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  • Lock N Load
  • , Lock N Load Halo Division Leader-Warlord Wolfy, or our page on here.
  • Fun respectful laid back competitive mature multiplayer community. Along with campaign runs, private matches, and possible clan events, internal clan ranking structure in the future(once our division is off the ground). No rasicm, bigotry, ect. No experience or k/d restrictions to join.
  • Name of your clan- International Fleet
  • Point of contact - Message Rathma Rage, Unique Avocados or Hobbe Warrior on Xbox Live to join
Clan Mission - To spread and maintain peace in the militarized community. In order to make sure that we are ready and able to engage in clan warfare, there are daily training sessions. All we ask, in order for you to join, is to have a working microphone (kinect is acceptable, but not recommended as a primary communication device), to be able take orders from superior officers, and a functional copy of Halo 5: Guardians. If you're interested, be sure to send ( Rathma Rage ) or ( any of the following gamertags to join ) a message on Xbox Live.
Spartan Company - Frantic Four Shot

Just send a message to me if your are interested In joining - Zejik

Our spartan company is at 40 players, and growing fast. We have a wide variety of players who are both casual, and competitive. Whether It's someone who's rank In the high champions or as low as bronze. We welcome all players with no obligation to have to play with fellow members. If you just wanna be apart of a company without restriction's on what you have to play or who with. Were a good fit for you. Just know that If you do want a full team for Warzone or Arena. There are always people available. All we ask Is that your polite to fellow members, and stay active to help us reach getting Achilles. Being overly rude or being inactive for a week or two without letting us know why can result In you being kicked out. Which we don't really wanna have to do.

That's all I have for you. Hope to see you all on the battlefield!
3 Hunna Squad
Skilled group of players have been playing together since halo 2. Were looking for new members.
You dont have to be amazing and get MVP most games Were just looking for people with commonsense.
Were open to anyone for now until we get inactive players and are close to max company limit

If youre interested contact me hereJAX5UN or on Xbox live GT: Jax5un so simply request to joing the Company on the site and we will add you :D
Name Of Clan: The Clumsy Spartans
Point of contact: Right here on Halo Waypoint
Clan Mission: To have fun with the game win or lose.

We are not here to take this game seriously we just wanna have laid back fun and enjoy what this game has to offer there are no real requirements apart from you must be 16 years or older and have a mic. So you don't have to be active all the time since we understand there are other good games out there at the moment, for example Rainbow Six Siege is currently taking up most of my time. You also do NOT have to have a good KD since we only play for fun. If you have any other questions don't be afraid to ask.
Looking for a gaming community for all of your needs? Well look no further! Doomsday Gaming was founded around ten years ago to create a "safe haven community" for like minded individuals in a mature environment.
We are a military hybrid community focused on competitive fun, social support, and a bond that keeps the trolls out. We pride ourselves in strength as much as we do in our mission to create a stress free environment. You can search for us on YouTube under Doomsday Gaming. We are the first to show up in the results. We are primarily on Halo but keep an organized schedule to facilitate all gaming needs. We hold four practices a week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6PM PST.
If you like our style and would like to earn your "DDC" tags, a good place to start would be showing up at least twice a week. Practice runs an hour but all are welcome to hang around after. We have a website: DoomsdayGaming.Guildlaunch.Com and that would be a great place to apply as well as here on Waypoint.
If you are looking for a group of people to enjoy your gaming and relax after work or a long day at school, this is the last time you will have to make that search.
You must be 18 years of age or older to join! It is also recommended that you have at least a 1.0 K/D ratio before applying! Exceptions can be made for those who are willing to participate in practice and cooperate with our skill boosting programs to eventually bring your K/D to a 1.0 ratio or higher.
Our ranking system is extremely intricate and you get what you earn around here! It truly is an even playing field full of opportunity. Whether you want to stay casual or climb the ranks to help the community grow, your destiny is yours to create in Doomsday.
Happy Gaming!
Clan Name: Fedora Euphoria
Contact: Send RobVaivodiss a message on Waypoint if you are interested
Mission: To have fun working towards a common goal.

Fedora Eurphoria is here for all your fedora tipping needs. This clan is laid back and not in your face. Originally, comprised of a group of friends, we are now looking for new recruits to help us on the long journey to completing commendations and achieving the Achilles armor set. New members must be at least Level 30 and active. The requirement is only there so I can tell if you are familiar with the game. K/D does not matter, just as long as you are active and willing to contribute to the clan commendations.

We are eternal.
  • Name of your clan. RAGERS DIVISION ALPHA
  • Point of contact. M3atlessbacon
  • Clan mission. Our main quest is to improve our marksmanship and over power the competition, our weapons that we constrate on using are Snipers, single or three round burst and pistol weapons,but don't worry we train in all fields which can include heavy weapon and automatic weapons.
Company Name - The Forewalkers

Point of Contact: ThatDidact

Company Mission: "We'd run, but running is hard." We're looking to create a casual and customs-oriented group with enough members to set up a decent lobby at any time of day. As of yet there are no criteria, if you request admission you will most likely be accepted. We host game nights every Saturday night. More information can be found on the Company forums.

If you think that you are ready to participate in the awesomeness, simply apply on Waypoint!
Clan Name: Tiger Team
POC: austincope on Xbox live
Mission: Looking for casual laid back players to play with. Our members play on a daily/weekly basis but are looking for additional players to enjoy the game with. Message for invite, thanks!
Nombre del clan: El Cartel MX
Contacto: Maximum Rex (mensaje Xbox live)
Asi de fácil.

Fireteam Same was founded with the primary purpose of unlocking Spartan Company commendations. With a secondary focus of having a forum space to organize competitive Slayer/Arena/Swat/Warzone(Someday Grifball) games, Forge stuff, MCC achievement goals, or even talk lore. We're just getting started and are looking for active players!

You can hmu on xbl under the GT of "RCA Apollo" at any time! :D

Currently we don't have many members so I figured I would hit the forums to find players with similar goals!
While we play to have fun... winning is really fun.... soooooo it's important to note that this season some of us are aiming for the top, we play a lot of Slayer / Arena, looking to improve and we're looking to hit champion! Some of us have reached that goal too! (We also play Warzone and have multiple members that play just to have a good time)

We have a few west coast members and a few east coast, we play a lot.... like... daily... throughout the day...till the sun comes up... XD

Anyways... Join? Play da game? Get da Armor? Drive the Puma?
Name of the clan - Resilience Gods
Point of Contact - AltF4 BioZanget
Mission - to have fun and be awesome
Reposting this after the Requirements for Infinity Armory, we have removed players that were inactive or didn't fit our playstyle over time,
To make it perfectly clear, We do not accept the standard join up request, read and then reach out to us, thank you for your time and your request.


Hello and welcome to the Dark Assassins 1st page on halo way point. Here in our spartan company we look for people we look for people who will play often and help each-other complete challenges for halo. basically the Dark Assassins 1st is more of a active challenge based company we play to have fun but we focus on goals. also take a look at Dark Assassins 2nd.

The Dark Assassins 2nd is an organization that has been designed for semi-active members who only play for fun.
all our organizations are founded by our main leader Fake Nostalgia.

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be mature
Other Requirements:
  • Be Active
  • Be Encouraging
  • Be Positive
Remember if you want to join please request and we will get back to you as soon as we can, In addition, we do not accept the standardized "join up", your are required to write in your own word's what your looking to get out the Spartan Company experience, and the reason for applying. Please if you do join remember to be patient and that we do not make events for you to do but you can request to make an event on your own. Thank you for your interest in us and see you out there.

Founder of the DA
Fake Nostalgia
Clan Name - United Nation Army
Point of Contact - Irish Ranger 44
Our mission is to help both causal and serious gamers to develop they're skills and give them a group of players that they can relies on each other in both clan training and matchmaking. In UNA we have three divisions on is Marines, Ghost and Spartans all members must start from marines and earn trails for ghost and Spartans. We also are a custom game clan,we use forge to build our own maps . 90% of our members are always on.
We require all of our gamers to change there service tags, amour colours and emblem.
Thank You
Irish Ranger 44
  • GSA: Galactic Security Army
  • We're an old clan, with PC origins. First founded on Star Wars Battlefront, around 2010 (No one really remembers the exact date.). Since then, we've moved around quite a bit, branching out among numerous PC games, from flash games such as Plazma Burst 2, to our presence on Steam. Currently, I'm encouraging the clan to colonize Halo, and establish a console presence. Currently, we're a little low on active members- Especially members on console. We're looking for intelligent, reasonably mature players who are active on console, and preferably, PC gamers as well.
  • If you wish to join, contact me; Jonb474. If you want more information, you may go to our website, at
  • Mission; To establish a presence in the console community for the clan. Eventually, if this first goal is achieved, we will be trying for the Achilles armor set.
Clan: The Sunday Lineup
Point of Contact: Pokester or Littlefern56

Hey everyone!
The Sunday Lineup is looking for members to take on those shmexy Shaquille O'Neal req packs ("Shaq Packs") and get that coveted Achilles armor set. There is no SR restriction for entry, but all players are subject to a 14-day inactivity grace period before being removed from the company. If you require an extension to your grace period, please send a request to one the the leaders in order for them to be able to grant you additional time. Our company policy is simple; use common sense. As long as you don't force someone to gargle your coin purse, you'll stay along for the Achilles train.
Our mission is to grow a community and give those, who want a worthy, fair, and friendly Company the chance to have one.
Not only that but we do play other games as well.
So there are always new options.
Community Name: Coalition Network

Point of Contact: FireStorm5466, ThatWasRage, Nismu, tannic and ThatWasPrimal.

Our Mission: Our tight knit group of friends are looking to expand our spartan company to the point where we can play with full parties in warzone on the regular and have fun playing customs and testing maps now and then, we also are driving our focus currently on trying to get our company closer too unlocking the new armor.

About: Right now there are 27 of us, we are the relaxed and friendly sort, most of whom have been in the same community for 10 years now so no worries about drama. We are an odd collection of weirdos but that's what makes us so fun. If your interested in checking us out and playing with us apply to join or even just friend us. Hit us up anyone is welcome.

Background: We originate from the days of when Halo 2 was in its prime and we among other communities, were one of the largest. Currently we now mostly play PC but we are making a Comback to our roots. With a couple new tournements and events around the corner there are some things to look forward too. A good number of us are artists and animators in the industry so every once in awhile we will have days where we test forge maps or even build them together so feel free to apply if you're into any of these kind of thing as well.

We are online everyday from around 4:30 - 10 PST.
Forge on friday nights and Play tests are on the weekends.
  • Warriors Of Texx
  • To the Leader Potatis117 or to the clan directly
  • our mission is to have a fun time playing both compedetiv and social and also to improve as players
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