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Hosting Halo 5 Infection Lobby.

OP Warwolfrider

I'm Hosting a Bootleg Infection Lobby. Message Warwolfrider for invite or just join it should be open. No need to use a mic just follow the rules that are posted. If you don't you will be kicked. Feel free to invite friends but make sure they know the rules.

Game mode is FFA based use honor system.
If you die for any reason you become a zombie. (If the score board saws you have 1 death then you need to be holding a Sword.)
Everyone starts with a sword and shotgun.
Zombies can only use swords.
Humans can not use swords.
Humans can drop their sword for a weapon on the ground.
I'll pick starting zombies.
Round ends when everyone has 1 or more deaths.
Don't Team kill.
Accidents happen, If you team kill by mistake you start as zombie next round. (If you are team killed sorry It still counts and being infected)
Don't ask for Lead I wont give it to you.
I have more then enough maps to last night.
If Most People don't like the map I post I will change it.
Don't argue with me what I say goes.
If you Don't like my Rules host your own lobby.
Can we use armor lock?
Claiming spot
Mod moved this to a forum no one uses now no ones gonna see it there goes my night full of custom games.
GT: Stoked aR