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OP snickerdoodle

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hey guys im looking for a pc clan, Im not bad at shooting not great at movement tho
Aren't we all
Hi, looking for a social clan. I have been playing since Halo 3 and am looking for a well rounded clan that are open to all skill levels and game modes. I prefer SWAT and Elimination online but will play anything really. Always up for some Warzone Firefight as well. UK based and play most evenings after work.
Ya boy just wants people to achievement hunt with.
I play the MCC on PC.
I play casually, but can hold up my end in ranked.
EST timezone.
Honestly, I want a group that is cool with trying to go for LASO and other campaign stuff, not just multiplayer.
Hit me up if your squad is fun and kids though.

- Jack
Patriots of Gaming: Welcome to the Patriots of Gaming Halo clan. We are a clan dedicated to our country, community, gaming and most importantly, Halo. We created this clan to try and build up a small community of gamers from the United States to play Halo together, and create new friendships and relationships. Our goal is to create a safe space where players can speak their minds and conversate about Halo content or lore, current world events, politics, or anything the members feel they should talk about. We have no rules when it comes to bad language, so feel free to say what you want. We do ask that when streaming, we follow Terms of Service guidelines for the streamer's preferred platform. Until Halo Infinite launches, you can find us playing Halo MCC on PC using the clan tag "POG". We are dedicated Halo fans and most of us have been playing since the days of the original Xbox. If you are as hyped for Halo Infinite as we are, consider joining! Stay safe Spartans! (Most of us are in the Central Time Zone)
Hi, my name is James. I’m from the Carolinas. I’m a competitor player with heavy traffic in SWAT though I don’t mind other games. I’m looking for a clan I can compete with and become a better player.
Whats up! my names Ellis im an English dude who lives in melbourne Australia. Ive been playing since halo 2 consider myself to be a skilful competitive player. Looking for people to play matchmaking and customs with on MCC xbox. I play mostly on Friday night and Saturday night but do come on for some casual play throughout the week.
Hello i am oblivvvion as you can see and i wish to join a halo clan / spartan company
Playstyle: i play mostly casual
Time zone: AEST (Australian eastern standard time)
I am looking for a clan that just wants to have fun grind and play some casual games with :) (and maybe some one to do halo laso)
I have a mic and discord i also play on PC :)
Hey guys, Xbox Noob here. Only had one for 6 months but mostly only played Halo 5. Learned the game on campaign and warzone. Now generally just play arena. Slayer, 2V2 and swat are what i prefer. Honestly looking for someone to play with to get some tips and get better at Halo 5. Slayer and 2v2 i generally am around platinum 3 or so. I have a mic and am casual/competitive. Mostly looking to just get better and work on my aim and movement. I am PST and usually play evenings/late night and weekends. Hit me up on Xbox live if you are interested, gamer tag is same. Thanks guys.
Hey Guys!

Looking to join a group to run HALO MCC with on Xbox, 18+ preferred.

I recently just picked back up the sticks and am looking to have fun, but also get some dubs.

Just message me your group information or sent a friend request!

Or click this link and you can be added to a discoed I just created! For XBOX MCC and Halo 5 players.
Welcome to Grunt Hunters. You don't have to be good at halo but you do have to be a passionate halo fan. If you just want to have a group of people you can play halo with casually then this is your clan. If you want help unlocking an achievement or just want people to play your custom game then we'll help you out.
Hi looking for a halo clan I play on Xbox one and I’m really good at halo 3 and 4 the other one ehh look I’m just looking for a team that’s loyal ok 🤪👌🏻
Hi all,

I recently got back on Halo MCC after many years of pause. I basically grew up with Halo CE, Halo 2 and Halo 3 and, even though I'm not a professional player, I think I got some skill to offer.

I'm looking for a team/clan of players who are willing to play social/ranked games for fun. I'd be willing to take part in training if the team requires it and, why not, even participate in small tournaments :D

My platform: PC
Age: 20s, 30s
Preferred Games: Halo 3, Halo Reach
Language: Italian, English
Region: Europe

Send me a message if you're interested.
¡ayuda! Necesitamos su apoyo para obtener la increíble armadura y casco de Aquiles.
únete a nuestra empresa alcance legado, que busca miembros activos que deseen obtener y lucir esta maravillosa armadura.
trabajemos todos juntos como un equipo para lograr este gran objetivo.
Attention Halo Way point community---
My company is looking for squad leaders and regular members...If you want to know what were all about please click on the link
Positions available---
Regular members(Anyone from anywhere)---Must have either Halo 5 or Halo MCC either for PC or Xbox

Fire Team leader(Spanish speaking)---Must speak Spanish and only requirement is to have either Halo 5 or Halo MCC FOR XBOX ONLY

Any questions feel free to message me---
Marshall of Reclaimer Air Squadron
A spartan company looking for active playing members to play with. Request to join at Mantle of Ares
Overdosed Gaming is currently recruiting for Halo: MCC on PC! We are a clan that's all about having fun. We do anything from campaigns and customs to casual or competitive multiplayer, and we also host events.We're pretty laid back so there aren't any requirements on how often you have to play or a certain skill requirement. We also plan to expand to Halo: Infinite when it comes out. If this sounds like a place for you add me on Discord Raged(OD)#8452 and throw me a message!
  • Playstyle - chill but play hard, jovial.
  • Time zone - Pacific
  • What you are hoping to get from a clan:
    >To find a sizable group to stick with. At least enough to have 6-12 man teams often.
    >People that can handle tilt.
    >I'm personally fine with going for Achilles but it depends on the group.
    >People who know how to get together and play the game.
  • Anything else you feel is relevant:
    >I only use xbox live parties or discord.
    >Also down for playing other games too.
    >I'm not new to the series.
    (PM me and we can chat, if I don't reply fast I definitely will reply later.)
Yo guys I live in Pacific Time zone I am mostly active on Sunday and Saturday afternoons friend me on xbox (Extrapack525) and we shall have some halo fun!
Looking for some decent people to play matchmaking. Preferably adults and day 1 players.
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