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OP snickerdoodle

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DBZfan077 wrote:
Hello! I'm Rachael, and am in the EST timezone. I've recently gotten back into gaming more, especially now since I'm out of a relationship that had a jealous partner. I really wanna get back into the community!

My playstyle is pretty chill, and am a team player. I am 29, so maturity when needed is absolutely no problem.

Was previously a Lietenant of a Spartan Company awhile back - leadership had since changed greatly and I dont feel like I could rejoin that clan after such a long timespaan of like two years. Itd be cool to be a Lietenant of another Company ; or be an active member of an active Company.

Yall can either message me on here, or on Xbox.

Hope to hear from someone soon! :)
You could join the Guardians of the Nexus. We've been around for a while but unfortunately alot of our members had become inactive. We are currently revamping the clan and looking for solid members to join. If interested message me on Xbox @King Chaos 216

Thank you.
Just to let you know, I've messaged you on Xbox, whenever you have time to reply! :)
Hello my name is steel...I have been a halo fan my whole life and just now found out about the clans for the game.
Playstyle: Casual/Competitive,Supportive
Timezone: CDT
•What is the your outcome of joininga CLAN•
Well I'm really kinda just looking for a mature family/friendly group of people that act politely and respect one another and and are usually active during the day. And that's not power hungry kid's or people with mindsets of little kids where everyone has a title or name task or propose to the clan and has a real ranking system that works and you can actually make progress on. Also would like to be a part of something greater than solo style with a strong clan capable of playing really hard if we have to when it comes to it. An would like to do machinas. Not something that is a completely none productive clan that is toxic or does not play real decent games or costume games where I can keep my rewards after a game.
•Anything else you feel is relevant•
I guess a clan with some Years under it's belt is probably best anything else is not my style. Im not playing the game for stupid looking armors I'm playing because I enjoy playing halo. An would at least like to find one or two really slick homies who would have each other's back in a ranked game of sniper's,or something like that. We are have bad games or something happening behind the scenes but most of the time capable of gaining 12,to almost 20 kills a game in team sniper's. Each of us has a time or more when we got that kill frenzy,spree or triple kill or something like that.
I really really don't want to jump through hoops and endless training courses yes wouldn't mind doing something like that when I'm ready and would like some time to try the training course myself in my free time before I do it for the clan. Would like to have some kind of structure to it and some kinda set of rules. I'll change my emblem, armor I will even change my XBGT if it's cool clan name or title.
•What doI have to offeraclan•
Well I'm currently ranked platinum 4 in team snipers,platinum,swat,platinum in elimination. If I could get someone to have,watch my back probably wouldn't stop tell I hit champion it's really not that hard you just have to be consistent. I play decent in team sniper's but then my team most of the time is trash costing me the game. Im usually active and would take the whole clan thing seriously for the most part and if clan name is cool I might change gamertag.
XBGT is the same as my profile. Been a halo fan since November 15,2001 CE and then was hooked on H2. only just recently joined the community should've joined long ago.
Whitefang2131 here
Looking for fun people to join Wolfox clan "pack".
-west coast time zone-ish
-play style: competitive, casual, experimental
-game modes played: warzone/firefight , custom games, multiplayer
-accuracy: medium to really good
-please be friendly and kind, any gender is welcome. Is willing to go by pack order.
Hi I’m new to halo my gt is ShaDowTr3x, and I’m 13 years old. I haven’t fully downloaded halo 5 yet because it’s been taking weeks lol. But not to sound cocky or anything but every new shooter I play I have the aiming down in like around 2-3 days at the longest. In other games I play sorta passive in other team shooter games like cod mw and overwatch so I expect I’ll got into that role. I focus on the objective but I’m not scared to get into a fire fight. My time zone is est also. I haven’t tried any of the weapons yet but I’ll probably use a gun with a scope or a good iron sight like most people. I’ve been watching a lot of halo videos and hcs like the halo championship on halo reach this year so I understand how the game works. I’ve also played some halo 3 and 4 at a friends how’s. I have pass pro/comp and team experience in Fortnite, apex legends, cod, and overwatch. I’m looking for a team to go pro and win tourneys with. Thanks you for reading this if your interested u can pm me here or on Xbox thank you for your time.
Hello, I am Madehalogod0912 and I am looking for people to join UNSC Fleet Omega. We are a loyal, non-toxic, and a little strict clan. We are looking for members who can hold their own and can show others their strengths and take advice from others on what to fix. We are an Xbox clan only on Halo 5 and soon Halo Reach.
You are required the following:
  • A working mic
  • A working xbox
  • No clan hopping
  • Non toxic
  • New players welcome
  • !!Discord is required!!
Insurxgent wrote:
Skill level: Rusty semi pro.
Play style: Flanker
Age: 30
Gamertag: OveRUNdetected
I've tried to get back into the game, but tired of feeling alone due to lack of friends playing. Would play more if I had a team.
Clan Name: [TLC:ONI] Leviathan Corporation.Clan Type: Office of Naval Intelligence.-
"To restore the community to a more positive and friendly environment/ community that allows all to socialize and interact, most importantly to start remembering that it's a game and to have fun."
We also Grind for The Achilles Set and can help you grind to 152.
Feel free to invite me to your clan. I'll join.
Hiya Guys,

I'm a Halo 5 player looking for a new spartan company to join and help along the way to the achilles helmet. I already have the achilles armour however now I am on the quest for the helmet. I usually play a couple hours a day typically on Super Fiesta or SWAT (where I am currently a Platinum). If any spartans companies nearing the helmet need some extra help for the final push just let me know and I am more than willing to grind whatever game mode and commendations needed!
playstyle: Competitive e sport
time zone: BST
what I want out of the clan: to go to UK HCS tournaments
im currently a diamond 3 in slayer with a high of diamond 4
new to h5 but started playing halo2 with the dinner plate. use to play w h2o and pmS and revolution. looking for some people on h5 to rly vibe with.

  • Playstyle - safe but aggressive
  • Time zone - centeal
  • What you are hoping to get from a clan - rly just wanna have fun and play halo, and get good.
  • Anything else you feel is relevant - basically that, dont feel ill ever be good enough to go pro, but damn sure would be willing to try. got nothing but time since im quarantined currently. got three days into h5 and truly just tryna find ppl to push each other and -Yoink-.
gt - lolimpretty

send me a message or a pm or anything. looking for a clan or a good crew of people, bonus if u ride foxed gear bicycle
how do u join a clan or company anyway?!?!
hey could anyone invite me to a clan?
here is my level in halo wars 2;

-wins: 1
-loses: 1
-level: IDR
-My personal skill level: 89% rate of battles will be wins

if u feel like these are good standards plz invite me to your clan
Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew of any casual clans (with limited participation requirements) on MCC PC. Mainly looking for a community of folks to play H2C with. A little about myself is I played H2 shortly after it came out until the XBL servers were turned off in 2010. My favorite game mode is BTB and I personally believe the changes to sudden death drastically reduced the complexity of the game (I realize I'm in the minority here). For what it's worth, I've also played H1, H2, H3, ODST, and Reach, but view H2 as my favorite overall. I play mostly in the evenings EST but my game time changes day to day.
Hey fellow Spartans I go by
Dank Y0UTH that's with a Zero not an O

*I'm a competitive Gamer but laid back
*I stay out on the east coast
*What I'm tryna get out of a Spartan company is cool completive Halo players to do Warzone and Ranked matches with an maybe some chill friends. P/S BIG TIME WILL HELP GETTING THAT ACHILLES ARMOR
*I also try to stream on a daily. Discord Dank Y0UTH#0740

Please message me if any are interested I'm on this page quite often
Looking for a larger gaming community (75+ members) that supports Halo 5 and is getting ready for Halo Infinite.
I am in my 30s a mature casual gamer.
ranked plat 6 in swat and plat 5 in elimination.
plenty of clan experience.
I also do digital gfx and simple video edits.
Westcoast gamer and active late night. like 10 pm pst till 1 am pst.
Looking for a home and please have a decent clan name. some of the things i read are ridiculous .
GT: GasMaskBoy89
Hey everyone my gamertag is CrescentNinja61. I have been playing Halo for nearly a decade. I have beaten nearly all of the Halo games on Legendary at least once and consider myself a fairly good player at least on the campaign side. Not very good at multiplayer but can have some fun and I am a pretty good sport.
Looking for a nice clan to make friends and meet new people and I am very introverted and would really like to step out of my comfort zone. I am 21.
I am in EST and am free whenever really when I'm not working.
I play the MCC and Halo 5, and am on Xbox and Steam.
I also have access to some recording/editing software, if you would like to record some matches and whatnot.
Thanks for reading and considering me and if your interested feel free to message me whenever.

Have a good day.
Hi I’m looking to join a clan I’m 13 but I’m the youngest in my year and I have just started to play quite a bit on halo again
Im an adult professional,

have a mic,

fairly decent at halo
Just started playing H5 after several years away, still brushing off the dust - should be roughly mid diamond skill once im all up to scratch and have the maps figuredLooking for some semi sweaty adults to jam with and to show me the ropes

NZ or Aus preferred for the time zones but not essential

I need to a cal to join im active all the time (halo 5)
gamertag: Tytucker14
FOTUS RECRUITMENT POST ================= FOTUS is recruiting for strong minded and well disciplined members to join our Forerunner ranks. We are formerly known as Triple X, a clan made back in 1998 on Old Unreal and still here today! We renamed our clan in 2013 to FOTUS as a harmless joke, but it stuck with us. Join us for a group with a no toxicity policy, a place for fun where skill isn’t an issue. ================= ================= REQUIREMENTS ================= • Willing to be respectful at all times • A Working Microphone • Halo MCC /Halo 5/ Halo Infinite • Must be willing to stand up for those who need help If interested in joining one of the communitys’ oldest clans, please refer to the contact list below. ================= CONTACTS LIST XBOX ================= FOTUS FOTUS Bourne FOTUS Plushy ================= CONTACT LIST DISCORD ================= FOTUS#0343 - FOTUS Plushy#4600
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