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Halo 5 Custom Games (PC) LOOKING FOR PEOPLE 2 PLAY

OP House PartyOG

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If you have halo 5 on your PC and want to find people to play custom games,

FIRST add me.....
House PartyOG

Type your username down in comments so others can add you too!

This post is not rated. Kappa
For those wanting to organize lobbies than I set up 3 chat rooms on discord - discord(dot)gg/jmNBegZ - for it
Looking to do the achievements as well.
I'm down have no mic though ;)
please add me OwN3rXXX
GT - GGPPostal
want to play wIth some people. Add me @ Autistic chickn
add me! ericfries
pls addme eniz09
Aye add me Idkrickey
Add Me Up Too
IGN: AeonixG
Hit me up! GT - Billzegun1
Add me playas GT: l JediJesus l
Asking Mido

Looking for people to play with too!
Just started spartan Company Chaos Omen for the purpose of setting up PC custom and forge lobbies. Anyone who wants to join is welcome

Need people to play too! :)

btw... where is the matchmaking??
vi kirito iv
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