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We are the Knights of the Round Table (KOTRT) a simple, small, and fun halo clan. If you want to join and have a mic please send Ace Preston 7 a message on XBL. If you want more information here is our recruitment video

We are an amateur Esports organization based in the UK with many teams repsresenting us including a new halo team starting in the uk.

We are looking to acquire Halo team members as soon as possible for the upcoming release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, to compete at LAN Events under our name. We are looking for anyone with any interest in making a name for themselves with a rising organization!

If you are interested please use the links below to see who we are in more detail and we hope to have an application from you soon!

Our website:
Apply here:
Twitter: @ResurgentEsport
Resurgent Esports

Name: Red Letter Games

Point of Contact: Xbox Gamertag Arbiter765 or Red Letter Games on

Mission: Red Letter Games works to promote positivity in the gaming community. The clan acts as a hub for people to meet others and create teams to tackle halo or call of duty and to discuss topics about these games. We focus on buliding teams and friendships no matter what game you play or console you use. Red Letter Games is small but we plan to grow and expand to new horizons and we need your help so please helps us make the community a better place one victory at a time.
Please Delete
Clan Name: UNSC (United Nations Space Command)

Points of Contact: DHG Spartan X on XBL -or-

Mission Statement: To provide the community with a fun, militarized clan where players will have many opportunities for success. There are a few UNSC clans on Halo currently, but not like this one. This one rewards it's members on the clan site with tags and medals based on completion of different tasks. We love playing Matchmaking, and customs...Whether it be for fun customs, raids, or clan battles. We are very small right now, due to being newly created, but the leader has led successful groups before and has been in leadership spots in some big militarized clans, and fun communities.

If interested, the preferred method would be via XBL text message, but the clan site will work too. It's there as an option but to ensure you get responded to in a timely manner, we reccomend sending a text messge on Xbox Live. Thank you and see you starside Soldiers!
Clan Name: Beta 5
Game: Halo Reach
Type: U.N.S.C (based)
Marines (Active)
ODST's (Not Open Yet)
Spartan II (Class 1 Full, but open for Class 2 soon!)
Spartan III (Active/Moderate)
Armor Sets: Yes
Activites: Raids , MLG Sanc (for fun) ,Machmacking and Traning
Goals: have a Fun loving clan that will always back you up!

if you would like to join message
Connor A115
Jun A266 III
Grant A119 (changing soon)

Thank you and have a great day!
Clan Name - RA Beaters

Contact on xbox - Kyzuto (Myself) or Skits94 (Co-Leader)

Mission - The objective of the beaters are to train members to become the best they possibly can be on halo. We are friendly to each other and also disapplined as a clan, we are very active with a member always on. We are not military based so there are only two 'ranks' Beaters and beater leaders, everyone is treated the same and show respect to each other. We manly oparate on Halo Reach but as the halo collection draws near that will change. We do alot of games as a clan and online to work as a team in pairs , sqauds (partys).

Plans - I am planning to create a competitive team for the clan and there are currently alot of changes going on in the clan.

Requirments to join - Before you apply you must make sure that you have followed the requirments.
  1. No Under 13 - This is just because we have had bad experience with most youngers so now offense if you are under 13 and are alright.
  2. Must have a mic - We are based on using communication so not having a mic makes it impossible to play like we do.
  3. No Teabagging - We show respect to who we fight and other beaters and teabaggging shows not only being nooby but also disrespectful
  4. Make sure to behave - We do issue orders so dont try to pick fights we the leaders or other members
  5. Be active - We will often be doing somthing so showing that you are not active means you have no intrest in the clan.
If you obay these you will be happly accepted. If you have any questions feel free to message me on xbox live

We hope to see you beater on the battlefield.


-Kyzuto (clan founder) -
Clan name: Wolves of the Dust (WOTD)

Contact(s) [Gamertag]
Shadowfang TC (Clan Leader)
PropheticWraith (Captain)
LupusCervier (Captain)

Clan Mission: To create a tight knit group that can accomplish anything they set their minds on. Cheesy as that may have sounded, overall it is the truth. We enjoy fun and games, and believe me we have a lot of fun. Though the main purpose of a clan is to work together. If you feel you are better than anyone, you may as well not join, because teamwork is what wins wars. You can find us on Xbox One, or Xbox 360 doing any of the following games: Halo Reach, Halo Wars, Halo 4, and Destiny. Custom game tournements will be held weekly, along with a ton of matchmaking. If you are the creative type, we'll accomodate any maps/ideas you may have for upcoming events. If you are the competitive type, get with the ones named above for news about upcoming tournements/wars. Overall, I wish for this clan to grow and prosper. The clan website is currently undergoing a major renovation, so instead if you wish to join directly go to:

If you have any questions, contact me through the website listed, or via XBOX Live. My captains will be available if I am not, so if you wish for a faster response, send them a message.

Before you join, please keep in mind that we are looking for active and mature members.

Thank you in advance for your interest, I look forward to meeting you.

Shadowfang The Chosen (Alpha of Wolves of the Dust)
Clan Name: Halo - Project X

Point of Contact: Leader GT: CCoesBruins
Administrator GT: DigestingBard41

Learn more at:

Clan Mission:

If you are looking for experience, you are reading the right article. Project X is similar to Project Freelancer, in the popular TV series, Red vs. Blue. We are basically a team of highly trained Spartans, who do all the dirty work. This project was inspired by Freelancer Agent Washington, who was a star in Red vs. Blue. Washington and Phoenix fought together in many behind the scenes missions in Red vs Blue, and were very close friends. Many of our members were inspired to join by Project Freelancer. X was started by Phoenix, who made a few appearances in Red vs Blue. He is a highly trained Freelancer, who has his own AI. Along with this all new clan, we are introducing a brand new website. Halo Network. This website is the replacement for Project X's website, but still has Project X embedded in it. It is our home base for battle chat, and community forums! You can also check out halo stats, such as weapons, vehicles, utilities, etc. We also stream Red vs Blue, right from the site. The website contains all of Project X's website features, plus tons of Halo info. Our agents have tons of experience, and we are all welcoming your arrival! For a limited time, there are No Requirements to join. Simply fill out our form!

- Our leaders have experience

- We host clan wars, whenever you want

- We host annual halo events, with tons of players

- We give you exclusive access to information all about Halo: Master Chief Collection & Halo 5

Want to Join Us?

Fill out this form:

Or visit our ALL NEW website!
Recruiting for KOTRT

We are a clan for Halo 4. We are here to have fun not to be the best or the worst. If you want to be one of us then we will welcome you as a brother or sister to the clan. As long as you can comply with our rules which can be found on our website

Our motto: Die on your feet before living on your knees.

If interested message AgtWashington90 (Co Leader ) on XBL

More information can be found on our website or our recruitment video
Clan Name: Naval Command

Points Of Contact: Laxus Zenin

Mission: To improve the community and have a fun time!
Clan Name: Dissension Gaming Community or DGC

Point of Contact: DGC Phantom CL

Clan Mission:
Our community mission is simple, we want to offer a friendly environment where you can meet and converse with like minded gamers in a fun and social way! We offer a rank structure that promotes activity and good character as well as Teams for Youtube, Graphics, Recruiting and more! If you're 15 years or older with a mic and would be interested in joining us, hit me up on Xbox Live or check us out at
Name of clan: Honor's reconciliation

point of contact: Xx5HADOWxDILAxX or tbthover9000

clan mission: To play and grow together and eventually become an MLG type of clan. And to comuincate and grow our friends and halo play style. We also use a democracy style of clan usage so please contact us if you want to join.
Name of clan: Honor's reconciliation

point of contact: Xx5HADOWxDILAxX or tbthover9000

clan mission: To play and grow together and eventually become an MLG type of clan. And to comuincate and grow our friends and halo play style. We also use a democracy style of clan usage so please contact us if you want to join.
Name of clan: SMOKE

Point of contact:Darksaber00

Clan mission:
To have fun through custom games or Forge or just plain old fun matchmaking.
we have our own made map.
and we have 5 members and cant wait to see you.
Also BTW if you know what mortal kombat is then you probably know about the clan name.
Contact me for more information.
Also clan only play Halo Reach
Clan Name- Legion of Chaos (LOC)

Point of Contact- Myself (LoC Don Lambo) or LoC Shroudx

Our goal- We are looking for a tight group of friends to play either Halo Reach or Halo 4.
We primarily play Team Swat but are willing to play other game types if challenges require it.

No requirements apart from: Active players, Primary armor color changed to Steel, New players will be assigned a number from a list of unassigned numbers but at the start clan tag should be LOCX.

See you soon.
Clan Name: True Talent Gaming

Point of Contact: GT: Ik0n88x and/or Pittski Apply here:

Clan Mission: We are a forum based community, that is looking for players primary for Halo 2 and Halo CE playlist. We will be playing all of the playlist as well from time to time. Just not as much as halo 2, or Halo. Our main goal is to find a dedicated group who not only loves to build a community on the forums with other people from T2, but as well loves to play FPS. We are refocusing our Xbox Division to focus on Halo and CoD. If you would like to be part of community you are more then welcome to join. :)

The most simple and easy way to get in is by clicking the link supplied, and filling out a application. Myself, or a Xbox staff will respond almost immediately.

For those of you who read this. Thank you.

Hi, I'm from the DODR clan. Dark Order Death Reapers. We are a dark clan, meaning, we are the bad guys. We call our selves a dark clan because we love secrecy and staying in the shadows, you probably never heard about us before because of those I'm the founder and first in charge of the clan. My gamertag is ShadowMenace101. To join the clan, all you have to do is send me a friend request, no training or changing gamertag or anything else like that. Once I accept your friend request, you are automatically, officially, in the clan. My assistant (2nd in charge of clan) is JoseplaysMC. We will explain more once and if you join. By the way, we are in Halo 4, Halo: Reach, and Destiny. Hope you join! :-)
Clan Name: ATRS (Apply The Rape Sauce)

Mission: To dominate teams in MLG and other competitive playlist. Must have a lethal 3 and 4 shot (Pistol/BR)

Gamertag - Reepologist
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