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Hired assassins needs warzone players

OP lll SPEEDY lll

hello all looking for a company to unlock Achilles with? Well look no further we are getting close to the armor but would like some help with those pesky marine kills. We have 4 spots open now with more to open up from inactivity. We boot players with 3+ weeks without playing and without a message to me.
if interested send a join request to Hired Assassins , thank you
Hey Speedy! I'm looking to join your clan if you're willing to have me. I'm a casual player who's on summer vacation so I've got plenty of time to help get that armor! I'm new to joining clans so I wasn't sure who/how to send a message but if you're willing to let me join, my gt is JordanBurke1. I look forward to playing with you guys!
WE are full at the moment
Cleaned out some inactives, looking for 2 more players . We are close to unlocking Achilles armor but still need lots of marine kills
We are currently full at the moment , thank you all who joined
2 spots just opened up looking for warzone players only dont need any more arena players at the moment thank you
Sorry we are full again