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Find Clans That Are Actively Recruiting

OP snickerdoodle

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Dank Y0UTH wrote:
Hello any platoons out there looking for active recruits willing to help out in the war zone if needed and also a competitive player. like to chill and game to have fun as well on top of all that.
Please hit me up if anyone is willing to take me in, I have experience goingall the way back to Halo 2 under my belt original Xbox days. 😁🙏

P.S; I'm a very active game almost on everyday
We trying to fill a second company, The More Deluded. Hit me up if you are interested.
But Flesh and Faith and The More Deluded are great companies to join if your looking for a place to call home. Honestly I joined about a year ago. It was good at first and I was having a good time joining everyone on discord and playing warzone. Once the house was cleaned and all the DRAMA driven children left things really took off. We have a great group of people who are all here for he same reasons. Our Discord server is state of the art with so many cool things going on, things like game rooms, video chat, live streaming, twitter, YouTube and so much more. Infact we have a bar where you can refresh yourself with a nice frosty cold beer! I have been working with several Discord Bot creators to bring in fresh contents to our servers on a regular basis. Come on in and check us out!
Vex 08 wrote:
We are Order of the Revenant.
Our mission has always been to create a tight-knit family of gamers. We have obtained this, but are always looking to add more members to our ranks. We care about each and every one of our members, and are always there to listen. Our members range across all ages, and we are very family friendly. We are a laid back community, all we require is that you join our discord server (linked in our bio), and play with us once in a while. We frequently host tournaments and other contests as well.

Our main games are Halo 5 and Halo MCC, but we also play a multitude of other games together.

To join, you can send us a request right here on Halo Waypoint: Order of the Revenant.
OrSend a message to one of our leaders:
olympian7FlAgtWashVex 08Knight DireTo find out more, check out our profile, and you can find us on many social media platforms.
Why only communicate with bots when you can communicate with real people!

This message is approved by yours truly.
FOTUS RECRUITMENT POST ================= FOTUS is recruiting for strong minded and well disciplined members to join our Forerunner ranks. We are formerly known as Triple X, a clan made back in 1998 on Old Unreal and still here today! We renamed our clan in 2013 to FOTUS as a harmless joke, but it stuck with us. Join us for a group with a no toxicity policy, a place for fun where skill isn’t an issue. ================= ================= REQUIREMENTS ================= • Willing to be respectful at all times • A Working Microphone • Halo MCC /Halo 5/ Halo Infinite • Must be willing to stand up for those who need help If interested in joining one of the communitys’ oldest clans, please refer to the contact list below. ================= CONTACTS LIST XBOX ================= FOTUS FOTUS Bourne FOTUS Plushy ================= CONTACT LIST DISCORD ================= FOTUS#0343 - FOTUS Plushy#4600
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is there clan in pc? i'am playing halo pc.
Hey everyone. I am currently recruiting for a Xbox gaming community called United Extreme Gaming. We are a friendly non-skill based gaming community dedicated to providing a inclusive and enjoyable gaming experience for our members. We have over 600 members and we have been operating since 2006 across Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4, Halo MCC, and now Halo 5. We also hold activities on multiple other games such as Call of Duty, Battlefront 2, Destiny 2, Ark Survival Evolved, Red Dead Redemption 2, Minecraft, and other popular games. We also have an active discord full of friendly people ready to help at a moments notice.

We are also a 17+ community that requires a mic and a discord account, so if you meet these basic requirements and are interested in joining feel free to message me on Xbox Live, Discord, or join our recruiting discord and we will get you set up within our growing community.

My Xbox Live: UEG Durandal
My Discord: UEG Durandal#0353
UEG Orion's Recruiting DIscord:

Look forward to hearing from you! :)
Attention all Halo Master Cheif Collection Steam gamers I am Marshall jcf55 from RAS and we are currently looking for more PC gamers if you are unsure if we are the right fit for you please check out this teaser of our groups activity....if you want to join please message jcf55 we will require all PC members to join our discord which is located on our BIO... do wait join Reclaimer Air Squadron now!!!!
I'm recruiting for a Xbox gaming community called United Extreme Gaming. We have over 600 members & we've been around since Halo 2. We have game nights every night & play a variety of games including: Halo 5, MCC, Modern Warfare, Destiny 2, Apex, GTA, Rainbow Six Seige, Minecraft, Fortnite, etc. We are a very laid back community & you're skill level doesnt matter. We have competitive players, tournaments, etc. but players of all skill levels are welcomed to join. We are 17+ & require that you have a mic to join. If you're interested in joining or would like more information please contact me or join our recruiting discord for UEG Orion!
My Xbox Gamertag: UEG Hades
My Discord: UEG Hades#1454
Our recruiting discord:
I would say that UEG is an awesome place full and wonderful people and I definitely recommend anybody looking for a mature and friendly place to play games to check them out.
MCC (PC) Clan - 21st ODST Division
We are a casual ODST rp clan for Halo MCC: Reach on PC ONLY for players 16 & older.

1. Mil-Sim Roleplaying community (but more relaxed than most clans).
2. A simplified ranking structure. Climbing the ranks is optional.
3. Dedicated Forge Team and Art Staff.
4. RAIDS, Training and monthly SWORD TOURNAMENTS!
5. We reserve at least one evening a week for fun Custom Games.
6. Specialization roles.

1. Halo MCC for the PC with Reach installed.
2. Discord and preferably a mic for voice chats.
3. Must speak English.
4. Must be able to play well with others.
5. There are no skill requirements but you are expected to practice.

If interested, please contact Cariboufuddyduddy#2947 on Discord and state you discovered this post on Halo Waypoint.
All are welcome, no discrimination!
  • Name of your clan
  • Point of contact
  • Clan mission
A gathering place for all types of gamers both casual and hardcore.
Clan Name/Spartan Company: Tilt Lordz

Point of Contact: Lollasaurus

Mission: To recognize and overcome the feeling of being tilted and have fun, and to work towards completing all achievements.
is there clan in pc? i'am playing halo pc.

i'm not recruiting, but my team of 4 is looking for another team of 4 to challenge in Halo PC. Capture the Flag preferred. If you have a team, let me know. Weeknights at 830pm EST.
is there clan in pc? i'am playing halo pc.
I have a clan on PC if your interested in joining do you have steam or xbox pass?
check out: Reclaimer Air Squadron
Clan Name: Etherious

Point of Contact: Fish Slap4850, PaperCrayon4562, Shadowjkj

Mission: To make sure everyone feels welcome and has a good time, We are welcome to everyone and we dont discriminate about race of sexuality. this company is a place for anyone from new to experience. We want to grind and try to get the achilles armor before halo infinite comes out. but from between grinding we play other games and play some custom games and just have a good time. once halo infinite comes out we plan on keeping oour company and moving as a whole into the new game as a new experience for everyone, whether you just started this game yesterday or have been playing since day 1 this is the place for you. we do weekly checkups in the spartan companies forum page to make sure everyone is enjoying their stay here at Etherious. Good luck and Have a good time her at Etherious.- Co-founder of Etherious
nombre de la empresa:
punto de contacto : Viperinebody840 o vadame222

esta empresa se dedica a poder conseguir todos los elogios de halo 5 y a la vez de poder pasar un rato agradable con la comunidad de halo para poder divertirse
y asar un buen rato conociendo nuevos amigos.
también nos dedicamos a poder ayudar a algunas personas a mejorar en el juego.

gracias por su atención que pasen un buen día :)
Clan name: 31st Star Corps


Platform: PC

Main game: Halo Infinite (when it comes out) , the clan is "on pause right now till it launches, we are in just recruitment phase.

This is a new clan with a small amount if members, if halo infinite has playable elite we might switch into sangheili clan but for now we are all species clan.

We are a competitive military clan with ranks and promotion systems, our focus is not to just RP but to improve the aim, master the movement, beat each other in custom arenas to improve the fighting skills, those who specialize in certain vehicles will train using those vehicles very frequently, go through certain scenarios such as defend the base against another team, defend/attack the convoy and much more. All the trainings will pay off in wars and raids, where you will be able to use your honed skills.We pretty laid back and not too serious.
  • VOID E-Sports
  • V | Doorgon#6845
  • V | CentralCube038#1923
  • Void is an ambitious, rapidly growing multi-gaming clan! We are centered around competitive gaming as well as a feeling of membership among our community. Thismeans that joining Void is more impactful than your average clan; joining Void means joining a family of friendly and dedicated members. Hosting tournaments, discovering new talented players, and creating entertaining content is our central goal, and we hope to be the place where you spend your time.
  • Name: Lacedaemon
  • Son of Ares#4896, CandiedConnor
  • Clan mission: Complete mastery of teamplay whether it be 4v4's, 8v8's or Clan raids.
This is a recruitment message from Lacedaemon. The Army from Sparta. We are a clan that prides itself on military prowess and performance. If you are searching for a group that plans to work together in a strategic and systematic fashion, look no further. Only by joining together can we achieve this goal. Seek us. You are welcome here.
We have just recently created a Spartan Company for people who are fans of the Halo franchise. We are constantly playing Halo games and came to the conclusion a Halo spartan company would be good to create a community that enjoys it as well. This is an opportunity to create a toxic free and fun environment for all. Join us?!

Name of your Spartan Company: Mantle of Ares.

Point of contact:
Xatty, Pototype GQ, RunningPeach523.

Clan mission: Our mission is to provide a fun, competitive, and positive environment
to ALL gamers while promoting respect for people in matches
and tournaments.

We are always carrying out missions in Halo and striving to complete 100% all things Halo!

To get recruited & request please visit this link - >>

We are currently recruiting for Halo 5, Halo MCC and future Halo Games.
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