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OP snickerdoodle

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GT: SSirSlaughter longtime halo player, MNK, Leader of the future INFINITE halo company "Lords of The Depths" BURZUM

Anyone interested in joining the soon to be best Infinite CLAN and legendary journey, add the gamertag.

GT: SSirSlaughter
Clan on!
vxidshot wrote:
Clan on!
Clan on and Chime on and Vibe on
  • Playstyle - Casual 4v4s and Big Team (occasionally competitive)
  • Time zone - EST
  • What you are hoping to get from a clan - A consistent group of people to play with on Halo MCC and Halo Infinite at least 3-4 times a week
  • Anything else you feel is relevant - "I think it looks more like a puma."
Hi i have 1 member can i get someone to join me? Thnx👍
ive never been in a clan but would like to join a awesome community team, my time zone is EST, im usually gaming on the weekends and on the weekdays im gaming at night around 9pm EST. Just got into playing Halo 5 and doing the Flight for Infinite at the moment. Im absolutely loving this way more than Halo 5 but sadly that is my main Halo game i play at the moment. Hope to see ya'll in the battlefield.
Hey man if you’re ever looking for teammates and just chill people to play with hit me up on Xbox or discord. CI Konink (Xbox) CI Konink#3707 (Discord)
I am looking to join a clan or just make friends to play multiplayer, co-op campaigns or firefight, I'm a pretty good player, not pro but I'd say better than average. Feel free to message me and I will add you on discord.
Definitely hit me up bro wouldn’t mind meeting new people to play Halo with
Hi, I'm looking for a clan.

  • Playstyle-aggressive and objective oriented
  • Time zone- Eastern
  • What you are hoping to get from a clan-I'm hoping to play with a regular group of people who leverage communication in the completion of objectives.
  • Anything else you feel is relevant-I want to be on a team that, during a match communicates dangers, opportunities, and everything else. As a team I'm looking to work closely with others to kick -Yoink-.
New to the forum and looking to join a Spartan Company to Achieve Achilles Armor and Helmet.
Willing to grind at least 20 hours a week, work well with others and follow directions.
I play mostly Infection,Warzone and BTSF.
Please message me if you can use my assistance.
Thank you!!
I'm currently a mostly casual player looking to join a team that's more scheduled. I'm mostly into the Arena style game modes 4v4 Slayer, CTF, KotH and the like. I play both PC and Xbox. Gamertag is Pyrominiyak03. Definitely not the best, but definitely looking for pointers for communication, mostly conventional callouts and overall looking for a team that is willing to help make me a better player, teammate, and hopefully we can make it pro, right?
Time-zone: Eastern
Availability: Most Weekdays and Weeknights from 6:00 EST on.
Been playing halo since 3 launched
Been playing solo-queue for too long, and I want to find a community that wants to push some infinite meta, and honestly any of the games cooperation.
I’m trying to join an active clan, mostly just looking for more people to play multiplayer and achievement hunt with. I play on pc so only MCC for me. I can typically play anytime after 7pm est
Hi looking for a pc mcc clan and I dont wanna join anytthing too conpetetive just a little conpetetive and i have a PST tiem zone
My company is still recruiting for people to join and it’s Amazing Sparticus
Interested in a clan/company/group of folks to play with. Fairly competitive and wanting people to play ranked with, but ultimately play to have fun and put out good vibes. I have a busy life but play at least a few times a week. I'm on Pacific time and play in the evenings but sometimes during the day on weekends. I play a good mix of both MCC and Halo 5 and am looking forward to Infinite.
Looking for a competitive BTB / ranked group going into Halo Infinite. I Have not really touched H5 and dont plan to lol. For skill level stuff I had a 50 in H3 Team Slayer, Inheritor with reach. Around a 2.0KD on MCC. I plan on PC most of the time, but have a series S. Just hit me up if you have room for one more. :)
Team Swat, Hardcore Team Slayer and Team Slayer are without a doubt my best played and favorite game modes. I like to put out extremely accurate fire and find creative ways to flank or out maneuver my opponents.

I'm in Eastern Standard Time

What I'm looking for in a Clan is good teammates who coordinate so my small unit tactics can actually expand to part of a larger team strategy. Make the game much more fun. Good teammates with a sense of humor along with taking each game seriously at the same time is also a big deal for me.

Lastly I've been playing Halo since I was about 13 and started day one of the first Halo game, so I'm not a young kid anymore so i would fit in better with players at least 16 years or older but that's not a deal breaker just extra info.
Looking for something casual/competitive
Ran a Halo clan from H3 to H5
Been playing Halo since 2001
Preferably 18+
I have a mic & am easy to get along with.
GT: iBurgh412
How do I get into the clan..
Squeez1977 wrote:
How do I get into the clan..
What clan?
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