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Halo 5 Custom Games (PC) LOOKING FOR PEOPLE 2 PLAY

OP House PartyOG

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Levitan17 wrote:

Need people to play too! :)

btw... where is the matchmaking??
It doesn't have matchmaking.
GT: Dead Cassette.
Looking for people to play!!! Let's Go

Seventyy lol
Hey people, add me! My GT: Exiled Mind
Here we are
MurlocExpress all my friends bailed on forge pc so Im looking to play
Sure add me under o PlasmaRider o
Anyone playing feel free to add me
GT: Fullmetal gaz

looking forward to playing some Halo 5 on PC!
GT Bongslayer2 will be on for the next couple hours today if anyone wants to play.
Add me SmexyStix
TheCristallKepp add me too
Phantom Ultron add me on xbox app! on right now!
add me guys x6x vapor x9x
We now have a Public DIscord for Halo 5 PC Custom games PM for an invite on XBOX or the forums
Add: PLEB dot EXE

Rly wanna play h5 on pc!
gamer tag.
master roshi
add for custom games
GT: sneakyguyjak6
Im pretty chill and enjoy playing with other people
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