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Find Clans That Are Actively Recruiting

OP snickerdoodle

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Hello, I am Recruiting UNOR (United Nations of Recuiem). We are not a UNSC related clan at all. You will be asked questions when you join and will haft to change your 2d armor color, emblem, emblems colors and tags. Your armor is what ever you want, but no waring spartan helmets(ex. Gen 5/6 armor is ok.), not Sangheili armor, it you can ware it off line and not when you are clan based games. We ask that you are kind to everyone in the clan, we also have a 3 strike system. We will do recruitment this afternoon on Eastern time. Message me you Xbox username and discord if you have one. I will invite you from @MrTucker0912. Please join UNOR Spartan Company.You will need the fallowing to join:
  • A working Halo 5.
  • An Xbox live membership or GP membership.
  • Online game play active.
  • Must response to messages.
  • Discord is an opinion, but won’t get updated on info if not on.
Must be:
  • Kind
  • Play Smart
  • No clan hopers
  • All can join
  • Respectful

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**Fear and Terror**

Our Halo pc competetive team is searching for more spartans!

What are we?
> - 18+
> - Mature
> - No Drama/BS

What we offer:
> - A well balanced GLOBAL PC Halo community (Currenetly Reach but all coming PC titles aswell)
> - Weekly Custom games!
> - 2v2, 4v4, 8v8, Competetive Team engaging in Tournaments and Scrims
> - We also have players that plays casually and you're of course welcome to join if you wish to aswell

What will you need to do to join?
> - Message me
OR: Join our;
(Please reference me as Ragnarok if you decide to join)
Clan Name:Achilles Fear
Point Of Contact:Not Derp1066
Clan Mission :Recruit Active Spartans With A Mic,And Level 80+ Then Grind For The Achilles Helment and Body armor
NAME: Over The Top (OTT)

Looking for mature, competitive members, who are online daily


Name: Ken Static
Search Objective: Halo Players
Group/Spartan Company: Static
Summary: Just looking for some players, no hardcore requirements or anything over the top with objectives. Just could use the numbers in my Spartan Company and occasional people to play Halo with online.
Contact: Either reply here or message my gamertag here or on Xbox.
Team Invictus is looking for playersIf your willing to join a newly started clan that is up for ranked, public and warzone gaming, keep on reading!This clan was just newly set up in order to gain a following to keep going into halo infinite-We do play all Halos most often Halo 5.
-We play ranked, warzone and casual games
-Teamplay is requiered !
-Basic understanding of the halo games, especially halo is requiered
-Age of 16 + ,prefferable 18+
-DiscordIf you are intrested just request to join or add SirBrandonB
Hi My Name Is Not Derp1066 I was Recruited Into Unrelenting,We Are 96% To The Achilles Helment And We already Have the body armor,We Have 99 Members,And We Have A discord It’s Unrelenting We Hold Challenges/Tournaments They Are Required To Do,But I’m Not In Charge PTSI 93 Is (That’s His Xbox And His Discord) So Talk To Him If You Want To Join (Btw This Was Edited)
Clan Name: ODST MK2

Point of contact: Message GoldenDark03 on Xbox Live

Mission: Having fun will playing some SWAT or Warzone as a team.

Come and play with us.

Feet First into Hell, my friends ;)
Algún clan amigable de habla español mi gemertag es orion502, listo para lo misión
Our clan Helm of Sparta are looking for members who are looking to grow in halo 5 and prep for halo infinite! We are also attempting to achieve the Achilles armor and acquire max rank! Everyone's very friendly and if you're interested shoot a message or request to join!
Overdosed Gaming is currently recruiting for Halo: MCC on PC! We are a clan that's all about having fun. We do anything from campaigns and customs to casual or competitive multiplayer, and we host events. We're pretty laid back so there aren't any requirements on how often you have to play. We also plan to expand to Halo: Infinite when it comes out. If this sounds like a place for you add me on Discord Raged(OD)#8452, and throw me a message!
Redemption Gaming is recruiting new members Halo 5. Mic Required we have got a website, discord server, tons of events/competitions, and active players so you will always have someone to play with. If interested just shoot me a message or follow the link below thx!
Attention Halo Way point community---
My company is looking for squad leaders and regular members...If you want to know what were all about please click on the link
Positions available---
Fire Team leader---Halo experience required////Company or clan experience preferred////Must have one recruit to bring with in order to be second in command-Must also have Halo 5 or Halo MCC either for PC or Xbox

Regular members---Must have either Halo 5 or Halo MCC either for PC or Xbox
Fire Team leader(Spanish speaking)---Must speak Spanish and only requirement is to have either Halo 5 or Halo MCC FOR XBOX ONLY

Any questions feel free to message me---
Supreme Commander of Reclaimer Air Squadron
Reclaimer Air Squadron
Hello, I am recruiting for a UNSC clan called Naval Command.
We have been around since 2012 and currently stand at around 110 members, and are interested in recruiting people for our marine branch.
We do various type of events, from raids and btb against other clans/teams, to competitions within the clan with prizes like gift cards being offered.
Here are some key requirements:
- Must be 15 years or older
- A functioning mic
- Xbox one with Halo MCC.
- We are primarily situated on Discord.

If you are interested in joining or want more information, send me a DM on Discord -> Desire#4756
Looking for a Spartan company to grind out achilles fast that doesn't have either armor pieces yet or ridiculous requirements
hello my name is cerealkiller95x and if you need help with anything just let me know. stay safe and have a good day.
Clan/Group Name: The First Cavalry

Point of Contact: ManFace7

Mission: Actively recruiting PC Players for The First Cavalry, Multi-Game Gaming Community, is looking to recruit all manner of players. A group that's been around for 12+ years lead by LTC Still. We look for mature & casual players starting from the age of 17+ Games we play range daily. You will see the following games commonly played in our community: DayZ, Escape From Tarkov, CoD Warzone, War Thunder, Rocket League, World of Warcraft, Red Dead Redemption 2 and many others. Our main focus is DayZ, We've operated as a friendly/hero group since DayZ started on ArmA 2 as the CQF.
Join the 1stCav Discord =
Apply on our Website =
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