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Heavenly Sword is recruiting!

OP Truth Eternal

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Additional Waypoint Companies to join if this one is full: Heavenly Sword II, Heavenly Sword III

Heavenly Sword is a group of casual players (with a competitive subset) dedicated to enjoying the multiplayer experience together while building skills and gathering wins. HS has a heavy focus on earning REQ points, unlocking content, and teaching players how to improve their play in all game modes. This is the official company of Heavenly Sword Gaming.

Check out our recruiting video which talks about our culture: Why HS is great! And give our website a look, too:

Basic guidelines:
1) Act respectfully toward all players, especially opponents, at all times, even when other players aren't acting respectfully toward you.
2) While there is no time commitment, HS is a community who encourages playing with some regularity (once per month).
3) Age 18+ and English language are required. When you join the community, you will attain the rank of "Angel" and begin a trial membership period of 1 month to gauge if you're a fit. If you are active and jive, you're in permanently!

All unchanged, standard messages will be declined. It's about the extra effort! If you are accepted, please add Truth Eternal to your friends list.

When you're accepted, here's what you should do (within the first 48 hours):
1) Sign up for the Discord App and Website (info on company Waypoint forum here once you are accepted).
2) Add your other companymen to your friends list.
3) Change your emblem to Pineapple + Azure + Pepper. If you'd like, also change your armor color to Lapis + Dijon.
4) Change your call sign to a 4 digit code in the Members section of the website next to your name (make it a unique tag in the "H###" format).

We have monthly contests with prizes like Microsoft Points, controllers, and more on our website. We also have monthly internal ranking events and weekly events, team competitions, forging days, and more!

If you have questions, please contact the company Leader, Truth Eternal (here on Waypoint via PM, not XB).

Good luck out there!
I have been an active member with Heavenly Sword and have enjoyed every minute of it. Here is a list of benefits:
1) Discord is a great tool that is used for the whole company that promotes being active within the company.
2) The leaders are active and helpful and very open to new ideas from the company.
3) In addition to the leaders, other members are also willing to help and give advice like gaming and strategy tips as well as joining up for warzone, arena, and campaign.
4) Contests and giveaways are another plus that also promotes being active in the company as well as being fun.
5) You also get a sense of satisfaction when you all have the same emblem colors and you can see the fear in the enemies face when we have a team for warzone.
6) Having teammates is very nice as well so you don't have to worry about that random guy that jumps off the cliff and betrays you.

In conclusion, it is just a great community to join that is open to ideas and is a lot of fun to joke and be around with. Thanks to everyone in Heavenly Sword and to those who are not in Heavenly Sword I hope you find this helpful and send a request to join. P.S. Send your questions to Truth Eternal (Company Leader).
If you are going to join any spartan company, Heavenly Sword is the one to join. It is full of active players who are friendly and fun to play with any time of day. You will be treated as an equal no matter when you join or skill level in the game and you will make a bunch of new friends just like i have. I rarely had anyone to play Halo (or any other multiplayer games really) with until i joined this company and there is not another company I would rather be in. We also use an app online that makes it much easier to communicate with each other and get news within the company and it just makes the overall experience that much better! So join Heavenly Sword as soon as you can before it's full! Looking forward to playing with you!
I'm very interested I'm new to Halo but have become hopelessly addicted started out rough but completely donated my last few placement matches for arena still got placed in bronze one though :( also really love war zone assault

GT trunkmonky68

This is the company you've always wanted. I personally feel like a great company starts with a great chain of command and I've never met a leader that is more invested in his company than Truth Eternal. We have a roster that is active and talkative. Two things that are going to make your ranks and REQs go through the roof. There is nothing like playing with a good solid team that wants to win and more importantly have fun while doing it. Our main method of communication is through Discord and so far the communication is seamless. I can even check in on the company while I'm at school. There is zero pressure as far feeling like you HAVE to so stuff for the company. The company is so close though it makes you want to be a part of the group. What is most important is the chemistry of the people who are going to be watching your six. If you are the type of person who really enjoys a talkative group, can roll with the punches whether win or lose, and wants to improve as a Halo player while having fun this game is for you. We are all here to have fun and help each other out. We have custom matches for practice and getting to know the maps and weapons better and we are always down to play some campaign on Halo 5 or MCC. Events are going on all the time as well! We have multiple chats ranging from general conversations to tips and techniques incase you can't figure something out or you feel like you've mastered everything and want to share your knowledge. The clan is also full of many talented people outside of Halo as well who are interested in making gameplay footage and streaming.

We challenge you to lend your sword to a higher power and request to join Heavenly Sword today.

I have been apart of the Heavenly Sword for a little more than a week and its been great!.
Reasons to join:
1.The leader Truth Eternal is invested with the company
2.Discord the app we use for communication works great and is simple to use
3.Theres always someone up to play arena,warzone,or campaign
4.When playing multiplayer everyones intent to win and have fun
5.There are awesome contests that make you want to be apart of the community
6.Everyones nice,fun,and respects you
If you like those reasons join The Heavenly Sword
-Cpt Sharktooth
When I join clan in the past I always look towards the leader, see what type of leaders he is, Truth Eternal want to build a company of players that respect for Halo and it players, from skill to unskilled. He would help out one of his own members, unlike most leaders I serve under. Who only care about how many skill members they have. Don't even care about the unskilled. Truth Eternal want to help the unskilled to become more than what everyone else thing, he does see them as a chess piece but as a player who love the game. He told me that he had vision of creating a respectful community, and I believe him. I see hope in this company and I hope for more member to become apart of something here.
Now I have been with Heavenly Sword for about two weeks and I can say that the community in it is great as every new member is welcomed to the Company and there is always a group to play with, whether it's warzone or any of the arena game types. Our company leader Truth Eternal is a great person to talk and he treats every member with equal respect and is always open to ideas about improvement's and issues

Now with the company being near a hundred members other's may ask "how many people in that company are actually active?" well over 40% are active within the week days and from Friday to Sunday I've seen our active players increase from 40% to 60-70%.Also another situation that might seem apparent is "well with near 100 members is the leader going to expect a life story from me?" Well with my application I had entered a few reasons about why I wanted to join and then added some fact's about myself such as experience and when I started playing Halo.

We also you a FREE app called Discord so people don't need to worry about not having a headset then we also have separate forums on Discord so there Is a place for everything from contest's to campaign and even tips and trick's so that no matter what your experience you can always learn a new method of how to dominate the multiplayer or fly through the campaign

So after all the praise I've given to Heavenly Sword I can say that I'm proud to be a member of Heavenly Sword and I feel that this will be the company where I will stay and hopefully you will stay too
I've been with HS for since October 30th. I haven't been as active as other members but from the times I've played with members, I can say that it's a blast.They make everything so fun and not to mention that they're friendly. There's contest, teamwork, and most important of all, there's communication. We use this neat app called "Discord" which is basically Slack for gaming. Members are always looking for others to play with in the LFG channel and everyone takes advantage of the channels. All in all, if there's any spartan company you're thinking about joining, I highly suggest trying this one out.
I was looking for a group to play Halo with that would accept people that were not what you would label as exceptional players. Many times as I have played and could hear the vulgar language used to describe players that were not up to the level of those who seem to strive to take the fun out of playing online. Not everyone has the opportunity to play for hours on end with no other responsibilities such as a family, a job, school. I have a family and three jobs so I have had very little time to play with my fellow company members. However no one has ever belittled nor made me feel less than an equal part of this company. The communication through discord is awesome. The conversations range from Halo, obviously, to what someone has had for dinner. It is truly a place to feel welcome, to get to learn more about xbox and the changes we are seeing in our favorite game console. The players that have began Heavenly Sword have done a great job at creating a network of cohesion. A standard color and naming process to make recognition easier, not to mention the intimidation factor of uniformity. They have also developed contests with awesome prizes that keep you anxiously watching discord, not to mention the tournaments between the members of Heavenly Sword. Most of all, this company allows you get to know and to play Halo with new friends from all over the world. If you are looking for a company to join that focuses not only on gaming but also on passing on tips to better your game and just to develop a comradery between fellow players, then I encourage you to join team Heavenly Sword.
Been with heavenly swords from the beginning. Definitely the best company out there. Everyone is active, friendly, helpful and above all fun! Company is run through discord and everyone is on there always. The leaders are great. Monthly contests, power rankings, weekly friendly competition. Couldnt think of a more complete team. Extremely happy to be here!!
Heavenly Sword will get you where you need to go basically. There is little room for improvement with such an active roster. The people are friendly and a little competitive. No one is left out because there is always something to do. The strongest quality we have here is the enjoyment we get thru playing halo and from others we play with. Makes you play longer.
I didn’t think i would like being in a company but Heavenly Sword has made Halo 5 absolutely addictive. There are always people to talk to and willing to jump in and play. Command of HS is very motivational and very helpful. If you join HS you won’t look back.
Hmm where to begin. Heavenly Sword is a company that acts a lot like a family. During active hours there are plenty of people willing do do Arena, Warzones, and Campaign. That's just Halo 5 activity, several members also play other games together like the Master Chief Collection and Star Wars Battlefront. It's not just a group of people to play Halo 5 with, but more like a small community of fun loving people that want to enjoy their time together. There are always people on discord chatting about different topic, people making videos, or people streaming. While some companies are only there to get you the free Req pack or require a 10.0 K/D HS is a fun loving group that would be happy to have anyone that just wants to have a great time.
This is a great company to be a part of. As you can see there are many active players which means there will always be something for you to do. Dont stray away from awesomeness come make us stronger!!
**Please Delete**
If you're looking for a company with a strong leader and great people, then look no further! Heavenly Sword is a perfect mix of casual and competitive gaming. There's something for everyone here, whether you are a fan of Arena, Slayer, and/or Warzone. The people here are great to work with especially over the app that we use called Discord. With Discord there is easy access to different chat rooms. This helps separate teams depending on which game mode you are playing and doesn't crowd everyone into one chat room. I've learned so much already with being in this company. The biggest things that I took away so far are the concept of maximizing your REQ points and effective Warzone strategies. There's always someone one to talk to and play with. Also, there are scheduled events for FFA, Team Arena, and Warzone. With having contests, an active roster, and a company with great direction, it's hard to turn down the opportunity of being in a company like this one!
How active is your clan?
With it being 11:56pm ET right now, I can say that we currently have 7 people logged into Discord right now. We've recently had some spots open as well so we're currently not at full capacity. Typically there are at least 5-10 members on at any given time.
How long does it normally take to hear back on a request to Join? I haven't heard an accept or denial, but I only applied yesterday.
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