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Halo 4, A team game??

OP lBebout

As many of you know the amount of Mics used in the game is few, most are in an odd party not even on the game. These players make it hard to win, and less fun to do so.
I am looking to make a team and a group of strong players for my friends list (please note that doesn't say make or join clan.)
I currently have nothing but time but no groups to play with. For my friends list and preferred team I have a few requirements:

- 1.00 kdr minimum slayer games the objective it to stay positive.
- During objectives, play them.
- Mic is a must, no point in having a team if everyone is rolling solo
- Mature (preference is 18+) but I know some 16 year olds who act far more adult than most adults
- Be down for strategy and team player
- Have the desire to win, but be cool if one of the team members has a bad game, we all do. If it is repeated enough we just won't play with them anymore.

About me, I am 19 mature and a pretty chill guy. I do not think I am better than anyone else. Team means team, I'm not saying I made this I'm the leader. My kdr is currently 1.14 and I believe a 1.1-1.2 win/loss ratio. Sr 109 (double xp Spartan ops, no one to play war games with!!!) Eastern time zone! I got that BR love <3
My most played game types not in any particular order:
- Infinity Slayer
- Occasional Big Team Slayer [Hate playing alone or with two]
- Learning Dominion
- Team Slayer Pro
- Interested in Team Regicide
- Spartan Ops <-- Kidding

If I sound like someone you'd like to play with and you meet the requirements just send me a friend request and a message saying something about this post so I have a general idea where you came from.
I'm with it. Hmu GT:Krunchyyyyyyyyy (9ys)
Im 18
KDR= 1.5
SR 76

I got ya on my friends list now. I've been playin some H3 the last couple days but H4 is goin back in. I'm down for some obj. based games. Trying them with randoms isn't working out.

GT: in3bri4teddw4rf
Central time zone US
1.21 k/d
Lvl 49