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Halo Reach machinima Actors wanted

OP JammyTurtle

I'm putting together a halo reach machinima and i'm looking for some body actors and a couple of voice acters aswell. If you want to contribute maps or other things then i'll accept those aswell.

some scenes have already been filmed by me and my friend but the remaining scenes require more people.

Character list

spartan Talon: Evil guy, if you think you have an evil sounding voice then that'll do

[u]spartan Cobra[/u]: Niceish guy, voice actor needed aswell

spartan Viper: Talon's right hand man,also quite evil, but you don't need an evil voice for this one.

There are also a bunch of extra people needed for fight scenes. There are also 2 other spartans with short-time roles, they need voice actors aswell.

A little list of requirements:

Voice actors...
- have some range of voices to do

- be willing to receive criticism and point of improvement

- don't sound robotic in their delivery

- Have an email address if you need to be sent the script (if you don't have this then i can tell you what to say)

- I will not discriminate any specific accents, so long as it's in the English language you'll be fine

Body Actors...
- preferably in the UK (this is because of time zone issues, but if you're in US and are willing to be online awkward hours then that's fine)

- listen to instructions

- Have required armour if you are playing a main character

Voice actors don't necessarily need to have Halo Reach but having people do voice and body acting (but thankfully not at the same time) of the same character would help a lot.

Contact details:
- You can post a response here (with gamertag preferably)
- Via XBOX Live @ JammyTurtle
- Email
I'd like to think I would be interested in this. So I think I'll give it a shot. I can do some voice acting for you and I wouldn't mind the criticism and I also have Reach so I could do both body and voice work but we'll need to rehearse on it. So I'm definitely interested in being one of the main villains but I don't care which role I get. But I'll need specifics on the which armor the characters wear. I'm pretty much a New person to Halo Reach so I dont have a whole lot of customization options but I'll work hard to level up and such. So hit me up on xbox and we'll see what we can do. GT: JoyColt
Interested in doing some voice acting for you... I can imitate the gravemind, elite, brute, Megatron, Optimus Prime, just the general deep voices...
i have done some vids for people before and i hope i can help if you need me. just message me im almost always on and im 18
The limited Alien Zcareeh and the Needle Laser Mr buttons