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OP snickerdoodle

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Looking for a laid-back, but active clan without griefers?
Been a Halo fan since Combat Evolved, and still like to givver?
We're not big on whiny 12-year-old champions, but always have a party rolling (usually 2 or 3 on weekends, since we're THAT kind of gamers)...

Join Northern shock troopers,
earn XP and rec packs from our company commendations (and hopefully unlock Achilles with us sooner rather than later!), and HAVE FUN with a chill squad that appreciates call-outs, vehicle sharing, squad weapon drops, and active teamwork.
No level-100 prerequisite, we're all in this together... just get in the game!

You tube:
Message to join:
Leader CainKong19
Officers acain04 towelie690 The Dismas jJonesTemp
Looking for a gaming community for all of your needs? Well look no further! Doomsday Gaming was founded ten years ago by individuals looking to create a "safe haven community" for like minded individuals in a mature environment. We are a military hybrid community focused on competitive fun, social support, and, eventually, a brotherly bond. We pride ourselves in all facets of strength and our mission to create a stress free environment.

You can search for us on YouTube under Doomsday Gaming. We are the first to show up in the results. We are primarily on Halo but keep an organized schedule to facilitate all of our gaming needs. We hold four practices a week on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6PM PST.

If you like our style and would like to eventually earn your "DDC" tags, a good place to start would be showing up at least twice a week. Practice runs an hour but all are welcome to hang around after. We have a website under DoomsdayGaming.Guildlaunch.Com and that would be a great place to apply as well as on Waypoint.

Are you looking for a group of people to enjoy your gaming with after work or a long day at school? This is the last time you will have to search for a great group of individuals to accomplish that goal. You must be 18 years of age or older to join! Our ranking system is extremely intricate and you get what you earn around here, it truly is an even playing field full of opportunity. Whether you want to stay casual or climb the ranks to help the community grow, your destiny in Doomsday is yours to create.

Happy Gaming!
-the Captain
Just finding out about that there are company only commendations, our clan has made a dramatic shift for the better. Our clan is level one on everything which gives you the opportunity to level up form the beginning to become the very best, Our clan is dedicated to achieving every single commendation that Halo 5 has to offer. If you don't believe me then look at our leader, xtheunforgivenx, who is only missing a few commendations that separate him from the top percent of the world. so join now t make history or else be left in the dust.
Clan-CCG (Capture Core Gaming
POC- We stride to me make you better as a player and as a friend/clan mate, we DONT care if your weak,intermediate or strong at halo.
Clan mission-Simply get better an mostly have fun. We like meeting new clan mates an build a bond an learn there tactics, once we all know an communicate during games will will success no matter if we win or lose. We are getting better

any questions please message XxSch4eferxX or Mobius 245
little note, there is a little try out so be prepared.
Once Accepted we will tell you more of our purpose in the future and be sent to your squad/team. Thank you.
Name Of Company: Red Crimson
Points Of Contact: LegoGeneral920, LavaMieser117, and XXRobo PuppyXX
Goal: We have several. First is to dominate the Breakout game type. Second is to get the Achilles armor set. Third is to achieve perfect cooperation in any H5 game typ and to act as one person with four guns.
Clan Name: Utopian Forgers

Contacts: Benhazgaming (Leader)

Mission: (Our goal is to keep Halo 5 Guardians a long lasting community of player's by providing forge maps,remakes and new fun gamemode's to have fun with friend's and make new one's! But we are not afraid to fight anyone that threaten's our cause! We are also trying to start up an Esports Company division to run community Halo 5 Esports for the community by the community!

(Message me on xbox or halo waypoint if you need to talk or want to report someone in the company!) (we are accepting invites now!)

(No requirements needed at all to join! (just have a mic!)
Name of the company - Teee Bag Mafia

Point of contact - it's me!

Clan mission - twofold, slay our enemies by droves, wallow in their blood and misery then tea bag their cooling corpses!

WANTING TO MERGE THEIR CLAN WITH US! If you're interested in this,
please copy and paste this to a message and send it to

Clan Name:
Number of members:
How active are you and your members:
Reason of merging:

Wolves Of Karma
Gods of Arena

Best or the best feel free to read our bio and check out our GB teams.
EST : 2005
Wide open to new members since our change to h5 under 72 hours we hit 40+ just looking for few
more since still have some great players coming from MCC.

Thanks guys!
Hey guys. I'm looking for players to either start a clan/team with or to join a clan that is looking for players for competitive Halo 5. If your interested or part of a clan that is looking for members please send me a msg on XBLIVE @ GeT SmackeD 412
  • Lock N Load
  • , Lock N Load Halo Division Leader-Warlord Wolfy, or our page on here.
  • Fun respectful laid back competitive mature multiplayer community. Along with campaign runs, private matches, and possible clan events, internal clan ranking structure in the future(once our division is off the ground). No rasicm, bigotry, ect. No experience or k/d restrictions to join.
fellow Spartans,

KSI pride part of ground Zero division of KSI Global are currently recruiting for like minded players of all skill types to join our ranks.most importantly we want players to play and have fun. we are primarily a European based division and currently have in the region of 160 members across 3 companies.
you can check us out on or

are only requirements are that you are over 16 and have a mic and want to have fun. we adapt a more casual gaming experience but currently working on a divisional league for those of you that are seeking a more competitive experience.aswell as an active forum we also have KIK chat rooms and a facebook page.

we also offer a probation period to give you time to consider KSI before committing as a full member and will allow you to assess KSI and decide if its the right community for you.

please leave a post showing your interest and i will contact you on a 1 2 1 basis.

have a great day.
Spartiai Extraordinarii
'You should reach the limits of virtue, before you cross the border of death'

  • We have 47 members and are a very active company.
  • looking to create fireteams with a lieutenant responsible for each once we exceed 60 persons.
  • We usually have 3 fireteams active at any one time so you wont need to search for games alone if you dont want you.
  • Have players from across the world, including UK, Spain, America and many others.
  • Moving into kill level 2 for most commendations.
  • Play Arena, Warzone and fun customs.
  • Planning on organising 4v4's and 2v2's within the company.
Any questions? relay them through me.
Cajun Misery is currently recruiting. We love having fun and will take just about anyone as long as you're not a jerk. If you want to join just so that our numbers help get you the Achilles and Atlas armor, please do. Whether you're a Lone Wolf or a Team Player, we don't care. Come and join us.

Here are some things we are about:
  1. We are committed to acquiring the Achilles and Atlas armor
  2. We do not require that you're a certain level... Also all languages/countries are welcome!
  3. We stay active in the game because it will help us get the Achilles/Atlas armor more quickly and hope you will also.
  4. We have frequent community games where we get together to go into matchmaking or do some custom games.
  5. Don't be a stranger! You can do Lone Wolf if that is all you're after, but Halo 5 is fun because you play with people you know.
  6. We are a democracy. If you have an idea, put it forward and we will vote on it.
  7. We welcome competition. We often have groups getting together and heading into Arena.
  8. Lastly, HAVE FUN!
We are growing real quick. We have 20 members since we started just last week. If your interested click Cajun Misery
Clan name: The Genesis of Reach

Mission: Maintaining a fun gaming community. Fast promotions through tournaments and online clan wars. Searching for dedicated players to help the growing clan and be apart of something spectacular. We play custom games (all game types) have practices and tournaments in our events log. Tournaments lead into promotion of the group to team leads and hosts of events as well as OP. We have a set of guidelines which can be followed easily to maintain a fun winning environment.

Point of contact: Apply Now >>>The Genesis of Reach<<<. (On your application tell us about you.)
Email: With subject "Application"
Xbox: L IDOT L
Name of Company - The Blue Dream Team

Point of Contact - Happy Hour H3r0 , or search The Blue Dream Team and join the fun

Mission - Looking for players that enjoy playing and really need more players that play warzone. We mostly play Arena and customs but also have been playing warzone more and have been getting more players everyday. No requirements to join just want to have fun :) ,
Playstyle: Competetive (But not extremely skilled)
Timezone: Eastern
Hoping for: A couple more guys to play with in Arena gametypes, but sometimes warzone and custom games
Just a few more things...
No Swearing
Be ranked in Platinum ( or higher )
Message me at the gamer tag KooneDog
If you join us, join our Spartan Company if you want: Sweaty Snipers
I'm looking for a spartin company that has at least 20% kill commendatons done and can use a player that play 10+ hours a day
please and thank you :)
I'm looking for a spartin company that has at least 20% kill commendatons done and can use a player that play 10+ hours a day
please and thank you :)
Clan name : Ninjadragons
point of contact: aninjadragon957
mission : to play with people who loves halo and have enough people to play custom games often
everybody is welcome
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