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For everyone who is using Halo 5 Forge on PC, this thread is for you.

If you are looking for friends to play and test new maps with, introduce yourself and include your gamer tag and what you doing on Halo 5 Forge.

Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Forging!
Hey! I'd love to catch some games with anyone looking for some PC players to add
Looking for people too play with
Hey guys,

add me for some pc custom games: eniz09. see you on the field spartans!
You can add me as well! :)

ADE MacBamboo01
Add me up I'm Doodles214
Down for some custom games :D
looking for people to play some custom games =D
Feel free to add me)
If u guys wanna play some customs Add: Monkeyking2G
I play Only in EU or at least with a decent conection
I also play Arena and warzone
Looking to get some friends to play with.
I'm Misconfigured, feel free to add me if you wanna play halo 5 PC. I don't play on console so only add for PC :3 I also play Halo online if you're interested in that.
Just looking to play haven't had the chance yet and its been killing me :/
I added you guys.
I don't have much imagination,just here for the custom games. Smooov 516 is my GT.
Feel free to add me aswell for some custom battles!
We have a SC. ElDewrito
also this discord exists where a whole bunch of people play. discord . gg / 5v5xMNU (remove spaces)
Add me for some fun games. My gamertag has 8 y's in it!

P.S I'm up for any custom games, I just want to experience some Halo 5!
add me for halo 5 pc
Hey Guys looking to play some h5 maybe we can get some stock maps going and play almost like the real thing or make it where we play like old halo with no extras except running!!!
I wanna play with people so bad, names pensfan817
My name is Lunazzaa. Lets forge together!
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