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Halo 5 - Machinima Crew Wanted!


Hey everybody of the Halo Community! i am so glad you decided to check out this post because of one thing i must announce and I would for at least 3-4 people to help me! if you are interested in doing Halo Machinima and especially getting ready for the Halo 5 Forge to be released, please continue reading this post cause i need your help! . So, to those want to continue reading this message, than you must be SUPER interested cause I know that i certainly am! And what that message is that I am bringing forth to you know is the opportunity to be part of my new Machinima Spartan Company: Lost Relic Productions. So, to those that wanna be part of this, I am asking that you have the following:

1) A Blue Snowball Microphone or similar brand.
2) A video editing software to those that wanna help edit. Also, Photoshop & After Effects is helpful, but not necessary.
3) You must be 17+ please because i am looking for those that wanna voice act and can follow directions thoroughly.
4) Being Patient!
5) Have an Xbox One Mic for communication of other members.
6) Have a creative mind and would like to put their ideas forward and be willing to share them with the rest of the crew.
7) Be Excited to create some awesome projects!
8) Have a flamboyant personality.
9) LOVES HALO! (I don't why you would be reading this or even on this site if you weren't)
10) Last but certainly not least... LIKES TO HAVE FUN!

So please, if you are interested in joining this Spartan Company, please send me an email at the following:
Also, you can reach me by my GT: L xGuardian L
OR respond to this forum post (E-Mail or Xbox Message is preferred!)

Okay, that wraps me up and hopefully i talk to some of you future machinima makers sooner than later!
I'm willing to help you with Machinima stuff. I have a cardioid condenser mic, on par, if not better than the blue snowball. I have extensive knowledge in Sony Vegas and Adobe premier (200+) videos edited under my belt, I also know how to use photoshop pretty well, nothing like a professional, but I have yet to run into something I haven't been able to do in it. I am also 19 years old. As far as personality goes, I'll just link my youtube channel. If you want to get to know me before actually making any decision, that is probably the best way to do it. Hope to hear back from you.
I wouldn't be surprised if this post gets move d to the Recruitment forum, because this is obviously you recruiting for a cause and that's what the other forum is for.
I wouldn't be surprised if this post gets move d to the Recruitment forum, because this is obviously you recruiting for a cause and that's what the other forum is for.
I didn't realize there was a Recruitment forum. I thought that it was more casual/competitive Spartan Companies and similar organizations of that sort. My apologies for posting here then.
Feel free to add me man! I love making Machinimas, got lots of experiences in all parts of Machinima production. I'd be down for whatever!
Are you still searching for people to do the machinima? If so, I would like to sign up. I am not 17+ but I have a deep voice, I also lack a snowball mic but I have a razor instead. Once again, this only applies if you are still continuing this project or and are still looking for a cast.
I'm a professional voice talent and am open to helping if you're still looking.