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HOPE Universal

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HOPE Universal
Welcome, HOPE Universal is recruiting players for Halo 5 and MCC. We have leaders that have played Halo since CE was released, participated in and won tournaments, also make maps for us to play on. Everyone is welcome, no level requirements, rank or skill to join is needed, just the willingness to play is all that is needed the rest will come. As the release of Infinite upon us, we are expecting to make a big impact not only in gameplay, but video content and game creation.

Every Friday night at 8p.m. est we have a Fun Night, we get together and play custom games created by our community and random custom maps and modes created by other players from around the globe. Also we have “Let’s Play” nights where we go and play Co-op campaign to record and put on the YouTube channel. Participation in tournaments is a goal that we will reach and start once we fill the open positions.

We are looking to fill all of our ranks from social to team leaders.

Socials- expected to play as you can, for as long as you can, and have as much fun as possible. This includes but not limited to, Social arena, Warzone, or Custom game modes.
Privates- More activity than a social, establish a rank in Ranked Multiplayer modes of your preference.
Rankers- Must be ranked in most MP Ranked Modes. To be eligible for tournament events you must be Platinum or higher (if not platinum, tournament participation will be with other players in the same rank as you; i.e.: Gold with Gold, Silver, Silver, etc.).
Team Leaders- Assemble, organize, and practice with teammates. We will setup entry into tournaments for teams to play in. Team Leaders will be expected to communicate with officers and clan leaders team mates team practice availability, and discuss team progress/readiness for tournaments.
Officers- Assist with organizing community fun nights, recruiting members, communicating with clan officials about member activities, negative and positive, and being there to assist members new and old with help, community info, or gameplay suggestions.

We are also looking for people with experience in video production. We have a YouTube channel that we want to use to showcase our great community. Send in clips both funny and serious game play.

Media links:
Discord info is:
Please feel free to get in contact with HopeXdeadly, C0braStrike007, CastFuzzball211, or HopeXwhal3r#3490 with any questions. We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.
join us we're fun
Join our community on discord! We do weekly events and are making videos regularly uploaded to our YouTube channel and are always looking for new recruits to help better grown our expanding community!
Come join us tomorrow for halo 5 fun night. Custom games and social arenas 8pm est mic req