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Hello we our the UNSC ODYSSEY we play mostly on Mcc Reach and are a SIII,ODST, and Marine clan with our SIII's being Non Canon and are based on the Lore of the Fall of Reach, and Onyx. If interested please message me here or my Gt vlvWrathvlv if you are a smaller Clan having a hard time recruiting you can join and we can work out a leadership position if everything checks out.
Give me ur Discord server title... I’ll love to join
Company name: Adjust

Requirements: Just be active on Halo 5.

Planning on carrying company over to Halo Infinite :) simply request to join and you'll be accepted in less than 24h.
  • Name of your clan: RoAx
  • Point of contact: Xd bo0Th13
  • Clan mission: Have fun, be a team, go to war, play halo
Hello everyone I am looking for a clan without alot of expectations like super long jump training but fun laugh joking clan at moments. I play halo 5 daily and have been part of a Convent clan and UNSC clan so I know the basic training of both. I would like be a member of clan not some 3rd wheel outcast person that doesn't get invites to clan training or recruitments.
Looking to join a clan for halo 5! I’ve been out of the halo world since Reach but I’m getting back into it now. Mostly on playing Quickplay, BTB and warzone right now until I feel I’m back to my old self and ready to venture into the ranked playlists again. Looking for a relaxed, fun-loving group (although I do get competitive) that is fairly active. Though I work ~80hrs/wk, I play almost nightly. I will also be continuing on to halo infinite, if that matters. Don’t have discord and won’t be changing my gamertag. Sorry, not that much time on my hands being a Dr and all.

Thanks for reading and keep on slaying!

Spartan Company: GDK
Objective: Get the Achilies Armor
Contact: Just message me or quote this post.
Bonjour je reprend halo après un grande pose .
Actuellement sur halo 5 je cherche un clan fr .
Pour me divertir mais aussi pour faire quelque chose de constructif .
Company Name: The B3an Squad
Mission: 152/Achilles
Point of Contact: JoshtheJ3di (me) via Xbone or Halo Waypoint
Here is the link to our company if you are interested!
Anyone whos looking for an awesome Spartan Company, text Zollinger11b to join But Flesh and Faith!

Military Based clan on Halo Reach.

Largely active.

Contact ‘Boston Mike 617’ for further details.
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Name Of Clan :DJO Gaming
Point of Contact:Apply here and join our Discord
Mission:Our mission is to provide a fun, and positive environment to our players we play every Tuesday night at 9 est we usually play Private matches to start helping out newer players to get to Halo before jumping into more competitive lobbies.
we are primary a PC Clan and are Recruiting for the MCC but once Cross play comes to the MCC Xbox players will be free come and play with us!
Hello, we are looking for loyal, brave, good players and a rule follower to join the EoR or Empire Of Requiem. We are not in the UNSC, but we use the same ranking system. We are a small clan looking the expand our numbers. We are a private military clan, but we are going public soon. If you have any questions please message madehalogod0912 to request a chat, or if you have any questions.

You will require the following:
  • Discord
  • Must play on Xbox
  • Xbox Live
  • A working Halo 5
  • A working, non-echoing mic
  • Played Halo more than 3 hours.
Spartan Company: Os Patinhos PT
Contact: S 0 U L S I C K

We are 6 commendations away from the Achilles Helmet, so all help is welcome.
We mostly need warzone players.

All we care is to win the helmet :)

These are the remaining commendations:
287037/291600 Kill an enemy Spartan with a headshot
4517/4900 Kill an opponent by hitting them with a vehicle
940/1020 Kill the driver of a moving enemy vehicle by using a Sniper Rifle
30393/38900 Kill Marines
20025/29200 Kill an enemy Spartan with a ground vehicle
5772/9700 Kill an enemy Spartan with shoulder bash
  • Name of your clan : Eres Company
  • Point of contact: Ploganen
  • Clan mission: Have fun, practice tactics, skills, and maybe start playing competitively if you're up to it!
Small company looking for expand with anyone from experienced to new players for fun and competition!
Discord server is set up to provide updates from waypoint and setup matches and in-company events.
DWR Lawl Sniper
I am looking to build a small clan 10 to 12 people goal is to compete but also have fun.
Company name: Fire Cobra Claw
Point of contact: FluffyPutty
Company mission: To form a group of friends to carry over into Halo Infinite, but can still play Halo 5 or MCC as long as it's in the group interest!

Hey there! Brand new Spartan company looking for chill, not hyper competitive players to hang out and have a good time, while possibly getting some work done on Halo 5! We're currently active at 4/100 with a couple of daily players, and would love to make some more friends to get ready for Infinite! We play a variety of game types, on top of lots of custom nonsense, so theres something for everyone! Send me a join request at Fire Cobra Claw if interested, or you can message me on Xbox Live at FluffyPutty. Thanks!

I have just started a company called The Joffs
Anyone can join.
Just so we have a place and group to jump in and out with.
  • Name of your clan:
487th Support Battalion
  • Point of contact:
Xbox: Nyx
Discord: 𝒫𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒸𝑒 𝒩𝓎𝓍#3618
  • Clan mission:
Our aim is in the name, we will aid other Clans under certain circumstances, from defending their bases, working alongside temporarily, or even generic security. We will refrain from doing matters that the Clans responsibly should deal with themselves.

We are centered on Halo: MCC, with focus on Reach and 2A. We are planning on migrating to Halo: Infinite. So we will only go through training mostly.

The requirements for this are as following:
  1. Willingness to change Armour colors, Emblem, Clan Tag, and Service Tag.
  2. Sensible behaviour, I.E. Able to remain quiet or focused when appropriate.
  3. Halo Reach DLC for Halo: MCC.
  4. 14+, microphone included.
  5. A decent knowledge of combat.
Without further ado, we'll see you soon. 487th Attack Battalion

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