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FOTUS is re-opening

OP Networking Wolf

**Fist Of The Unicorns (FOTUS)**
We are by far one of the oldest clans in the community dating back to 1998 on old unreal. We used to go by “Triple X (xXx)” and renamed ourselves to fist of the unicorns in roughly 2012/13.
We currently have well over 337 members in our discord alone and growing rapidly. We support many different games and all consoles.
Our Social Media presence has grown very large with over 23,000 people part of our official Facebook, our YouTube channel with a whopping 46,000 subscribers, and our Twitter account currently has a little over 20,000 followers.
If you are interested, this is what we expect from you...
-Respect for all
-No trolling whatsoever

-You must be willing to change Gamertag to represent this community.
don’t forget to sign up for our social media network site for gamers FOTUS Online.

Message FOTUS, FOTUS Griff, or FOTUS Phoenix on Xbox Live or on here if you’d like to join.
I know pretty well that those 337 members are barely active. Give it 2 weeks and it'll go back to being inactive. The days of being a Forerunner based clan are over. How are you able to combat when no one in it have any skill.
The truth is all that matters, and ignorance is high in its leadership

And you guys bought out a dead channel that had 40k subs on there.