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Find Clans That Are Actively Recruiting

OP snickerdoodle

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  • Name of your clan: ORION VII
  • Point of contact: Legion Vs
  • Clan mission: We are recruiting mature players of all abilities to join our friendly and active clan. Whether your focus is competitive, casual or creative sign up with ORION VII Today.
Seeking Enlistment?
The Beaver Crushers are actively recruiting!
We are gaining in numbers rather quickly, 50 as of last night! We are seeking active, skilled players who want to play together competitively or just for fun. We have clan member incentives such as raffles, giveaways and contests! We have 3 rules:
1) No talk of politics
2) No talk of religion
3) Don't be a -Yoink-
Please contact me if you have any questions about our clan or interest in joining! I can either be reached on waypoint, the Beaver Crushers spartan company page, or on Xbox Live! My Gt is Farva X and I want YOU to join us!
name: nornfang driveby squad
point of contact : requested to join all excepted or on Xbox live miffedpower611
mission:to have fun and rule warzone and the arena battle field
game: halo 5

Company Contacts: Small PicklesCollagreens

Company Mission: We play Halo 5. We like to REQ Warthogs and over-shields and do healthy dirty things.

We REALLY need some people so we aren't picky.

Directions: Click on my name to the left over there and send me a message or send me a message on xbox to my gamertag...the password is... Sugar Foot.
Team Ninjaz is a top tier clan. We have a ton of active members and we win alot.

Join us at Team Ninjaz
The Animal Kingdom

Message Wolf N Cider on Xbox Live

Our mission is to have fun and be as competitive as we can

Go to our page and read our bio for more info

NOTE: You need to have an animal name to be accepted in our spartan company, so to save you time if you don't have an animal name there is no need to read the bio unless you plan to change your name or make a new account.
  • Name of your clan: ORION VII
  • Point of contact: Legion Vs
  • Clan mission: We're UK based and run regular game event nights on Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays. Competitive, Casual and Creative players wanted.No KDA requirement for entry, just be able to play at GMT times, be friendly and over 18.Apply today : ORION VII
Best in the World

Point of Contact: Ohosazulys or Mindofamenace

Clan Mission: We are looking for individuals that want to help with the Commendations challenges. Only requirement is to be an active Halo5 player.
Clan name: Aegis Military Corporation

Point of contact: Xbox live: Phantom King 52

Mission: We are a military clan that take things seriously but we still have fun and play customs. You don't have to be amazing at halo you just have to
be able to listen. There are 4 branches infantry, sentinels, vaunguard, and hunts men.

*Note* I am not the leader but I do need you to message me to get you set up.
Looking for a new clan full of old clanners? Then look no further because Monolith Company is looking for Wardens.
Please contact the listed below or apply to join for a semi-casual experience semi-roleplaying experience.

hacker 11254
Clan Name: Reaper Nation
Points Of Contact: RN Phantom or RN Souls
Clan mission: We are a clan based on HALO REACH only we will offer fun and exciting adventures, with very little rules. please message RN Phantom if you're on the Xbox 360 or RN Souls if you're on the Xbox One.
Clan Name: ALPHA

Point Of Contact: Message to unveiledpick9

Clan Mission: to have a fun gaming experience with people that are not Noobs

Clan Requirements: you must have a Mic or be at least over spartan level 10
CG Forerunners, a Chaos Gaming branch for Halo 5 is activally recruiting new members. We are a mature gaming community and ask that all members be over 16 years old. We game for fun but have some competitive events for those who like competition. For more information you can XBL message myself, katskra7chf3v3r, or GODOWNSU, the current commander and let him know I sent you :)
Fully torqed,
Our goal is the Achilles Armor
You can message me to get in.
I wont cut anybody, so first come first serve.
Hello all,

Fellow Halo 5 players our Spartan Company needs you!

We currently have 8 very active members and are looking to fill the other remaining 92 spots.

Our goals are simple to have fun and Kick -Yoink- and to complete all the commendation's to unlock the infinity armour.

So if you want the new armour and a bunch of buddies to play halo with any time of the day anywhere in the world join us.

WE ARE THE Fiddle Diddlers

For an invite message one of our leaders at Gamer tag: RelentlessB5000 or Killer Ste248

We look forward to seeing you on the battle field.
  • Clan Name: The Meme Squad
  • Point of Contact : Skyzu OS & Source Cyrex
  • Mission: Bring together all of the people with the best memes and get all clan commendations including Achilles. We already have completed many of the 1st levels of kill commendations.
(23 members // actively recruiting)
  • Lock N Load
  • , Lock N Load Halo Division Leader-Warlord Wolfy, or our page on here.
  • Fun respectful laid back competitive mature multiplayer community. Along with campaign runs, private matches, and possible clan events, internal clan ranking structure in the future(once our division is off the ground). No rasicm, bigotry, ect. No experience or k/d restrictions to join.
Name: UnityUnending
Mission: I am currently looking to build up a new group of Halo gamers who can achieve the highest levels of teamwork possible in competitive online gaming.
I will get straight to the point, I need help, and am in search of five unique Halo veterans with different skill sets and a large amount of in game leadership and communication ability.
An elite sniper,
a badass forger,
a team objective specialist,
a vehicle lover,
and an organized and collected leader.
If you are one of these and looking to help lead a new kind of organized gaming society, contact me.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Company Name: Texas ODB Spartans

Company Contacts: Combo21

Company Mission: Our current objective is going to be unlocking the (Achilles Armor) if you would like to join us send us a request to join.

We are a new company and are recruiting. We do not care about your K/D or rank, we just need active players to meet all the kill comedations.
Name: Titan Corporation
Point of contact: TheGoldenPwn420, Blur T Slayer, xGrey Fang.
Clan mission: Titan Corporation Is a small group of friends that is loozing to expand. We all have quite a bit of clan experience and plan on using that to help expand our clan and become major part of the community.
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