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Kavosis wrote:
Sounds liuke a good company
It is a good spartan company
Hi! My tag is BackFoward. I am new to the game but i want to have the best experience thanks
If you wanna join the 57th Star Corporation msg me.
Looking for people to play with who have mics and communicate. I’m typically a platinum 5 to diamond 2. Team slayer or big team battle.
Hey, i am Isaac, my playstyle is competitive but not toxic and i am especially good at Halo 3 idk why.
my time zone is Spain time (GMT)
I am hoping to make new friends and allies in competitive play
Any Australian Clans that are recruiting?
Hello my gamertag is eliteSPECTRE777, My time zone is Pacific Standard. my play style is whatever you need it to be, I'm down for casual, competitive and anything else. I haven't played halo in a few years and am looking to get back into it with a great group of people since i currently have no one to play with. If interested please send me a massage. Thank you.
Trying to start back up my old Clan from back in the day! My time zone is EST I’m active everyday in the evenings and on weekends. Looking for people with MICS who want to have fun and/or play competitive and that are active. Hmu on Xbox or on here. CPG Phantom8668
Hey guys! I’m kicking off my old Halo clan from back in the day and looking to recruit. Looking for active players that have a mic, want to have fun and/or play competitively, and that are active. If interested hmu on here or Xbox Live. My time zone is EST.
Hello I am a veteran player from the golden days of Halo:Reach back in 2010. As you all know Reach is making a return and is even going to be ported to the PC which will open a gateway for a whole new influx of players and for all of the old veterans to return as well. I am from a gaming community that has been lying dormant for a while but our founder is ready to get things moving again.

So here is the situation. MCC is coming to PC and Reach is returning to Xbox we are all ready to relive the days where we played games with friends and had a great time. But we are all older now. We have jobs and kids and bills to pay and places to be so we don't get as much time to play games like we used to. When I was 11-13 years old back in 2010-2012 (rough estimates lol) I was able to come home from school and spend 6-8 hours a day running scrimmages, tournaments, custom games, game nights, etc. 7 days a week with all of the members I had spent hours recruiting on that god awful Xbox 360 message system. I would play 2 matches and message all recent players and repeat that for hours. I recruited hundreds. We would join big team battle lobbies all wearing the community emblem and listen to the other team tremble over the mics. It was glorious and that is what we want to do again with you guys. The next generation of Reach players. Now I am lucky to have 2 hours a day to play games.

WE NEED PEOPLE!!! Recruiting is one of the most time consuming things to do. I speak from hours and hours of experience from 4 different communities from the Reach Golden Era 2 of which I founded myself that both reached at least 150 daily active members. We just simply don't have the time to do the leg work and heavy lifting. But we DO have the time to guide those who are willing to recruit and gather together a community of friends to game every night together and meet new and exciting people to play games with. We need young people preferably those still in school or those who just simply have a lot of daily game time. We need someone willing to recruit and put together game nights and custom games and even tournaments for prizes. And recruiting today has become much easier now that PC is coming to the stage. That is a LOT of potential recruits.

Guess what?! We are all grown up now! We make money and have money. Guess what money means?......THAT'S RIGHT! TOURNAMENTS FOR PRIZES!!! Good prizes too. Free games, gift cards, controllers, mice, headsets, keyboards, monitors, etc. All of these things are possible IF we have enough people. The more you can recruit then the more we may see fit to step up our prizes or amount of tournaments.
To be able to run all of this you need a type of Headquarters and way to communicate right? Our old website is in the works of being re-polished and reborn with MANY abilities that are made available through Enjin. (Visit to research all the neat possible things we can do with the community website) And of course a fully loaded Discord already ready to go. We are all ready to manage this community and its events we just need people in it.

It is a small window that wont be open forever. Its the prime time to jump back into Reach and MCC or for some of you PC players the first time ever to jump into the world of Halo. So please don't be shy and jump in and bring along any ideas you may have or plans you would like to carry out and we would love to work with you. Halo: Reach will be dropping December 3, 2019 on PC and Xbox One and it will take a while to get people together and get things going so whether you are on PC or Xbox we invite you NOW to begin the process and preparation for this fun and exciting journey.
We only are accepting ages 15 and up for now as we are trying to find reliable and ambitious young people to get things going like we did in our day. (I notice I am speaking as if I am 50 but no I am 20 so no you won't be playing with just old people lol)

For anyone interested or just wanting to ask more questions then direct message the following.
Steam Username: DeathClaw13
Xbox Gamer-tag: DeathClaw13

I work 3rd shift 10PM-6AM so I may not immediately be able to message back but I will within 16-24 hours at the most. Thank you to anyone who is interested.

SSK GAMING - Finish the Fight
Great to see some active recruiting still going on!
never a dull moment on halo way point
Hi all!

Looking for:
  • PC based Reach tragics
  • preference for 25+ years old
  • Australia/NZ/Oceania based
  • Casual (no clan tag enforcement - rankings and lore can be fun though!)
  • Slayer/SWAT are my native game types - Dabble in BTB and Zombies
More or less looking for a bunch of people to play with via discord. Play 2-4 times a week for a couple of hours.

Greetings! My tag is I Am The Moof
I've been searching for a clan ever since the MCC released onto steam and would love to return the glory days of clans. My time zone is CST, and I am available on most nights save for Fridays and sometimes Tuesdays. Would love to join a new community and help some friends along the way!
[FaT] - Fear and Terror is recruiting for its Halo Division. We are an 18+ No drama, no -Yoink- community. If you're interesting in joining, please visit our Discord: For more information please watch this video about our community, Thanks and we look forward to seeing you!
If you still play ODST, Halo 1, 4, or 3, Join Fireteam Orbital Drop Spartan! You do not have to have Gold Membership to join, I do not have Gold, so here at this group we discuss plans, share stuff, and talk about pur Halo experience! Join today, and Still Drop like a Spartan! ( My time zone is Eastern.
Greetings I’m Zoran Zoltan a Ship Master within the CAS Infernal Indignation an all Elite clan on Halo Reach MCC. We were founded this year as of 2019 by Zoran Zoltan, Tack and GaulGore. The initial iteration of the CAS II had a variety of members from across the community starting us at around 21 active members. I’m here to see if you’ll join us in our journey as a clan.

What We Offer
♚ A competitive ranking system which offers you the chance to prove yourself and lead warriors into combat.
♚ A professionally-built Discord server.
♚ Learn new skills and traits through our division system (stealth, marksmanship, swordsmanship, leading etc.)
♚ The ability to gain additional knowledge on Halo lore.
♚ Intense and structured training sessions to simulate Arena Training.
♚ Clan matches to test your mettle and prove your worth.
♚ Meetings to host opportunities to voice suggestions, opinions and advice to advance.
♚ Matchmaking across the board with an organised squad system to improve cohesion and gameplay value on MCC Reach
♚ Skilled and disciplined commanders who can teach an array of talents to help further your career within Halo Reach MCC.
♚ Highly respectable individuals within a friendly oriented environment to promote bonding between members.
♚ We also allow recreational and vacation time whenever it's needed in-which you may spend in whatever manner suits you.
♚ The ability to join something and become a member of an everlasting legacy.We have even attempted to maintain a close resemblance to the official Halo Reach canon Covenant ranking system for Elites.

We have four divisions:
- Infantry Battalion
- Special Operations
- Fleet Security
- Ministry (Zealots

Each rank serves an individual purposes. For advancement, we promote and accept an assortment of conditions, a few to name being skill, discipline, loyalty and potentiality.

♚ Must be of 13 years of age or older (exceptions may be made).
♚ Must have a microphone or be able to type incredibly fast to respond/listen to orders.
♚ Must play Halo MCC regularly.
♚ Must obviously favour the Covenant (Sangheili) faction of Halo.
♚ Must be able to listen to orders given by superior officers.
♚ Must have a common understanding of respect and discipline.

Contact Details:
Ship Master - Zoran Zoltan
Field Master - Tack
Zealot - GaulGore
Ultra - AndoVandaree
Hello old and new players of Halo, with the release of Reach I saw an opportunity to create a new clan, meet new people and have fun, so.....

Project Freelancer Agents
Become an Agent for Project Freelancer, chose the State to represent (just like in the RvB show) and start filling up slots on the roster. Prove you’re the top dog, and if you prove you have the leadership, and skills, you will lead your own fire-team and train them to your liking; teaching them the skills necessary to ensure the Projects survival and victory. This clan is pretty casual, hosting game nights, having fun on matchmaking... but also going against other clans in clan wars. So, chose your State, slit some throats and start taking names. Welcome to Project Freelancer Agents

-All 50 States are up for grabs

-Casual and serious at times with hosting game nights and doing clan wars

-Learn new things and meet new people and have the opportunity to teach them and possible new players and making new friends

-Once a State name is gone then it’s gone, so grab the obvious States quick that people will choose if you want them

- will be putting up a Discord link soon
I'm Saga, My GT is WIT Saga and I play on NA West. I have an aggressive playstyle but I don't care about kills I only care about securing the win with my team. I want a team to play alongside so that I can get better at being a role player for my Team. I also want to represent them as best as I can. I've been playing Halo and overall gaming for the past 10 years so I know the ins and outs of the competitive scene.
Gamertag: Matt#7848
I play Halo CE, 2, and 3 on MCC. Looking for a chill clan to be apart of. I enjoy playing FFA game types and customs. Use to be able to teabag like an absolute pro and lift up the head back in the day. I also play many other games so if you’re a multigame clan then that is a plus.
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