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H5 - Sangheili Clan Omega

OP Scruffy The Fox

Hello everyone. I would like to introduce a clan that I'm apart of called Omega.
I run my own spartan company separate from this clan call Goon Squad, but would like to raise awareness that Sangheili clans from Reach still exist.

The clan has two branches named "Marines" and "Sangheili"
Each are lead by it's own leader, and possess a ranking structure based on the players skill in game.

I myself am in the Sangheili branch and am second in command from the leader "SnowStorm"
The two branches host 4v4 matches, play custom games and forge maps together.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, and something you would like to be apart of please message:
Me "Scruffy The Fox"
Or branch leader of Sangheili "SnowStorm"

On the other hand, I run my own competitive team named "Goon Squad" (check my spartan company)
Goon Squad is a spartan company, and it's not required that you join it to be a part of the team if your interested.

PS: Feel free to reply to the topic for any questions regarding the clan or my spartan company. Thank you.