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OP snickerdoodle

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Hello, my Gamertag is XxDordyslugxX. I love Halo but most importantly I love winning. I am ideally looking for a competitive clan that I can grind to SR152 with. I’m British but can play with anyone from anywhere, no hate here just good times, winning and smoking fat bowls. :)
Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a clan that plays Halo 3 on MCC Xbox frequently. I'm an adult that works and goes to school full time, but I still find an hour or two to play everyday and I'm getting annoyed with quitters/betrayers. I'm extremely chill and I'd like to avoid toxicity if possible. Thanks for your time!

My stats in case anyone is wondering:
my gamer tags GoldenGmer I play at 8-10 pm Philippine time I am looking for a clan that can respond to leaders and follow orders well and I play on pc mcc
What's up everybody - my gamertag is bigsodly and I have been playing halo since the day Combat Evolved released. I play mostly multiplayer in every Halo game, but also love running through campaigns and playing firefight for hours on end. My old crew has not been meeting up and playing as often as we used to so I am looking for some new people to play with on the regular. I usually jump on as soon as I get home from work around 5-6:00 PM EST and play until around midnight, sometimes later. If your clan is looking for a new recruit who has been hardcore about halo for over a decade - hit your boy up!

Thanks and Remember Reach!
Looking for active players to play with on Halo 5. Send me a message or join my spartan company Mantle of Ares
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Greetings, I am AngryPotat#7444 and I am recruiting for the Fleet of Supreme Justice , on MCC Halo Reach(Xbox). We currently have started up and are looking for mature, positive minded members. We want to become active everyday which can only happen with more members. Our fleet is Imperialist in terms of ranking structure and small other details. However, we have not drastically changed things or made up ranks that make no sense. If you're interested in joining, message the people below.
Message the following below:
AngryPotat#5273 (Discord) or AngryPotat#7444 (Xbox)
DarkStorm125#1124 (Discord) or DarkStormDemon#7822 (Xbox)
We are looking for:
~Members from the community, old & new alike
~Members who are willing to WORK towards their goals
~Members who are interested in casual and/or competitive gameplay
~Must have an Xbox One w/ Halo: Master Chief Collection, Reach
~Must have a mic/headset
~Must have access to discord
~Age restriction is 14+
~8v8 BTB
~Internal and External Raids
~Invasion and Skirmish matches
~Game Night and more
~ Other activities as well
Other Notes:
If you are not a part of a Sangheili bloodline, we offer places amongst our lineages!
If you are a part of a Sangheili bloodline, we offer your entire lineage to join!
For information regarding our ranking structure, system, DM AngryPotat#5273 or DarkStorm125#1124
For possible alliances message ThatCloneTroopxr#9576
Looking for family members! Redemption Gaming Live or RGL was created to give lone gamers a home! We have over 300 family members and are looking to add more.

RGL is sorted into 12 different clans with about 30 members each, that way you don't get lost in the masses. Each clan has a main game that all members of that clan play, so it's always easy to find someone to play with!

We provided a unique rank Structure, have a professional website and use discord to communicate.

RGL has lots of different teams to join, whether your an artist looking to do image work, a streamer looking to get more views or writer that likes to report on new and exciting things in the gaming world we have a spot for YOU!

If any of this interests you please feel free to PM me on Xbox with any questions or to join us!
I’ve just started a Halo 5 spartan company and is recruiting good active people for achilles armour progression and the 152 grind. Send a request at Mantle of Ares
Attention Halo Way point community---
My company is looking for squad leaders and regular members...If you want to know what were all about please click on the link
Positions available---
Regular members(Anyone from anywhere)---Must have either Halo 5 or Halo MCC either for PC or Xbox

Fire Team leader(Spanish speaking)---Must speak Spanish and only requirement is to have either Halo 5 or Halo MCC FOR XBOX ONLY

Any questions feel free to message me---
Marshall of Reclaimer Air Squadron
  • Love playing swat, 2v2 and infection
  • Wanting to join clan thats grinding for Achilles helmet and armor
I play everyday K/D is about 1.3 level 100

GT- King Journey
Played halo since I was 6. I've always been proficient at halo, but I've just recently been able to get online play. Looking to join an up and coming team that needs a player. Gamertag is Alpha13 Killem. Feel free to send me a message and I'll play a 1v1 to prove my skills, interested mainly in halo5 but I am as good in any halo. Thanks.
Calling all Spartans!

Join TogetherWeWin and become part of a friendly teamwork focused Halo community.

Our Story

TogetherWeWin was founded as our founder wanted to create a community that brings Halo players together. We have all had out fair share of loses due to random team mates and our goal is to make sure our members always have a friend to play Halo with. Recruitment open.

Any questions message ShiverMeTinders
Casual player
want to team up with good players who use mics

i can grind up to diamond 2 solo, I’m decent but not the best
Hi everyone, I'm looking for spartan company to play H5 with. I'm going for 152 (I'm currently 145) and want to get the Achilles armour and helmet whilst going for max level. I'm British and normally play in the afternoon/evening. I'm a casual player and play Warzone, Mythic Firefight and BTB and am happy to contribute to the company commendations by playing other modes. If any of this sounds good to you, please message me through waypoint.
The 3 Barren Kingdoms is hiring!
We're trying to gather as many spartans as possible to join our squad, and help out our effort in grinding for Achilles or playing with other teammates to victory. We are a casual spartan company, but some of us like to play Halo 5 to grind for Achilles or reach to Rank 152. The closer we reach, the better!
We play any gamemode that's available, so that includes Social, Competitive, Warzone and Firefight, but we also like to mess with Forge and Custom games every once in a while.
For those interested in joining? Let us know! You will need a Discord to join our company so that way the rest of the crew will know you're on as well.
Nice :))
Join the Hand of Atriox! Recruiting to have fun! Any level is fine, just join and have fun!
[ Last Man Battalion Recruitment ]

What is the Last Man Battalion?
• The Last Man Battalion (LMB) was founded in mid-2017 with the intent to be a competitive-focused Division-themed PMC clan that is put together using minimal regular clan activities. We try our hardest to stand out as a clan in the community by using different methods to improve players and by participating in clan events such as raids and wars.

¤ What we offer ¤
• A chill and fun competitive environment
• Consistent internal activities almost every day
• Numerous methods for progression
• A clan led by a dedicated and strong leadership
• External activities such as Clan v Clan raids, 4v4/8v8, etc
• A group of friends to actively play MCC with

¤ What we expect ¤
• We welcome level-headed individuals and encourage your strength however we work as a unit and expect our members to be able to follow orders quickly and effectively. As friends and comrades we are able to have fun and still achieve our goals.

¤ Requirements to Join ¤
• Be 13 or Older
• Be Mature and Active (at least 3/7 days a week)
• Own an Xbox and Halo MCC - Reach
• Have a working mic
• Have and actively use the Discord app

¤ Contact Information ¤
If interested in enlisting into the Last Man Battalion, please contact the following:

Eternal Krios // Discord: Krios#7000
General Commanding Officer of Last Man Battalion

UK vape // Discord: Weeb#2900
Recruitment Officer of LMB Infantry

'In Novissima Hominis'
We’re looking for good determined active players to help achieve achilles or even play with while achieving the 152. Join here at Mantle of Ares
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