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Find Clans That Are Actively Recruiting

OP snickerdoodle

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Hello, Im out recruiting for a military based clan in Halo 5, we mostly play on weekends, if you are interested and would like to join or have any questions please respond to this message and we will get back to you as soon as possible
Clan name: UNSC Grandcom
point of contact: to find dedicated players who want to achieve Achilies
Mission: is to find people who are dedicated players want to come together as a team to achieve the Achilies armor and Helmet please send a request to join (UNSC Grandcom)
I'm the founder of Black Tide. I'm looking for players who are serious about the outcome of games but don't live like gaming's what is important. Respectful and courteous players looking to play with like minded players who share a goal of good team work and don't flip out and start raging. Maturity is a good virtue people. It's just a game. Lol.
New company with discord for getting Achilles just request to join company name is : Mythical Achilles
Looking for players interested in aiding others on the battlefield. Team players who can take a loss and have good tactical maneuverability on the field. Want to learn how to effectively lock down a section of the map? Out gun and out maneuver opponents? Send a request to Black Tide and join our ranks. We typically play on weekends.
We typically play on weekends, and are looking for respect and courteous players interested in having fun with others. We have no specific requirements for joining except for respect to other players on or off our team. We play a lot of SWAT and Warzone Firefight games, but those are not our only focus. Just want players who can except a loss and keep having fun. Send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can or send a request to our Spartan Company- Black Tide, and I'll add you to the ranks. Look forward to fighting along side you Spartan!
Team name: Team Titan

piont of contact: PET3RAN

mission: We are looking for competitive halo players who wants to be part of a serious competitive team, We are looking for players that most live in EU or hopefully in Sweden and play both mcc and halo 5, who knows what competitive halo is and want to have this as your life,

Team Titan is a competitive team since 2017 and have big teams on CS:GO, Fortnite, Rainbow.six siege, Apex. Legends. LoL, starcraft 2, Street fighter V and more.
If you want to be part of this and choose this as you life with me and my team just hit us up on:
twitter: @TeamTitanOrg
my Twitter: @PET3RAN
my gamertag: PET3RAN
DM here
or reply back on this post
Name: Legacy Core Gaming

Leadership: Costaryka (you may contact me either through Xbox live, or on waypoint itself)

Hello! My name is Costaryka, and I am the leader of a Gaming Community called Legacy Core Gaming, and we are always looking for new members to join us. whether you like the casual or competitive gameplay across different games, LCG lets you pick and choose what you are interested in! On halo, we offer competitive play with some great players, and custom games and social arena for those who prefer that! The only criteria to join is that you be 14 years or older and since we are striving for professionalism and maturity, meet both of those standards! We also use Discord quite a bit, and it is highly recommended that you have discord, or would be willing to get discord! We do play other games aside from halo, and we are working on growing our member base! If you are interested, feel free to contact me directly. If you request to join the spartan company page, you will be messaged before acceptance to confirm some details! Thanks for considering us in your hunt for a Spartan Company!

- Costaryka
Looking for people to join my Spartan Company. Just made it, accepting all players.
Company Name: Big Fellas
Rules: None
Clan Name: [TLC:ONI] Leviathan Corporation. Clan Type: Office of Naval Intelligence. - >Mission/objective(s): "To restore the community to a more positive and friendly environment/ community that allows all to socialize and interact, most importantly to start remembering that it's a game and to have fun."
Clan name: Leonidas Warriors

Point of contact: xXsamurayoneXx

Mission: Find people to complete Achilles and rank.
If you are interested my company is open to all, doesn't matter your rank or level the important is be active.
Clan name: But Flesh And Faith
Point of contact: Any Lieutenant on our Waypoint page.
Mission: Have an active roster of members willing to just have fun and be social. Requirements are very relaxed and laid back.
Please contact for more info.
Unity PMC.
Unity PMC is a competitive private military clan that is put together using minimal regular clan activities. We try our hardest to stand out as a clan in the community by using different methods to improve players.

As long as you are of the age of 14 or higher, you may join us.

We focus on heightening your accuracy, improving your KDR, teaching you the maps in 343’s arena rotation, making the magnum your best friend and much more.

We do wear a uniform, however it is only to be worn during clan activities.

Our “trainings” are only comp based and you only have to show up to one out of three a week minimal.

Our clan is currently at 70 people.

If this sounds like a clan for you, request for our spartan company (Unity PMC) or message me either on waypoint or on xbox.

Thank you for your time.
- Director OJ

Xbox - OJH09
Discord - Director OJ#2977
Psycho Killers (SyCo) recruiting anyone... well anyone who’s psycho enough to join us buwahahahaha. Just do what you want! cause mayhem! Kill your team! we don’t care we just want more Psychos with us! (Is what you probably were thinking but nah here’s the real sitch)

we are a close nit group, we have two main members who don’t do Waypoint. we play all types of games from Halo to CoD mainly Halo Wars 2 lately though. But if you wanna join our little clan you can just message me on here or Xbox @GhostSlayer1999 just want to expand our group a little bit so we can have more fun. See you around!
Hello I am looking for a clan that plays Halo Master Chief Collection and Halo 5, Halo Reach.
Clan name: Iron Mountain Division

Point of contact: SalymYNA

Mission: To provide a balanced gaming experiance for players of all skill levels and backgrounds. Willing to accept almost anyone except ego driven players. Low K/D? Not a problem come on over and practice with our leutenants to improve some of your skills. We play everything from slayer/swat to Warzone Firefight because lets admit it... We all love shooting covies and Prometheans!!

If this is something you find interesting do not hesitate to contact me for recruitment!

Happy hunting and "Strike while the iron is hot"

SalymYNA - Strike Commander of the Iron Mountain Division
Clan name: Leonidas Warriors

Point of contact: xXsamurayoneXx

Mission: Find people to complete Achilles and rank.
If you are interested my company is open to all, doesn't matter your rank or level the important is be active.
Just joined, definitely worth a look if you're up for a fun experience

Contact: CRAZYCal2Ya

Our mission is to unlock Achilles Armor. Join so we can all pitch in on commendations. YOU DONT HAVE TO PLAY WITH US. Just play; play with yourself if you want.
UUE is recruiting for the Imperial Army of the Union
Vaktovian Union
"A Nation Forged by Blood and Iron"

Vaktovian National Service:

Come on Men Your country needs YOU!

The national Service calls upon you to join one if our three major branches, the Imperial Army of Vaktovia, Imperial Navy of Vaktovia and the Vaktovian Airforce. YOU MUST JOIN! Make Your Country Proud!

"No Retreat No Surrender"

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