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[Locked] I am looking for a new clan.

OP Oinis

Hello I am Littledjdog I was recently kicked out of my old clan. Now I am looking to join a new one. My requirements for a new clan are 1. your Spartan Company has to be at least 8 commendations form the Achilles Armour and my reason for that is because the old clan I was in did not want Achilles but i pushed them to get it and we are really close to getting like 8 commendation close, 2.I also what a clan that is mature for many reasons, 3. I want a clan that is organized, 4. good leadership. If you think your spartan company fits my requirments then reply to this say hi and send me a message over Halo Waypoint and link your Spartan Company in your reply. Good Day. -Dj