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Halo Machinima, body actors needed

OP itBray

Hey everyone :) I am Nost and I am currently in the process of creating some Machinima using Halo.

What I am looking for is for anyone who is willing to cooperate and understands that I need people to be fully aware of what else is going on even if theyre not involved. That might not make sense so let me clarify.

I have had too many takes where someone else who isnt being recorded messes it up because they dont get that what they do in the background or the sounds they make when shooting their gun can still ruin a shot. So all that I ask is that you can listen well, have a mic, and dont get bored and do things I can't have you doing for the sake of time.

If you would like to help out, send me a message on xbox live to my GT: Nost BD or just leave a reply here with your gamertag.

It is not required but I could really use some higher level volunteers for the sake of the armor I need people to wear but even if youre not a high level, I can still use you for other purposes if you are willing Thanks for your time!
ill help
I will assist you, I am a Legend rank, GT is SuckItBleu77.
Really appreciate both of your guys' volunteer. I will add you on xbox live and tell you when I need you! thanks again :)
stEvE Zahn 420 I would love to help in any way not a high rank on this acc. yet but getting there. only acc. though, the other high rank acc. is in limbo.
Sku11King77 I am a Legend and am currently planning a machinima of my own. It'd be good to get some practice. (Stories ready but I still need to get a capture card)
sku11, no worries. I had that prob at one point as well. I will add you all on xbox live and tell you in advance when I shall need you :) again, really appreciate all of your voluteers to help.
maybe able to help i am attempting to make my own Machinima and have helped others prior
I would much appreciate it Punked. Also, anyone who is helping me who also plans to make their own stuff can always ask me as well when in need of help. Only fair I return the favor :)
I can help if you still need people :)
Hello! I am leader of the RoA, and we have a machinima production group. I am looking for directors, and I think you might have what it takes. You can check our YouTube Channel at and if you decide to work with us, you will have your fill of body and voice actors, and competent people to work with. If you have any questions, message me on LIVE at RoA Overlord. If any of you who see this want to be participating in machinima productions like body/ voice acting, feel free to message me too.
Sounds pretty cool RoA Overlord but my only problem is that I am wanting to stay as independent as possible. I am fine with an affiliation where I am still allowed to post on my own channel under my own stuff but with your name connected. But if that is not the case, I formally decline but appreciate your offer. Yes Delta, I am still looking for help if you wish to help so I shall add you on live and send a message when I need you :) Thanks guys!
I know i'm really late but if you still need someone I would be glad to help. I'm mythic and have most armour pieces.
i'll help BananaKing0216 message me when we are recording and tell me what halo game this is.
P.S. I'm a Commander
Thank you both for offering to help and no it is not too late :) To Banana, I will most likely always be using the latest iteration of Halo but will let you know if it is different. Btw, I was unable to find you on xbox live... Is your GT different there than on here for any reason? Make sure you both send me friend requests, thank you!
Our there any spots left if so I will gladly help

Also I am a legend

I have every helmet except the haunted and cqb but some of the helmets I don't have all the attachments I also have every single shoulder and chest and visor
if yor still looking for people i will be glad to help i am general rank 2 with most armor GT: chaos c0mmander
I have had experience in help make machinima before. So if ya ever need help just msg me. I listen and follow instructions very well.- Sully The Gamer
I messaged you on xbox.