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Find Clans That Are Actively Recruiting

OP snickerdoodle

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//<Incoming Transmission..>//
//<Central Defence Federation Communication Relay..>//
<[Subject..]> [Marine and ODST Enlistment]
This transmission is regarding to Central Defence Federation Marine and ODST Enlistment.
[<Below are requirements to apply...>]
1.)Must have Halo 5:Guardians and or Halo: Reach
2.)Must have a working microphone.
3.)Must be Level 45 or higher.
4.)Must have Military Police Helmet
5.)Must be 12 years or older.
6.)Must be Disciplined & Mature.
7.)Must be willing to take & uphold any orders given to them to the best of their ability.
8.) Must have Nightfall or any variant of ODST armour
If you meet those requirements, we hope to see you soon at the nearest recruitment office.
Thank you for your time listening to this transmission and we hope to see you soon
Signed: John SII S117 B (Mr T Shelby)
//End Transmission..>// //Error...Transmision Not Found..>//
Free rewards:

  • A free REQ pack
  • A chance to constantly make Halo friends
  • Work together to unlock the legendary Achilles armor!
Join The Tamriel Outlaws Spartan Company today!

This post has been hidden.


I am the leader of The Tamriel Outlaws and I would like to extend and offer of merger to you and your current Spartan Company.

Here at The Tamriel Outlaws we have two main goals
  • Have a great time playing the game
  • Grind for the Legendary Achilles Armor
A merger with our company doesn’t mean that your company would die out and be forgotten either. Together we are The Tamriel Outlaws, a large group of small companies that joined together for the same underline goal. All leaders of previous companies will be granted the rank of Lieutenant and we will be divided into Fireteams. Fireteams will be named after merging Spartan Companies and the leadership will be previous leadership of that Company, in honor of all the companies that joined together.

Take the weight of recruiting off your back and have fun while we earn the Achilles Armor together!

Happy Hunting,
The Tamriel Outlaws
Anybody want to help us earn Achilles? If so message me or on xbox
Looking for a company. Not the best player ever, but been play for sometime. Just looking for a cool group!
join us and kick the covenant to space
Name of your clan: Horizon Battalion

Point of contact: TwoLattice27000 on Halowaypoint

Clan mission:Our clan mission at Horizon Battalion is to help new players and provide a social company were all members are excepted. we don't require members be active often so you can take large breaks of time to have your own free time. we will also provide competitive games such as clan wars and raids witch are non mandatory. other things that we provide are (social,ranked and warzone partners),(training),(campaign help on halo 5) and (a rank system)

For more information visit the company website at
message me

Thank you for your time
Dread Doctors
Doctors enhanced themselves into esoteric superhumans using electromagnetism and pseudoscience

Contact Via Gamertag:II Bubbaloo II

Clan Mission: Be recognized. Achieve Champion as well as Achilles Armor
United Earth Starfleet is recruiting, if interested in joining please contact me or on Discord: RadicalxShadow#7337
Ey, guys. I'm looking for an active clan that hasn't gotten the Achilles Armor yet. I play excessively, lvl 114, and am dying for that sweet loot. Please message if you got an open clan.

Spawn Da Joker
ghost squad 45 is looking for people that like to fight covenant sand me a message
Clan Name: The Battalion (shortname) Battalion of Gamers (formal)

Point of contact: Solidarius (leader), Miklakla (co-leader)

Mission: We are a revitalized clan looking to start up in Halo 5. Our time zone is Eastern Standard, but anyone is welcome to join. If you're interested in meeting up for a few rounds add Solidarius and/or Miklakla on your Xbox and send us a message. We hope to see you online!

*You need to be to join is to be at least 16 years of Age and have a working Mic (Not Kinect)*
Spartan Company Titania is almost half full ONLY within 5 days of active recruiting.

Company name: Titania

Point of contact: iamjbridges on Xbox or here or request to join Titania

Our Mision? Laid back company looking to earn Achilles armor all collectively over time.
Warning to other clan leaders. A player by the name of mariothebeast18 has been going around joining clans that arn't active on a daily basis only to later refuse to get in contact and late say we're inactive. Dispite telling him we're a weekly active clan it appears on his background checks this is consistent of him. Be cautious when recruiting him he may not be worth the time.
looking too
Clan: Phoenix Era.
Type: Tactical.
Looking for good members to join the ranks.
Message me or Spartan Company if interested in joining.
Im looking for a clan. Mostly looking to play with some people who actually use mics and coordinate. Message me if you need anyone.
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