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Find Clans That Are Actively Recruiting

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Company: Pirates of Djibouti

Predominantly Halo 5 and MCC, occasionally Fireteam Raven. Some day we hope to get some armor, but for now we're just here for the fun of it.

POC/CO: AT4 MChefStBoondock
XO: PenguinYo
D.E.F or Delta Echo Force is Recruiting active Players:

We only have a few requirements:

Be atleast 16 years of Age
Practice with us (Because we have Clan Battles roughly each week)
Try to be a team player
Have a MIC

If any questions you can message me.
Clan name: Lithos

Point of contact: LithosBlue0678 (Xbox Gamertag) or you can message me on Halo Waypoint

Clan mission: We are trying to have fun while working towards important milestones. We will help all ages, and we will accept anyone. It doesn't matter what rank you are, we just need more players.
Hello all,

I'm the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. We are officially opening our doors to new initiates from the public something we have never done before. Anyone can join no matter who you are we accept all. We are a Roleplay group. So you make your own character (Within reason)

.We only have a few requirements nothing to restraining:
- Discord
- Halo 5
- Working mic or Xbox app
- Able to listen
- and be mature
- creative mind
- And happy to wear Jedi robes

Want to be Darth Mauls race? Go for it! Want to relax and just have fun? Go for it! Want to role play as a Jedi? Go for it! Want to just have fun? Go for it!

Later on once we build we will be making a Republic! Meaning clones and even more! Want to build something together message me here or:

Discord: Grand Master Torin Kharr#1123
Xbox: Khan Arryn
(Please note you will need to let me know you found this on Halo Waypoint)

Thank you for your time.

Grand Master Torin Kharr Itera
Hello, I am currently in the process of recruiting for a new Sangheili clan that will be based on Halo Reach MCC when it comes out for the PC.

Name of Clan: The Royal Empire Of Reconciliation

Our Misson: The of The Royal Empire Of Reconciliation is to rebuild from the ashes of the former great Royal Empire Of Restoration

Background info: I was once the Imperial Admiral of the Royal Empire Of Restoration and was there to see her go down in a blaze of fire. Thus it has been a mission to rebuild her to its former glory. I am currently seeking good and dependable officers for my forces I will probably accept most applicants for entry-level positions however if you wish to apply for a higher-up position then some Sangheili clan experience or just clan experience, in general, will be expected.

Points of contact: you will be able to contact me with the following methods for any questions you may have. Discord: SweetRyan#0897.
Emails:, Xbox: Axio Ty Vadam. Steam: SweetRyan.

Thank you for your time and I encourage you to contact me with any of the previous methods if you wish to join or learn more about my clan or Sangheili clans in general.
Hello, I’m Sierra II 027 “Ghost”. I’m currently looking for anyone willing to join my Company, Called Rouge Wolf Pack or RWP for short. Rules are simple your put in Squads ranging from RWP1-4.

for example Squad one ID Tag would be RWP1, Squad 2 would be RWP2... I think you get the rest.

Rouge Wolf Pack is about working together as a Team, but we do not mind if you like to go Lone Wolf from time to time, As long as it doesn’t effect our objectives.

but our main Mission is to become the Best Company out there, And to Build a Halo Community that the bonds Built would last forever, even if Leadership changes or is disbanded.

here are the 3 rules. simple rules!

Main rule is Stick with your designated Squad Leaders assigned to you. I say that because I want results not failures.

Rule Two. We like to build up chemistry and play some fun Custom game modes, to build up teamwork and blow off some steam. You can Banter but no harassment or verbal abuse. Harassment and Verbal Abuse is not accepted in my Company. If I find out any of those two have been done, you will be kicked out and Black Listed.

Rule Three. Have fun Plain and simple.

If you want to get in contact with me to join or ask questions message me.
Xbox@ GhostSlayer1999
Discord@ GhostSlayer1999#3862
Steam@ GhostSlayer1999
Name of Clan : Red Dragon Alliance (RDA)
Point of Contact : jamesstormcloak
Clan mission : Bring players together who enjoy playing Halo, & get our name out into the Halo clan community
Any clans that are looking to compete in Europe for Halo infinite and anything that comes up before then? Played since H2 and competed in tournaments back in the day across H2/H3 & H4
We are 117 Ways To Die, and we currently have two spots left open.
We are not an Achilles grind Company, but rather a group of fun, like-minded and mature Halo players that play both MCC and Halo 5.
That said, we ARE close to the armor.

Send in your join request after reading through our profile page.
Contact AshamanND with any questions.

Name of your clan: iSpartan
Point of contact: Brahzerk, Smellyyyyyybon3, Brahzerksir
Clan mission: iSpartan is a Spartan company. We have the mission to get the Achilles armor although we aren't stressed about it. As friends we created the company for extra motivation during our grinding. We like big parties, Warzone especially. If you're looking for good friends who play alot and that are on a mission then you found a company to join. Contact us today.
Hello, I am Commander Falcon of the UNSC Spartan Corps. We are currently seeking dedicated Spartans to join our ranks. We are a competitive, professional, friendly and organized clan where you can play with skillful like-minded individuals, test your skills on the battlefield, talk a little trash (keeping it friendly of course) and have fun playing some Halo!

At the Spartan Corps we do have a few requirements you must meet in order to be accepted and they are as follows;

1. Must be at least 15 years of age or older
2. Own an Xbox one and functioning microphone
3. Own copies of the Master Chief Collection and Halo 5
4. Access to a computer, smart phone, or tablet

If you meet those requirements and are interested in joining, check out our website

Feel free to message me on here or on xbox, my gamertag is Falconx03

After creating an account on the website, click on UNSC Field Manual on the left hand side and follow the instructions in the Enlistment section.

Thank you for you taking your time to read this and we look forward to fighting alongside you!
Hello everyone. We are actively seeking new members as our previous clan has dissolved. No crazy rules, we just need people to play at least once a week.
  • Name of your clan : But Flesh and Faith
  • Point of contact: myself
  • Clan mission: Get together with active members as much as possible to get the Achilles armor and prepare for Halo Infinite. No other rules.
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Yo quiero entrarle,soy muy activo y quiero jugar en grupo
Clan Name: Noble Company.
POC: ShadowBlood10
Mission: To strengthen our ranks and honor the sacrifice of UNSC Noble Team in competitive combat.
- Must own Halo: The Master Chief Collection.
- Must own a quality microphone.
- Must be nine years or older.
- Must be respectful, mature, and honorable.
- Must be willing to change Armor variant, color, emblem, service ID, and clan tag.
  • Name of your clan - Damage Incorporated
  • Point of contact - Hired#9800 on Discord
  • Clan mission - Damage Incorporated is a multi game community with around 1400 active members as of posting this. We are looking for active Halo players to join us, we will be hosting frequent events as we grow the Halo portion of our organisation. DI is a place to find like minded players who can help you progress with your skill or just find people to chill out with & make friends with. Once we have more people for Halo we'll be hosting in house tournaments & participating in scrimbs. Feel free to shoot me a message on discord if you are interested or if you have any questions.
If you are interested in joining up with a laid back company, this is the company for you. We only have one rule: Play Halo 5. You don't have to play everyday, but at least once a week. The more people that join our cause, the faster we will complete the full Armor set for everybody. Our goal is to build a group of active people to jump into Halo Infinite with, not just a name on a roster! Hope to see you all there.
  • Pandemic Community
  • BA Astorath
  • I've started a brand new community, at first for halo with plans to expand. The idea is anyone can join. This is not a clan, we don't have a uniform or requirements beyond discord. You can join if you're in a clan, you can even join in a secondary account, doesn't matter to us.
    We have a light military structure mostly for organizational purposes, community nights for custom lobbies or fun playlists, raids, and competitive.
    We will also strive to support any creators that wish to join, we require nothing out of them, its just nice to foster community.
    Here is the discord link, let me know your Gamertag and we can hang out like its H3 again
Group: Ghost Strike Force 27
Type: Mercenary
Point of contact: GhostSlayer1999 on xbox and here

Objectives: support fellow players to help fulfill their goals. we will be doing a lot of clan battles because we are a mercenary group "To take Pride with our Revenge, To be Honorary to past traditions, is the way of GSF"

We don't do requirements just be able to complete or know when to quit doing a contract.
Armour: Custom
Colors/Colours: Custom
Emblem: Custom
Spartan ID: GSF

1. Be on a few times a week so you know if we got any contracts.
2. Respect our clients wishes
3. Try not to draw unnecessary attention to our doorsteps
  • NavSpecWarCom
  • Myself or any officer in our discord
  • Clan mission - Provide a fun & friendly experience for members who like to play halo. We provide a progression system in the clan-based on merit within the clan. We also give lore names to members who the clan as a whole believe have earned them (Marine, ODST, & Spartan Tags provided you're in that division). We are a PC Halo Clan preparing for Halo MCC on PC. Any other questions please contact one of our officers in our discord.

The Terran Dominion is a upcoming clan based on the foundations of Unity, discipline, Skill and to Serve the Emperor! We currently have two Branches the Terran Army and the Terran Special Forces. As a whole we need more high command. Can you fill that space?

Ask to join the Terran Dominion Spartan Company to begin your enlistment
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