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Halo 5: Search for fellow Co Op Campaign players!


Hey whats up everyone! So, I foind out Halo 5s campaign wont be matchmaking... sad face. However! Im looking for players that would like to team up and play. I will definitely be completing it on Legendary, but probably not the first go round. If youre serious about beating the campaign (Legendary or not) let me know!!! Ive played all Halo's when they first released, and Id say Im a Halo Veteran. Im 23 yrs old, chill, and most importantly....A TEAM PLAYER!! So, send me a friend request and let me know!! Thanks

I think this would go under the recruiting category, not Halo 5.
Wrong forums buddy, but add me up and I'd be happy to help out when I get the chance!
The fact that it won't have matchmaking is horse -Yoink-. None of my friends own an xbox one, and I wanted to play with randoms. Not having to deal with recruiting on these forums and folks with mics breathing in my ear all the time. I guess i'll be going solo this time, gaming is becoming a nightmare to deal with.
Not having matchmaking at the campaign is sad :( But anyways add me if you want to GT: jimmis Reaper
Vanguard Gaming is recruiting mature, team players for our upcoming competitive Halo 5 team. We're an experienced clan that play on PC and Xbox One, we're looking for people who want to take Halo 5 serious and for the casual gamer as-well.Things we offer:
  • Weekly "bootcamp" nights where highly skilled members fight alongside newer members to train them.
  • Easy to use website
  • Full Voice Communications server to use while gaming and to chat with clanmates
  • Easy room to advance and create your own division on games
  • Sponsorship (Our sponsors are always looking for new people to sponsor!)
  • and YouTube channel hosting/promotion
  • Social Media re-tweets/likes/shares
If this sounds like something that interests you, sign up-to our website at and click the "apply here" tab up top to submit an application!
Cool! Right on everyone! I appreciate the responses!! Sorry, for posting in the wrong category btw.
Looking for heroic m2 right now
Hit me up we can link up on halo 5 I'm looking for someone to play with
Hey I'm looking to beat the campaign on legendary as well add me at NoahDip
I'm currently on mission 5 normal, if you want to party up add iAbnerr
Feel free to add me if you want to play coop campaign. GT -Ceridwen330
Would love to play co-op campaign online
add me GT: DJCOLE75

online all the time ....mostly afternoons and evenings
Do you know if anyone still wants to play co op campaign?
hit me up if anyone wants to play coop GT: JesusMP3player
Hi everyone. I'm looking for some players to play the campaign. I'm not the talker type, I just want to play the campaign with my fellow spartans in Halo Mood.
Wanting to play campaign legendary halo 5 or master chief collection add me. silent whirlwin
Hi everyone. I'm looking for some players to play the campaign. I'm not the talker type, I just want to play the campaign with my fellow spartans in Halo Mood.
I'm also not a big talker and I just came here to find coop partners for MCC. I also like to play unique custom games and I'm not a big talker either. I'll just send an invite if I see you around. I like to play Halo 2, 3, 4, and reach on heroic with a unique blend of skulls. Sometimes I play ODST on legendary.
Add me up, beat the game 100s of time. have all skulls