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Infamous Brotherhood Recruitment

OP OmegaVortex82

The Infamous Brotherhood is looking for new members, the main requirements are that you have a mic/headset, be respectful, and you must be 13+ in age.

After completing a Recruiting and Bootcamp session, all you need to do is complete 1 clan activity to move up to the next rank, further ranks depend on activity and skill. Our ranks go in the order of Initiate, Apprentice, Adept, Assassin, Master Assassin, etc.

We are not a UNSC, ONI, Sanghelli type clan, we are in it for the fun of the game.
The next recruitment session should be on 4/11 at 1pm PST look for Brotherhood Recruitment on the Customs Browser to be involved. The main game this clan is active on is Halo 5 Guardians.
If you guys are so infamous how come I've never heard of ya?