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Halo Masters Society. CLOSED

OP BWO Arbiter

*UPDATE 11/28/12*
At this time membership to the clan is now officially by invitation only, please do not post asking for membership in this thread

Challenges will be accepted starting 1/1/13. You may make a formal request now, but no match will take place until next year. Challenges will be on a first come first serve basis. Gametype will be default BTB Infinity Slayer (Default meaning no changes to the game options), your choice of Ragnarok, Longbow, Meltdown, or Vortex, but not Exile as it heavily favors the blue team, and there would be no fair method of going about that. Single round, not 2/3.

Military structured clan, currently 8 members
Do a lot of BTB, but also Dominion, and once we're used to working with each other more, some of the 4v4 playlists.
KD Requirements of 1.5+
Must be willing to improve. If you're KD is at 1.5 you should be striving to get it to 1.75, and that is through legitimacy, NOT stat padding in objective.
Must have a mic, which is NOT the kinetc mic
Must be on FB, as I've chosen to put the group page there
Must be willing to make the occasional sacrifice for the team
If you don't understand the basics of teamwork you must be willing to learn
Must be willing to help test mechanics if asked
No age requirement, if you can hold your own in H4, and treat the rest of the group with respect you're welcome aboard.

Upon joining the clan, you are agreeing that you will not share ANY, and I repeat ANY of the information found on the clan page. That includes personal info, group strategies, and individual tactics which may be listed there.

Message GT: BWO Arbiter or post in this thread if you are interested.

Any questions you guys have, ask them and I'll edit this post to reflect the answers.
Willing to give your group a whirl. My K/D ratio is 1.4 atm. I have little bros who play on the account though, they are decent players but that still muddles the stats having three players on one account at the moment. I really strive to be a team player so would love to find other team-oriented people. Im tired of random folks who think that CTF is BTB.
I wish to challenge your clan..
I wish to challenge your clan..
Challenges are accepted, but not at this time. As I said we prefer BTB for the moment and have 8 people, so trying to get every member of the clan online at a specific time would be hard to do.

Like I said challenges are fine, but I respectfully ask that you give me a few more weeks to get the clan up to full speed. I'm a college student so I have to spend most of my time making sure to keep my GPA high, and haven't been able to finalize our tactics yet.

Send me a message to BWO Arbiter and I'll make note of your challenge request, and see what time is good for my clan mates.
What do I have to do to try out?
No try outs, just a trial phase where you are a recruit.

I accepted but I don't know what happened, send another one please.
Interested. Halo 3 50 and top 30% Onyx in Reach. All of my friends stopped playing and I am looking for better players to play with.
Krunchy and Matt, I've sent you both FR, when you accept them please send me a message with your FB names so I can get you into the clan page.