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OP snickerdoodle

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GT: iceera88
Time Zone: East Coast US

2..U.S eastern time zone
3.. I looking for a clan that can that is competitive and help improve my skills and I play any game type
4. I have a KD of 1.30
Playstyle: Sniper, defensive 'camper'. (competitive objective player)

Time zone: GMT

What you are hoping to get from a clan: Fun people to play with, no colour changes or set ranks. Just good players who enjoy halo.

Anything else you feel is relevant: Prefer to play on 360 (halo 4) I play H2A as well but im not as good at that.
Sad to admit it I usually camp in CTF, more of a defence team player but if asked I will swap up my play style dependant on game type. (Please note I usualy play OBj based game types)

If you are interested in recruiting a sniper please message me: ArcAngel2512

If you would prefer to start a clan I am willing to do that as well.
Looking for a clan/team to play competitive and custom games based in UK time if anyone would invite. GT: G4MER X52
my playstyle varies depending on the way the game is going
im in the west coast
i just dont want to play with randoms anymore
i used to play with the same four to six guys every night back in the halo golden days and we got really good at it
i want to get back to a competitive level
practice in customs
and run ranked multiplayer
maybe get a team good enough were we can actually make a name for ourselves and do just more then play to have fun

fave weapons: br and sniper
anybody want to play hit me up!

ik zoek een nerderlandse clan
Playstyle-Lonewolf/team player (when needed)
Time: Pacific Standard
why:I usually get bored but I only play halo reach and 4
nothing else
Age: 19
Timezone: Eastern
Playstyle: any, i can play competitively or if your looking to mess around on some days i can have fun too.
Bio: I'm reliable to play with, always looking to play with other people and to get better. i have a microphone (not a crappy one) a computer and a laptop. Im currently inveting ins some streaming software and hardware as well.

TIME ZONE: east coast us

WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO GET FROM A CLAN: fun people to game with.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU FEEL IS RELEVANT: prefer halo 4 also like H2a

GAMERTAG: Fwc vanguard

Gamer tag: Apex Arbiter

Time zone: US eastern

playstyle: competitive

I'm looking for a clan that can live up to past expectations. My last clan was well organized and refined. I prefer a more formal environment where I can move based on skill. Not going to listen to immature idiots.

Platform: xbox one, MCC

My stats:
-KD ~ 2.0 Overall
Jonas, experienced player. I have played H2-, H3-, REACH- and H4-multiplayer. Support/Slayer with strong BR and sniper (at least I used to be). I play mostly Destiny atm.
Playstyle: casual-competative, on weekends day->late nights
Time zone: UK, EU
What are you hoping to get from a clan: I want to have people to play halo 3 (and 2) customs or matchmaking with.
I am really into halo mcc and looking for people to join matches for fun and maybe compete with.

im over 18 and only really got into it about 6 mnths ago but play most evenings and weekens.

it would be great to team up with anyone interested so feel free to add me for mcc im particularly into halo 4....
You join all these gaming communities, and either there is too many people, and not good leadership, or you join one that is on the verge of failing, and zero activity. We "the Dominion" are here to offer the best of the best. We aim to please our members by providing them with active, and on task leaders, and bringing in Quality members! We are not here to show numbers, we are here to get to know our fellow gamers, and build a gaming community everyone can call home. we are very ACTIVE and ORGANIZED.

So what are you waiting for?

message me on kik: the_fallen_zero
or message me on xbox : TD Scrapper 7
HI I am Das101x I play halo 4 I guess im pretty good but ILl accept any clan
THere so many clans

This post has been hidden.

I'm serious about multiplayer, I want to join a real clan, with the same age group 21+. Last time I got accepted by 16 year olds, and the clan before that wasn't really serious about partying up. So I'm playing multiplayer as a lone wolf but, my goal in Halo is to get into a clan who sends invite and on a regular. I'm a team player, who like to communicate during gameplay, I don't care about how many kills I can get, I care about what I can do to make my team win.

Play style: Casual, plays for fun

Skill: Not bad. Definitely not the best but i usually end up in the top five in a game.

Looking for: A person who likes to play vid- oh, right, a clan. A clan that is easy going and won't be a -Yoink- if I end up sucking in a game. (Halo 2 Anniversary is extremely difficult for me and I don't know why. You have been warned.)
GT: IBackpackRandys
Looking for a team for hcs, eastern time zone. Im on everynight for hours at a time, will play customs,competively, looking to make lots of friends since I just got back into it. Went to the mlgs and competed 2008-2010. Feel free to add me anyone who wants to play
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