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Any SKILLED people looking to join a SKILLED team HMU. We got you. ;)
- Playstyle: Passive/Agressive. Very accurate with both DMR and BR.

- Time Zone: GMT + 2:00

- What am I hoping to get from a clan/team/homie: Someone who is down to earth that I can holler at and play some Halo with.

- ASL: 19 years old, man, Norway. Don't be fooled by where I come from tho, my English isn't -Yoink- or anything like that. I don't have alot of people to play Halo with these days since most people I've been playing with either got sick of it, or just aren't around to play when I do.

I'm cool to play with whoever as long as you ain't some 14-15 year old kid, because then I'd boubt that we have much in common. And that you don't completely suck ofc.

My KD is somewhere over 2.0. (For those who care about those things)

Been playing casually since Halo 1, but didn't really start playing "seriously" untill Halo 3.

I usually win when I play with someone, unless we meet some really sweaty -Yoink-.

If you are a cool guy, who wants to pass the J. Talk some -Yoink- and drop some bombs in Halo. Holler at me.

GT: Logic G
Hi :) my gamertag is "aryula" .
I use to play when Reach come for the first time and now i return :3 .

Im Noble rank and i have a positive k/d.
I use to play every day 4pm - 1am mexico time.

Im looking for a competitive clan.
Most of the clans use to play betwen the clanmates or dont follow orders when playing like a bounch of lonewolfs.

Im not looking for that :/
Playstyle:As a person:friendy, supportive.
in game: long range, vehicle

Time zone: GMT - 5:00

What you are hoping to get from a clan: people who follow orders, are supportive,active, looking to grow as a team and as a player

Anything else you feel is relevant: I can acomodate to all roles, play everyday.Can change TAG, armour, and emblem.

just send me a message via xbox: Killercoxxis
Competitive but like to have fun
A crew that can have fun but wants to win.
I'm a decent player and looking for any offers. GT- RGT3
Competitive but I like to have a fun match and not a boring one.
A clan that is fun and occasionally can win matches.
I`m an AWESOME player with a high K/D but just want to have fun at the same time
Gamertag: SpecTNinja117
hey looking to get back into competitive halo after a while. I was a 34 is halo 3 mlg, amazing in reach and a 46 CSR in halo 4 big team. I am a competitive player and enjoy teams in which team work plays a big role, although i do lone wolf -Yoink- up sometimes :)

GT: ii havvoc
playstyle: competive team work and lone wolf
Timezone: Australian EST
Comments: Wanna do lots of clan battles and competitive matches. I am 19

Friendly non competitive and respectful

Time zone


What you are hoping to get from a clan

Looking to play with a friendly group to play Big Team Battle and maybe some regular Infinity Slayer.

Anything else you feel is relevant

I have Halo Reach, Halo 3, Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 3 ODST, hardly played some of them but have completed Reach and done 5/8 of CE and 4/8 of Halo 4 campaign. I'm happy to go through them with clan members but I do struggle on certain missions. I'm hoping to beat them all when the Master Chief Collection comes out however.

I'm not a highly skilled player, but my stats are quite bad, this is maybe because in some sessions I have been playing for too long and friends have played on my account.

Like to play the Loadout, Battle Rifle, Magnum or Plasma Pistol, Plasma Grenades, Jet Pack, maybe Wheelman, Gunner some other loadout similar maybe ordinance priority sometimes.

I have a mic and headset but it may not be all that good, I haven't used it much if that's a problem with sound quality I can get a new one, but I'll stay quiet when needed until I get one.
Hey, my name is AMurphy31 and I am interested in joining a clan! I have a positive K/D and always try to play the objective and help out the team as mush as possible. I am looking for a clan that is competitive and plays frequently and has clan battles (clan battles sound like a lot of fun). It would also be cool if we just had fun sometimes and weren't serious all the time, but still be competitive most of the time. I am in the US Eastern Time Zone and my Xbox Live gamertag is AMurphy31.
Hi im the VP of The Unbroken Brotherhood Halo 4 clan and we are looking for new members. We need more members that are big Halo fan and love Halo as much as we do. We started the clan about a month ago and are doing well in size and strength. We are comprised of 4 divisions which are...
-Army: Which are the fighting force of the clan and are for seasoned players.
-Marines: Which are the first ones in and last ones out and they are the the talent of the clan.
-Military Police: Which are the protectors within the clan and are are the defence.
-Special Operations: Which isn't for everybody, the Spec-Ops is for the best of the best spartans. The members in Spec-Ops are to be good with any gun they get their hands on.
Contact Sharphawk09 or Tactical Stims if you are interested in joining!
Im a very competitive player looking to win so I can rank up. I usually use nothing but the BR.

Time zone is Eastern standard time U.S

I just want a group of people who are good competitively so I dont have to keep "lone wolfing" it and having to carry my team every game.

My slayer k/d is 1.65. Been playing halo competitively since halo 3, which I had a highest skill of 47 in lone wolves.
Hello I am looking for a good clan to join my rank 44
Hey everyone, my GT is XerO Hades and I am a experienced halo player. I recently came back to Halo 4 and decided I wanna play competitive, only problem is I have never played competitive on Halo. My K/D is a 1.40. If you have a new team message me and i'll gladly accept!
Hi there, We (Clan AWI) are recruiting heavily on Halo 4 at the moment.

My gamertag is "AWI IK H2PLY GD" and our recruitment page and website can be found below, feel free to check it out at no obligation ofc.

AWI Recruitment post
Still looking just forgot on thing I am 14 years old level 45 looking for clan that wants to stop evil clans whatever that kind of clan see ya on live
Haven't been in a clan for awhile, kinda missing it...

  • Support/stealth. Always flanking, always team shooting.
  • Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00)
  • Friendly Players that HATE to lose! Also no GT changes.
  • I have Xbox One and will join for ranked and customs in Halo: MCC

Play Style: All forms of competitive play allowed

Goal: Win games

Clan Status: New

Description: We play a multitude of video games, Halo being our biggest and most influential. We have one goal in mind: winning the game and having fun. All are welcome in the Wolf Pack.


Website Link:
Halo Gaming Network

Our mission: Are you tired of playing Halo by your self? Are you looking for a gaming experience with other fellow Halo gamers? The Halo Gaming Network brings all walks of life of Halo into one gaming community. Weather you are a professional gamer or just your average joe. The Halo Gaming Network will be the website for you to use to make friends introduce your own friends to the mix and have a good time playing with others that share the same interests or likes that you do in the Halo universe.

Halo Gaming Network is not a Clan. Many members from different time zones. If you are looking to play Halo or find someone to play any of the other Halo games, or go achievement hunting, then you should come join our community. We are very friendly community group. We also stream our gameplay, have game nights playing custom games.

There is no age requirement at this point in time to join the Halo Gaming Network. We just ask that you be friendly to others on the network & treat others with the same respect as you who give your self.

Follow us at: @HaloGameNetwork |

Join the Halo Gaming Network<--- Click Here

Thank you for taking you time in reading this post. We hope to see you soon.
Playstyle: Passive aggressive, mostly competitive.

Timezone: Fairly inconsistent, play when available, sometimes takes weekly periods off.

My terms: Peronally, I don't like obnoxious or extremely talkative people, people who laugh at their own jokes ALL the time and people who talk big game while putting others down over K/D. Everyone plays to get better and have fun, sometimes it doesn't go hand in hand but I have seen clans that fall apart over such foolishness including my own. I join to better the clan in any way I can contribute, nothing less, nothing more.

Other Relevant Information: If you have mics, use them. I don't tolerate teams that complain about teamwork and attitude when they have no strategy of their own. If you complain just don't be hypocritical.

•Time zone: Central Europian Time

•What you are hoping to get from a clan: players with mics.
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