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Clan Name: TheRequistion

Point of Contact: SpecTNinja117 (Clan Master) or FlyingChicken3 (2nd Clan Master)
GamerTag: SpecTNinja117

Mission: To establish a well-being, friendly and fun clan! We just begun our clan couple days ago and we hope that we can get any kind of players either from: Pro, Weak, Funny, etc. We also want to start doing division and breach as we get more members in our clan. We stride to achieve best in each other and by promoting teamwork and the less amount of selfishness.We also are looking for people with a mic at the least and have meet the requirements listed here:

Rules and Requirements:

1. Must need a mic! (Just so we can get to know each other and plan strategies when we are in-game)

2. Must be at least 13 and over! ( Too save the awkwardness :} )

3. Must have a strong type of skill in a game-mode! (As soon as we get enough people, we will start divisions and branch).

4. Must have just all-around skill.

5. No bragging or anything like that. ( We all need sometimes to trash talk but bragging is a bit too much).

6. Just have Fun!

Also if you want to join the clan, you MUST either contact me ( SpecTNinja117) (mainly) or the other GM (FlyingChicken3) and one of us will test you on your skills in a certified Random Random 1v1 Match.

We are also looking a YouTuber to join our clan so that we can get represented throughout the internet too.

If you are interested, please contact one of the 3 options of contact above and we will do a test to see who you are. TheRequistion will surely love to have newcomers here and we hope you will consider joining us in these time of need!
Clan Name: Shadow Light Organization

Contact: jawdux, Sgt Viper91, or Vegeto30294

Mission: The Shadow Light Organization is a clan that is somewhat competitive and tries to have good communication. However, having a good time is also very important to us. We hope to have a good group of people in the future that can accomplish great things. We have scheduled events most nights that everyone can participate in. Some of these events are centered around having a good time and other events are slightly more competitive but still fun overall. We also enjoy playing games with each other outside of clan events so that it is easy to make friends and continue having a good time. Finally, we are also very open to suggestions that people have if they want to add or change anything. If you are interested in this clan or would like to join, please message jawdux, Sgt Viper91, or Vegeto30294 on Xbox. Thank you.
Clan name:TcUnited

Point of contact:EPICBUTTERNICK1

mission:To create a group of halo players to have fun and play together and to have fun doing it. Also we try and help other players to improve their halo gameplay and tactics to help make them a better plaer.

Must have a working microphone [Not Kinect] to join!

Please contact me to join and I would love for you to join
Clan name: AUCG Aussie Console Gaming Community.

Point of contacts: AUCG Junkyard and AUCG Chaos.

Mission: To have one of the Largest Xbox One communities in Australia. We play many games at the momment but we were first created for Halo and it will once again be our core game once The Master Chief Collection comes out.
K/D is irrelevant to us but you must have a working mic, be over 15yrs and Must live in Australia.

Our website is
Project Ascension

Project Ascension-A Rising Game Community, Salvanous, or Harri51

We are a growing game community. We are looking for more relaxed enjoyable gamers that like to get serious sometimes. But also we are here to try to make a player reach a goal in halo they really want. Right now we have a lot going on and also working on a kind of RTS war game map within our community. We hope to branch out to other games one day. But for now we sit and humbly invite you to join us at Project Ascension.
Name of Clan: Team DTB or Drop The Bass

Point of Contact: DTB Facepunch on Xbox Live or reply to me in the forums

Clan Mission: Halo is a great series, and we all love playing it. However, people get in the way of your experience by disrespecting the game, or putting you down due to your skill level, or just being a complete jerk to people in general. Trust me, I've been there. I believe that Halo 4 and even Halo in general should be shared and enjoyed by a community that respects each other, has complete honesty with each other, and most importantly is always there for each other, and thus Team DTB was born! Our team mission is to show other gamers that Halo is a great game and it has a lot to offer. We are looking for respectful, honest players of all skill levels who are willing to play cooperatively in Halo 4 matchmaking and have fun while doing it. We are willing to teach new players the basics and fundamentals of Halo, as well as learn from the veterans because we were all beginners once. So if you are a respectful, honest Halo player who is looking for a great team to play Halo 4 matchmaking with, then Team DTB is for you! Contact me as soon as possible. We hope to see you on the virtual battlefield!

- DTB Facepunch
Name of your clan :: Office of Naval Intelligence

Point of contact(s) ::
UNSC Marines CO -//- Shawnisabadkid

Clan mission :: Our clans mission is simple, we are bringing roleplaying and fan fiction to the forefront of online multiplayer, portraying a very flexible faction of the Halo Universe for a little over 3 years with common use rights for intellectual property of symbolism and copyright we pushed our group to live up to its name in both the Halo Universe's ONI and the real life United States Navy, ONI. We are a military organized clan having fun, competing with other Halo based clans online day and night however putting the controller down and actively supporting Halo in our local areas. Most of us have acute knowledge and live military lifestyles as dependents or active duty service man & women with an additional some of us in ROTC and other programs with strong military traditions.

We are an international community with English, Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish and a growing number of languages. We accept any and all fans of Halo. With all ranges of skill, we have a place for everyone here in ONI completed with Four Sections, Marines and Navy Branches with Special Forces ODST, Spartan Programs II, III and IV.

[Office of Naval Intelligence Website]

For any questions, comments or concerns please send me a direct message
:Sergeant Major: -//- ShawnisaBadkid My Xbox Live Gamer Tag is "ShawnisaBadkid"
Hello, I am BatMan, a rep from Project Ascension. We are an active Halo/gaming community currently looking for people of any age with strong maturity who simply enjoy gaming. We can offer you many things.

  • An Enjoyable Time
  • A Forum Bursting with Activity
  • Innovation
  • A war/campaign to enlist and fight in
And much more! You can find us through my GT, BatmanAndShady or, preferably,

Our current and future goals include recruiting you, whoever you are reading this, and getting to know you, along with expanding our already large numbers to an even bigger capicity. We have battles for our squads to fight in, and that is one of our fufilled goals. Making you feel apart of something bigger.

I hope to see you at
Fancy meeting you here!?
Name of clan: SC/Sovereign Colonies

Point of contact: SC Claymore 121 or UHR Hydra


Clan Mission: To have a community of mature, honest and loyal members who can work together and have fun while still maintaining a strict, militarized way of playing.

I hope to see some new Faces/visors there!
The United Forces of Armageddon (UFA) was established on May 29, 2014. Members from the United Colonies Federation (UCF) broke off from the corrupt and dying government to create a better clan. We are a strict, military-based clan with four leaders, known as the Horsemen. We have four leaders so one leader does not abuse his power. We currently have three branches open: The Armed Forces, The Guardians, and The Ghost Division.

The Armed Forces: Standard ground forces. Default branch for all new recruits. Head Horseman - MinuteMan34

The Guardians: Protect the Field Marshals and the Horsemen. You have to have at least 1500 more kills than deaths to be considered for the Guardians and rank up to Sergeant General in the Armed Forces. Head Horseman - Bad 2 teh bon3

The Ghost Division: The elite branch where members specialize in a weapon or vehicle group. Has four regiments - The Optimal Deployment Sniper Team (O.D.S.T.), The Incendiary Regiment (specialize in explosives and heavy weaponry), The Cavalry (specialize in all vehicles), and The Specters (specialize in stealth and reconnaissance). You have to rank up to Sergeant General in the Armed Forces then meet the requirements of the regiment you decide to join. Head Horseman - Big Al 1300

The UFA is expected to open the Marines soon. The Marines will specialize in close quarters combat, capturing objectives, and defending critical positions during clan engagements. Head Horseman - APACHE PRIDE 69

Requirements for joining: You have to be fourteen years old or older. You have to have a headset mic (preferably no Kinect mics). You have to speak fluent English. Also, if you do not like taking orders or following rules from people over Xbox, then this clan is not for you. You will have to change your armor, your armor color, and your service tag. You will not have to change your gamertag, your motto, or your bio. We play a lot of matchmaking, custom games, and even Spartan Ops.

Our mission: Here in the UFA, we want to make all of our members better Halo 4 players. You will get top of the line training by some of the game's best players. If you are already a great Halo 4 player, then you may eventually help train other clan members in the weapon class that you operate best. The UFA provides a supportive atmosphere that will allow our members to flourish as a player.

What we offer: The UFA has a partnership with the Top of the Leaderboard (TotL) clan. TotL has YouTube channels set up for the clans they are "sponsoring." What this means is they will upload any video game content for their partners for free. For example, you've got a sick triple kill that you think is really good, TotL will capture and upload that clip to YouTube for a lot of people to see.

The recruitment process: First, message KrucialKilla19 via Xbox LIVE. They are the field marshals of the Armed Forces and Ghost Division respectively. They are authorized to take you through boot camp to test your loyalty to the clan. Boot camp consists of simple obstacles that every Halo player needs to know how to do. Following boot camp, you will receive the uniform that you will be expected to wear while you are on duty. You will then attend basic training for one to two weeks (depending on how quickly you progress) for analysis by the horsemen and field marshals. If you cause three disciplinary issues while in basic training, you will be removed from the clan no questions asked. No one is exempt from basic training unless told otherwise by the four horsemen. Once you graduate from basic training, you will receive your first rank and will then be eligible for promotions within the Armed Forces.

How to get promotions: You will be promoted when you successfully lead your team to victory in matchmaking games three times (does not have to be in a row). Every time you get promoted, your wins reset and the number of wins needed to get your next promotion increases by one. Wins will be vacated if your teammates feel you did not give enough orders or did not successfully organize the team.

Transferring to a new branch: If you decide to transfer to a different branch, your rank is reset, and you will have to begin the promotion process again. You will not have to repeat boot camp or basic training (though some regiments within the Ghost Division do have specialized basic training for new members within the branch).

Resigning from the clan: If you decide the UFA is not for you, please contact a horseman and tell him you are leaving instead of leaving us high and dry. WARNING: If you resign from the clan, you will not be allowed to re-enter the clan at any point.

Social media: The UFA has social media outlets that will allow you to keep up with the clan easily. Be sure to follow us on:
Twitter - @UFA_HALO4
Instagram - @_unitedforcesofarmageddon_

Multimedia: The UFA is also in the process of setting up accounts and equipment for live streaming via and posting videos to YouTube. More information regarding multimedia will be posted once everything is set up.

I hope you will consider the United Forces of Armageddon as your new clan home. Thank you for your time.

Chaos Gaming Community

Message me if your Interested

my gamer tag is x sl0th x <------that is the number zero or check out the website.

Chaos is a multi branch gaming community. The branch that I am in is the Shockwave branch which has 60 to 70 members at any given time. We play matchmaking and custom games every night of the week. We have many focused teams such as griffball,swat,and elite squads that focus on mlg types game play. The community also organizes regular tournaments throughout the year. We require a mic and a age of at least 16. We focus on RESPECT.NO CHEATING. NO MODDING.
Die Hard Gamers, Inc.

Hey, I'm DHG Carolinna. You can contact me via Xbox (GT DHG Carolinaa) or at

I'm recruiting for a gaming community called DHG, aka. Die Hard Gamers, Inc. We require very little and the fun you get out of it is great. We are a fun based community with several opportunities for competition. In the Division you will be joining, we have monthly tournaments, weekly tournaments, three practices a day, all featuring different game types.

We run on a military based ranking system. All new recruits begin at Private (PVT)then moving to Corporal, Sergant, Master Sargent, Lieutenants, Captains, etc. & progression through the ranks is not that difficult in any way. We are a family here at DHG. We look forward to welcoming you to the family. :)

** Ages 16+ please, and have a working mic. **

Thank you!
Name of Clan: National Gaming Republic
Point of Contact: Send Airman1991 a message on Xbox Live. Or go to our forum thread and post any questions or of your intent to join on there.

Clan Mission: This is explained in detail at:

I will explain a summary here. If you want more info, go to the thread in this post and ask questions there, I will try to check back every 1-2 days, or as soon as I get an email saying you posted in the thread. But, Our clan is a Halo 3/4/Reach Clan, mainly Reach. We will be partially moving on to Master Chief Collection when it comes out, but will try and still do stuff in the previous Halos. We are a mix of Hardcore/Casual clan. My aim for this clan is to always be a friendly clan where people always can find something fun to do. The Hardcore members will adhere to a ranking system, while the casual part of the clan won't have to as much. All Clan members regardless of casual or hardcore are expected to listen to orders from their superior officers when appropriate, Casual members are expected to listen to anyone with the rank of Captain or higher, and the hardcore are expected to listen to anyone with a higher rank then them and are expected to listen to the highest rank in a match/game above all others, unless that member says otherwise. Casual members of the clan have no authority to issue orders to other members.
I am looking for kind hearted and non abusing people who like to play like a real team with team work.

First thing i am from india and my time zone is +5:30 delhi. And i play every night from 9pm to 10:30pm and late night on Saturdays

So i need 4 people who are not noob nor professional but medium skilled

And you must try to come online every day at the given time.

There is no need to change any thing a it is not a clan
But you must have a headset.

You must tell your real name to all the 4 people

To join message at

And i play halo 4 only but i have all other halos

Best if you are from india
Clan name: Slayer squad

Mission: Slayer squad is a newly formed clan that seeks to empower its member base with the classic clan experience; kicking virtual -Yoink- with chill people, and doing whatever we want on any game. Most of our members come from previous clan affiliations, so we know of the infamous shortcomings associated with many current clans. We intend to be different, by fostering a unique gaming culture around the collective as a whole, as opposed to an elite few. Authority is to be decentralized, with members really only being expected to follow direction when practical. We are specifically looking for more people that just want to play the objective, and win while enjoying the company of others. That being said, we still have some competitive goals on the horizon for those of you that might be interested. As well, as a lot of ideas for some fun laid back community events. If this is of interest to you, please don't hesitate to consult the information to follow.

Point of contact: Message me or ManicCrawdad26 on xbl.

Are you looking for a community of like minded gamers where one day you can be competitive, the next pure fun. Or just the one, it's your call! Then check out Tactical Gaming (TG) at There you will meet over 2000 members of Tactical Gaming playing multiple games on multiple platforms! TG follows a military styled roster, see if you can work your way up the ranks! Don't worry about having to change you PSN-iD/Gamertag/PC Username to contain TG in it, it's entirely optional! You can keep your name, of course changing it will earn you a medal on the website. As well as medals there is also badges in which you can test your skills in our ATC Tests! Prove you're the best sniper/explosives expert/vehicles expert/medic out there!

Hope to see you on the site soon!

Head Quarters:

About us:

Why join us:


We have a number of things, classifications in our clan and are filled with well rounded veterans of the Halo community. We currently just made a new website, expanding our horizons and into the ideal [frumentarii] I am the current CINCONI, Commander in Chief, Office of Naval Intelligence we are a halo based military organized lore community, that adorns the canon of ONI in the Halo universe, our community is open and appreciative to all.

We have no requirements, then to be actively participating and have internet connectivity at all times.
Oh and you may contact me over Xbox Live !
Name of your clan -
NavSpecWarCom (Naval Special Warfare Command)

Point of contact - or contact Deadman20120 on xbox live.

Clan mission - we are a UNSC based clan, we are canonically based like the actually NavSpecWarCom and operate as such. we participate in raids, MLG, Competitive, BTB, and we also have weekly training times. all members start off in ODST and can receive promotions for being skilled and disciplined. we are strict during training but laid back during casual play. if you are interested you should contact us and join.
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