The Marines are trained exclusively by APACHE PRIDE 69. Head Horseman - Big Al 1300

Competitive Teams: The UFA has competitive teams that battle other military-based and community clans. We currently have an MLG team registered for competition and we have two Capture the Flag teams. The UFA is also registered for competitive Raids strictly for facing other military-based clans. Once you join the UFA, you will be eligible for both the MLG and CTF teams as long as there are openings.

Requirements for joining: You have to be fourteen years old or older. You have to have a headset mic (preferably no Kinect mics). You have to speak fluent English. Also, if you do not like taking orders or following rules from people over Xbox, then this clan is not for you. You will have to change your armor, your armor color, your service tag, and your motto. You will not have to change your gamer tag or your bio. We play a lot of matchmaking, custom games, and even Spartan Ops.

Our mission: Here in the UFA, we want to make all of our members better Halo 4 players. You will get top-of-the-line training by some of the game's best players. If you are already a great Halo 4 player, then you may eventually help train other clan members in the weapon class that you operate best. The UFA provides a supportive atmosphere that will allow our members to flourish as a player.

The recruitment process: First, message KrucialKilla19 via Xbox LIVE. He is the field marshal of the Ghost Division. He is authorized to take you through boot camp to test your loyalty to the clan. Boot camp consists of simple obstacles that every Halo player needs to know how to do. Following boot camp, you will receive the uniform that you will be expected to wear while you are on duty. You will then attend basic training for one to two weeks (depending on how quickly you progress) for analysis by the Horsemen and field marshals. If you cause three disciplinary issues while in basic training, you will be removed from the clan no questions asked. No one is exempt from basic training unless told otherwise by the four horsemen. Once you graduate from basic training, you will receive your first rank and will then be eligible for promotions within the Armed Forces.

How to get promotions: You will be promoted when you successfully lead your team to victory in matchmaking games three times (does not have to be in a row). Every time you get promoted, your wins reset and the number of wins needed to get your next promotion increases by one. Wins will be vacated if your teammates feel you did not give enough orders or did not successfully organize the team.

Armed Forces Ranking Structure: Starting from the top is the first rank. Beside the rank is the service tag. Next to the service tag are the requirements.

Recruit (RCT) - Commit to the UFA.
Rookie (RKI) - Complete boot camp.
Rookie First Class (RFC) - Complete basic training.
Corporal (CPL) - Win three games while leading.
Corporal First Class (CFC) - Win four games while leading.
Lance Corporal (LCPL) - Win five games while leading.
Sergeant (SGT) - Win six games while leading.
Staff Sergeant (SSGT) - Progressed by Horsemen.
Sergeant Major (SMAJ) - Same as above.
Sergeant General (SGEN) - Same as above.
Lieutenant (LT) - Same as above.
Lieutenant General (LGEN) - Same as above.
Commanding Officer (CO) - Same as above.
Field Marshal (FMSH) - Rank currently occupied.

Transferring to a new branch: If you decide to transfer to a different branch, your rank is reset, and you will have to begin the promotion process again. You will not have to repeat boot camp or basic training (though some regiments within the Ghost Division do have specialized basic training for new members within the branch).

Resigning from the clan: If you decide the UFA is not for you, please contact a Horseman and tell him you are leaving instead of leaving us high and dry. WARNING: If you resign from the clan, you will not be allowed to re-enter the clan at any point.

Social media: The UFA has social media outlets that will allow you to keep up with the clan easily. Be sure to follow us on:
Twitter - @UFA_HALO4
Instagram - @_unitedforcesofarmageddon_

Multimedia: Check us out on YouTube and Twitch! We will be live streaming some practices and competitive matches. Our YouTube is: and our Twitch is Please like and subscribe to our YouTube and follow us on Twitch.

I hope you will consider the United Forces of Armageddon as your new clan home. Thank you for your time.

Big Al 1300
If you're looking to join a large (over 125 active members) and very unique community that utilizes HALO 4 custom games to the max with a spice of authentic war-like feeling, then you should enlist in an army and join the wars of Forerunner Conflict!! Enlist as a soldier in either the R.E.D.D. or B.L.U.E. Army to fight and take control over maps every Sunday at 6PM EST! Feel free to bring your friends as well! Look us up at! Make sure to register an account using your actual gamertag! We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!
If you want a REAL clan system to be brought back to halo, then cast your votes here.
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