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OP snickerdoodle

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recruiting ODSTs and forgers contact me for more info. sgtslaughter898 is my gt
We need warzoners for our spartan company and any playalot lovers of halo...... All welcome to apply ..... Any antisocial players will be kicked if they pester members as there are little kids in the ranks,,,,,,,,
Team Name: ~S9~

Points Of Contact: Falcon197, TheLostSpartan

Mission: Squad 9 first formed on Halo PC in 2003, and we have been active on every major FPS title ever since, eagerly awaiting for game where it all started to return to PC. Today, our members have established a unit built on high standards of teamwork and respect. We aspire to become a top-tier gaming org and offer the ideal team experience, free of toxicity and hacking. We have plans to reestablish a Spartan Company on Halo:MCC for PC, and we've launched a preliminary recruiting drive to bolster our numbers going in. Our unit is already able to provide:

- Friendly and skilled teammates who have your back
- Flexible ops: drop-in/drop-out game nights and formally-planned operations
- Structured fireteams, ranks, awards, and training sessions
- Engaged and accessible leadership who are there for you
- Opportunities to lead others and develop your skills
- In-house server hosting, for sponsoring ops on MCC or other games

Our player base is predominantly North American, but we have members in Europe as well. No matter your experience, skills, or style in Halo, anyone looking for a group of pros with a proven track record is welcome to join on on MCC: PC. Squad 9 is expanding its reach every day and has the drive and vision to succeed – all we need is you.
Waiting 2 Respawn is actively looking for active players to join spartan company and join in competitive gaming. Above average to competitive players ages 16 and up that play regularly are best fits.
The Peaky Blinderz

JOIN NOW. Accepting all players who are legit!
CLAN: District-113


MISSION: ACHILLES! We enjoy halo as much as the next and even if you arnt looking for the Achilles set, we are still trying to complete all commendations for the company. The more Spartans we have on the front line, the better. Very laid back company and dont require anything for you to join so long as you play from time to time and try to help out with commendations. Other than that, have fun and enjoy halo the way it was ment to be! Hope to see you on the front lines, spartan.
// Begin decryption... DONE!
... /
Opening message... COMPLETE!
/We are seeking new recruits to join our ranks. The following is a brief description of who we are and what we stand for.
--About Us--
The Sovereign Guard is a Sangheili (Elite) clan that was created as a sanctuary for Elite players since the Halo 2 era. We are in favor of playing as Elite models and a majority of our clan foundation is based on Elite ideas, such as our ranking system, code, etc. We have outlasted and overcome many clans since our beginning, and continue to be a force in the Halo Community.
--What We Offer--
- Clan Matches/ Events
- A ranking system which encourages competition and growth in your skill
- Structure
- A private website with forums, clan information, etc.
- Matchmaking sessions held regularly
In order to ensure the quality of our members, we ask only a few things:
- Must be at least 15 years of age*
- Have a K/D greater than 1.0 (above 1.2 preferred)
- Have a mic, or be in the process of acquiring one
- Must be able to learn callouts and follow basic orders in Matchmaking
*May be negotiable.
--Clan Matches--
The Sovereign Guard is always seeking friendly and competitive clan matches. If you are interested in having a clan match, please feel free to contact the Imperial Admiral Erdu Cololee.
--Contact Information--
If you are interested in joining, or just have a question, feel free to contact myself or one of the following:
- Erdu Cololee
- Xeno Tizam
We are recruiting, if interested please apply.

Company: Crito
Clan Name: New Freelancer

Point of Contact: Aphottix (Clan Leader/Re-creator)

Mission: Show the community we are still strong and dedicated to the original greatness of the Halo franchise, nothing can keep us from our unwavering loyalty. We are laid back and do not care about K/D, only of you, we are a family and that will never change. If you want a community to challenge your skills and make you feel welcomed and stronger, join us.

Aphottix out
Clan Name: JAGOG (Just A Group Of Gamers)

Point of Contact:
- Xbox GT: TremHero1
- Discord DM: SYIG #4627
- Directly join server and @ me from there:
- And of course DMs on this website: TremHero1

Mission: We don't really have one, we just want to have fun playing Halo MCC, Halo 5, and Halo Reach. We don't care if you don't play too much, or aren't that good, all we want to do is play with like minded friends on great games. So I'm not gonna bother with this "we are the master halo players" or the whole "you must play this long each week and have a K/D of 1000000." We simply want you to be a part of something new that will hopefully last a long time, because when it comes down to it, playing halo games of any kind with a group of friends is a value in life that we are lucky to have, and this group is here to prolong that for as long as possible.
Noble Spice is here to get that Achilles armor!
We are a younger company, but we have the advantage of working with companies such as Who Doesnt Need Achilles and Operation Gamma.

We will accept anyone who wants to join our quest to get this armor before Infinite releases.
I am only a member in the company, so you can message BlackHorizon360 or FoxKnight720 if you have any further questions.
  • Name of clan: Project Freelancer(Red vs Blue)
  • Point of contact: Venom5012 (On xbox or here)
  • Clan mission: We are a family community. We like to chill and hangout on Halo 5. We do the occasional multiplayer and custom games. WE are here to show people that the Project Freelancer community isn't gone and we try to help others. WE are living proof that it isn't gone. We also mix in a little bit of military clan's into the group.

  • Must have the app "Discord".
  • Must be active within the clan for at least 3 week days every week or you risk getting kicked.
  • Must be 14+
Other information: We recruit when we can on Halo 5 custom games. We have a list FULL of RvB characters to chose form in our Discord server. Once joining you will become a soldier and then you'll be able to rapidly work your way up to a Freelancer, Ai, Merc and or a Red or Blue sim trooper. If you have any questions please contact me (Venom5012) or the leader of the Project (Nyx Dreaded) for more information or help about the clan please message us or if your good and ready to join here is the Discord link -
Name of clan: Athena's Wrath
Point of contact: Xbox message to
Mission: Athena's Wrath is a social and competitive clan, the most important thing to us is that our members have fun playing Halo 5, MCC, Reach, etc. This clan is based on loyalty and friendship. We are like a brotherhood of Halo players. We always have each others backs and we are always at the ready to help with what ever situation you might need help with.
Does your company have a bear in the banner?
Then Griz2l1ys Outsiders wants to Merge with your company!
Our company have been struggling to find more than our two members and we would like to merge with a larger company in order to become active and get those commendations.
Both of our members will join your company to reinforce the existing strength of your team, if you are interested message me (Griz2l1y) or simply message leadership of our company.

<p>(Halo 5) Welcome to Night Watch. We are a military based clan, with military based rules, regulations, and ranks. We host trainings daily to test your ability to follow simple instructions, as well as your ability to lead in certain activities. We are always active and a fun group of people to be with. Any questions? PM me on</p>
<p>discord DoubleD#3340</p>
<p>or on xbox Thundernuts567</p>
LFG/Clan to play Halo 5 and Halo MCC with.
Gamertag: F1RMT0AST
I have played all of the halo games and am looking for a group of people to play them with.
Mic? - Yes
Competitive and casual mindset
respond to this thread if you have something.
  • Name of your clan: Fool's Brain Gaming
  • Point of contact: Message me on Discord at (OCDxAngel#6571) or join the Discord directly using the following link.
  • Clan mission: Fool's Brain is a gaming community built by gamers, for gamers. We are a new community built by a group of experienced leaders from multiple gaming clans and all walks of life. We have many members across multiple games including but not limited to League of Legends, Apex Legends, The Division 2, Call of Duty and soon to be Halo Master Chief Collection. Our goal is to create a clan that has enough active members to always be able to find someone to play with no matter the day or time. While maintaining a tight-knit feel within our community.
Clan Name: [TLC:ONI] Leviathan Corporation.
Clan Type: Office of Naval Intelligence.
"To restore the community to a more positive and friendly environment/ community that allows all to socialize and interact, most importantly to start remembering that it's a game and to have fun."
Looking to join a company
Clan Name: [TLC:ONI] Leviathan Corporation.
Clan Type: Office of Naval Intelligence.
"To restore the community to a more positive and friendly environment/ community that allows all to socialize and interact, most importantly to start remembering that it's a game and to have fun."
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