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Find Clans That Are Actively Recruiting

OP snickerdoodle

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Name: Sierra

Point of Contact: Scirollo (Scott-010; Sierra 1)

Mission: To use teamwork in order to achieve a common goal. Lots of communication and teamwork can win you any game in Halo. Must have mics.

Message me over here or Xbox ONE.
Name of clan: DENSETSU

Point of contact: Myself @ AGuyCalledKane

Mission: To have a fun and enjoyable time playing all types of games. Welcoming all levels of skill.

Love of custom games is a plus
Gods of Arena

We are transferring over 20+ Members 10+ are from PGL/GB - Currently most the team is in Aspen aka X Games competition some I met on local lans there who are also signed up and beyond your average player.

We are known as the best in Arena/Warzone/BTB we do not ask for the best members but we have enough solid members to now we allow almost anyone unless you have some personal issues that the team does not like to play with you etc... which has only happened once in our prior 100 member teams.
If looking for the best we are period, I have been in the so called #1 competitive spartan team and we shined so we decided to be here.
Once joining never removed unless of course on your own actions.

Mature folks who like to party up quick and get to winning and leveling etc.. and for those who do GameBattles feel free to check us out we are top ten in doubles and team ladder I am also top 15 in head to head.

10 Spots

Join a real team. not a team just for an armor or just to have a name. We do the same just our main members and leaders are the best of the best. We only want folks who want to be here so choice is yours to apply we are wide open once I get done with X Games we will be closing recruiting obviously folks seeing me streaming and playing lan all week have already signed up just are not home to join.

Thanks guys message if any questions to apply it's below. If afraid we are not the best feel free to challenge Nova Nades at anytime!
We only offer the opportunity once, if you decline and see a month later we have almost 100 members please remember we keep track, no hard feelings just we like to know we have folks from the start since our company does make money on the sponsor/ winners side of the team.
Clan Name: GRM (Galactic Republic Military)

Point of Contact: GRM Trey on Xbox Live

Mission: GRM is a clan/community that hosts daily events for our members such as customs, tournaments, and other challenges as well. We have a complete rank structure and can help anyone become a great leader while having fun on Halo! We are currently on 7 different games across Xbox One but this post is about our Halo 5 division! Also check out

Hey guys, going for 100 members for our Spartan Company for armor and commendations. We're compromised of a fairly tryhard group of BTB and Warzone players from Halo 2 - Halo 5. Send a request to join and we'll see if you are a good fit, but I will warn that not everyone will be accepted.Thanks

Hey guys! I'm Chocolate Dip02 from the Spartan Company Speds United. We are currently accepting new members and hope to eventually get the hoped for Achilles Armor. We are a "new" Spartan Company and when I say we hope to be the "very best", I mean a good, fun community where people come to hang out. So if you're looking for a really chill place to go, look up Speds United and request a join, or message me through Xbox One and I will invite you! Cheers! Invictus9
  • Lock N Load
  • , Lock N Load Halo Division Leader-Warlord Wolfy, or our page on here.
  • Fun respectful laid back competitive mature multiplayer community. Along with campaign runs, private matches, and possible clan events, internal clan ranking structure in the future(once our division is off the ground). No rasicm, bigotry, ect. No experience or k/d restrictions to join.
Join darkness one no mic required no age restrictions
If anyone wants to join our company we will definitely accept you
I've been making lots of forum posts about looking for players and stuff so i made a spartan company,The aim of this spartan company is to have fun mainly but at times to get very competitive, also looking for a dedicate forge team who love to create maps but lack testers. Well forgers we are your crash test dummy's if you make fun maps that could be used for scrims and stuff we would love to hear from you! dedicated halo players are desired as we will be doing fun campaign challenges every now and then. So with that in mind let me pitch you a super mega awesome sales pitch that will make you be all like wuuuut!

Are you a halo fan?
Are you a multiplayer fan?
Do you like super mega awesome explodey things? (you better)
Do you suck at the game? (we do to)
Are you a super pro at the game who can rek n00bs by just looking at them (plz join)
Do you wanna join a fun community dedicated to weekly game nights?
Do you wanna join a more serious community dedicated to team work and winning?
Do you like cheese? (optional)
Are you fed up of reading this? (tldr)
I've ran out of things to say. (Meow)

With my super mega sales pitch out of the way and people foaming at the mouth to join. i'll sum it up nice and good.I created this spartan company with friends. as a result there will be some rules in place. main one being an age limit (sucks i know)

So what we are after in this company are some fun players to mess about with, a war zone team as i think war zone with a proper team could be super fun. a few good arena teams who would love to scrim to get a good bit of practice in, some forgers to make some fun maps to practice in and fun maps for infection whenever it comes (it better) once infection is in the game and easy to understand and use hopefully there will be lot's of fun maps.

  • must be 18 or older 16 + considered *
  • must be a dedicated halo player
  • must be active
  • must be a fun and chill player, don't get to wound up
  • must have a good sense of humor *
  • GMT time zone preferred
  • must have good communication skills.
Now with that out the way, if you meet even one of them criteria feel free to apply or whatever it is you do. You may have noticed * beside 2 of the rules, the reason behind this is because me and my friends are prone to a pretty dark sense of humor at times but we are also very creative swearers and i mean very creative.Divus = god in Latin (cheesy i know) So with that all out the way, thank you very much for reading this. i hope to make this small community grow some more and i look forward to seeing you on the battlefield or the forgefield.

We will be at the top, why not come join us on the road to the top?

Clan name: Paninis without Tomatoes
Point of contact: myself or ICC Spark
Objective: Earn Achilles armor the hard way by putting the work in ourselves. Small clan at the moment with a handful of extremely active players. Looking for any active players that want the armor, and want to have a blast. Favorite game mode is Warzone Assault or Team Arena, but we play everything pretty much every day. Respond and I'll invite you or get you more information!
Tired of teaming up with randoms and losing all the time? Worry no more as Team Silv3r is now recruiting. We are seeking decent players to join our team in order to better ourselves. Everyday is a learning experience as we thrive off of each other. This clan will be categorized into ranks and different divisions: The more competitive gamers will be set in the higher division and play gamebattles if they want. The more casual gamers who just want to find a group to play with will be in the lower divisions. None the less, we are a team and we must learn to grow as a family and to help each other grow.
Must have mic and be 16+
This is a U.S. team, but everyone is welcome to join.
If interested, message iG N1ghtm4r3 via xbox live.
I hope to see you on the battlefield.
Company name: MANFISH
We are trying to get the Achilles armor, plenty of open spots and no requirements
  • Name of your clan: Str8 Savage
  • Point of contact: TheStryker116, Dolpey (Message us on HaloWaypoint)
  • Clan mission: To obtain the new Achilles Armor, and to create a group that can get together for customs and arena if they so choose. Solo players are also more than welcome to join to share in the reward benefits. As of right now we are taking open applications. Thanks guys!
Clan name Die Hard Gamers (DHG)
contact point DHG Achmed 10 or DHG VALHALLA GN(tell him i sent you)

Are you tired of playing with randoms? Are you looking for a community thats more like a family? welll DHG is the place for you.
the benefits for joining are
1 having people to play with everyday

2 people who can take a joke and are chill

3 have custom games every night but sunday

4 FUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 and a place to call home

must be 16 or older with a mic
Clan name: Oracles of the Night
Contact: razingtension61
We are a small clan of six or so but what we lack in numbers we make up for in strength. We aren't incredibly serious about our play so newcomers or "noobs" are absolutely welcome to work on commendations, play together, and have a great time. Anyone is welcome
Clan Name: Tom Foolery
Point of contact: The Black Twig
Mission: To have fun playing and unlock everything including the new armor
We are a clan that plays together for fun every night of the week somebody is on, if not we have multiple people on each day.
Feel Free to join so we can all work to get the commendations to unlock everything in the game
We are also a social gaming clan on both Xbox and PC so if you enjoy playing with us you can join that as well

We are all relatively old guys playing usually intoxicated while we do if that sounds like fun JOIN US
Red Deer Elite is openly recruiting.

We're a pretty laid back group, but you'll almost always see us online. We like to get together on weekends for longer sessions of Halo.

We're also in the business of hunting down achievements. If you need a hand or want to help out, that would be a plus.

You can send a join request or message me directly.
The Forgotten is a new clan that I know will grow in size when the time is right. We are unlike the rest of the clans and companies. For example. We do not have an over complicated ranking system. There are just two ranks. Leaders,and Members. but everyone's opinion matters as much as the leaders. it's just our job to compromise and manage situations. Another thing that makes us different from the rest. Were not just here for the game,as great as it it. We are here for the people and their needs. Most of us have made many friends on xbox live. Some would even consider some of these people family. There are people who struggle with day to day life and usually end up stressed,others feel utterly alone while others just want to have a good time. Regardless of your background,story,race,or gender, You are welcome here. The Forgotten are just people. We may not be the best fighters or try hards. we may lack combat discipline. But it's all fine. No matter your skill you will be accepted. So please send us a message if your interested in joining or would like more info. It would give us a little background on you and your personality. The Forgotten Blood in other terms is a Forgotten Family. Also-No required Emblem,Amour,gamertag change,or service tag. Also We don't just play Halo,We play any other games that any of our members play. Clan Mission: Finding Unique and Fun Loving people to play with. Red Vs Blue or RWBY fans will find much appreciation with our group of friends. Point of Contact: DuskTillDawnNs- Requirements: Really just be respectful . And we will gladly respect you. Feel free to bring your friends as well. :) Other games we play consist of Halo 5,Ark,Black Ops 3 are the most common at the moment.
Guess what? Expect this clan to be old fashioned. If you join, all communication is done on xbox through parties. That means you better add members as you meet them.

We don't want no drama. You just hop on and play with others if and when they are on. Yes there are time zones differences, so leaders will keep the rosters updated on the clan forums. Letting you know who is in your division.

US East Division (ET/CT)
US West Division (MT/PT)
Europe Division

Our mission:
To kick butt on multiplayer.

Please consider. We would love to have you.
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