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FOTUS RECRUITMENT POST ================= FOTUS is recruiting for strong minded and well disciplined members to join our Forerunner ranks. We are formerly known as Triple X, a clan made back in 1998 on Old Unreal and still here today! We renamed our clan in 2013 to FOTUS as a harmless joke, but it stuck with us. Join us for a group with a no toxicity policy, a place for fun where skill isn’t an issue. ================= ================= REQUIREMENTS ================= • Willing to be respectful at all times • A Working Microphone • Halo MCC /Halo 5/ Halo Infinite • Must be willing to stand up for those who need help If interested in joining one of the communitys’ oldest clans, please refer to the contact list below. ================= CONTACTS LIST XBOX ================= FOTUS FOTUS Bourne FOTUS Plushy ================= CONTACT LIST DISCORD ================= FOTUS#0343 - FOTUS Plushy#4600
Any clans out there that actually play not just stand around recruiting for hours and hours
Any clans out there that actually play not just stand around recruiting for hours and hours
The 3 Barren Kingdoms is recruiting for active members to grind often and squad up with other members through our Discord. If you're interested, hit me up with a message and I'll send an invite.
Hi I'm British, I play MCC and mostly Halo 3
Looking for a clan - my gametag is Darth Chappy566
Message me if you want to recruit me!
  • I am an American, I play MCC on PC
  • Looking for a clan that can "whip me back into shape and polish up my rust". Looking for like minded individuals that like the ranked playlists.
  • Play style : I seem to run into the enemy and find my self in a 2-1, 3-1 position. I would like to find a group that can hold there ground and work as a team. While being chill and giving each other constructive criticism.
  • Pacific Standard Time
  • British (but I'm often up late)
  • MCC on PC
  • Multiplayer precision games, XP grinding, achievement hunting across the game
  • Play-style; either a berserker or a sniper, no inbetween. A talent for both is desirable lol
  • Add me "Xoltred", clan name is KID A, clan tag is AKID.
  • British (I play MCC, Mostly Reach Custom Games)
  • Xbox One
  • Looking for players to squad up with
  • Play-Style; DMR Marksman, Assault Rifle, SMG if needed
  • Add me up- Hawke A25945
  • Clan Tag- NOBLE (Official Clan Number)
Attention all Halo Master Cheif Collection Steam gamers I am Marshall jcf55 from RAS and we are currently looking for more PC gamers if you are unsure if we are the right fit for you please check out this teaser of our groups activity....if you want to join please message jcf55 we will require all PC members to join our discord which is located on our BIO... do wait join Reclaimer Air Squadron now!!!!
hello, if you own a clan and play halo 5 I'm definitely hoping to play with you!

here is my stuff:
playstyle= teams
Skill level= medium
time zone = mostly morning to afternoon
plus if you know a way to get other amours to please Xbox to contact me at Tacoshell123#105
Hello ! Looking to play with a solid group. Hard to rank up with trash randoms going 2-12. I mostly play swat. Currently a plat 6 in SWAT. It's mostly all I play. Skill level is medium. I play alot in the night. Message me or my GT is the same on Xbox ! I'm 25 eastern time zone.
Attention Halo Way point community---
My company is looking for squad leaders and regular members...If you want to know what were all about please click on the link
Positions available---
Fire Team leader---Halo experience required////Company or clan experience preferred////Must have one recruit to bring with in order to be second in command-Must also have Halo 5 or Halo MCC for Xbox

Regular members---Must have either Halo 5 or Halo MCC either for PC or Xbox
Fire Team leader(Spanish speaking)---Must speak Spanish and only requirement is to have either Halo 5 or Halo MCC FOR XBOX ONLY

Any questions feel free to message me---
Marshall of Reclaimer Air Squadron
Reclaimer Air Squadron
A spartan company looking for active playing members to play with. Request to join at Mantle of Ares
United Extreme Gaming, or UEG, is a friendly non-skill based Gaming Community dedicated to the betterment of the online gaming experience. Since our founding in 2006, we strive to provide our members with an inclusive and enjoyable environment where like minded individuals can come together and build lasting friendships within our community of 600+ Gamers across our multiple branches.We offer many benefits for our members, including things such as daily game nights and activities on Halo 5 and other popular multiplayer games. We also have Tournaments and Squads for our more competitive members, sometimes the Tournaments have prizes such as cash, games, or other small rewards for those who participate. We also offer an active Discord full of active and friendly members who love to group up and play various games at all hours of the day. We also have a great team of supportive staff members who are always willing to answer any questions or help make your experience enjoyable in any way they can. Most importantly we offer a clear Code of Conduct designed to help provide you with that inclusive and enjoyable experience that’s at the core of what we do.

1). You must be 17 Years of age or older.
2). You must have a Mic
3). You must have or be willing to create a discord account.

If you are interested in joining UEG, please feel free to post below or contact UEG Horus on Xbox Live, or join our recruiting discord at

We look forward to hearing from you!
Hey there I'm 28 years old looking to get back into playing Halo on PC or Xbox, though I will be primarily playing Infinite on Series X. I've spent all of this generation on PS4 playing with people I've met on Destiny and formed some good friendships, I'd like to do the same with Halo and Xbox. I spend most of my time in Halo nowadays playing the campaign, occasional firefight and a fair amount of Swat and other Slayer variants. I'm looking for a small to medium size group to just chill and play some games with. I work 5 days a week but am usually on most evenings till around 3am GMT/BST.
LF halo clan late to the Achilles party. Im 147 now gonna try and get to 152 figured i would join a group with similar goals and try and get the Achilles set along the way. i have mic. im more of a casual player but i dont mind whatever comes along. Send invite to me if theres any clans still grinding. Rybo80
Hi everyone! New here, but looking to join a clan that maybe focuses more on SWAT and Snipers gameplay or a clan that maybe has a team dedicated to these playlists. Currently playing MCC on steam. EST time zone, usually play most nights 4 hours or so 8-12am.
Steam: vrektv
In game: o ReKt o
Playstyle: XBOX. competitive and social. I’ll grind some ranks or kick back and enjoy social 4v4 and big team as well. Focusing on MCC (Halo 3 and Reach, and a little H2C and H2A as well).

Timezone: EST. My work schedule is all over the place. But pretty much the hours I won’t really be on are the wee hours of the morning.

What I hope to get out of a clan: I’m looking for a group of people to play with that will grind out MLG (been watching MLG and other competitive Halo events since 2008) and other ranked playlists (yes even invasion), but at the same time I don’t mind having people to run big team or other social playlists. I just really don’t have anyone to play with consistently and I know I’d have more fun with a squad to run with.

Other relevant information: Again, I play on Xbox. I live in Florida, so that’s how my ping is gonna work out. I do have discord. I’m over 21, so a night of drunken big team is always a fun idea. I have a working headset. Been playing Halo for 10+ years. I will admit to having off games sometimes, as I expect others to have as well. Nobody’s perfect. Refer to my service record for my KD and win/loss. Best way to reach me about recruitment is probably Xbox messages. Other than that... see y’all on the sticks!
Gamertag - Techfan420

Looking for an active Halo MCC clan that plays primarily ranked playlists. I can play on either PC or XBOX, just looking for a half decent group that communicates and isn't complete garbage most of the time like the randoms I tend to get matched up with. Preferably want to only play H2C, but since that list is mostly dead, I'll settle for H3
Helm of Sparta
New Company established in preparation for Halo Infinite. Company is growing and looking for members who would like to build in the company and establish teams. Play all MCC and Halo 5 at the moment. Please message or ask to join! Look forward to hearing from all of you.
hey guys im looking for a pc clan, Im not bad at shooting not great at movement tho
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