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Looking for a group of people to play with regularly. I play quite often at night. I'm in California (PST). I frequently am in the top 3 of players during matches. Just looking for a mature crowd to game with. People with mics as well would be nice. I'd also like getting a large party together to plan custom variants.

hit me up!
Looking for a competitive clan that is not very big and will best suit my gaming style.

Search for me on xboxlive: Spencer7576
Message me I will not accept friend requests right away
I am a 17 almost 18 year old male and I want to join a halo 4 clan that is for fun but also likes to compete. I have been in the clans of SIA, EOG, A few minor clans and I am currently in ROTO for COD I only left these other clas because they fell or the leadership failed to treat it's members right. I have a 1.1 KD, I like objective game modes better but I have mastered my TMD commidation so I can work with that. My play stle- My class is set up so I can take and return fire because I use the abilities that make my shields charge up faster, then duck out when my shields go down and heal my team and myself with my regen shield then use the br to pick off the enemy with head shots or charge right in with my ar in short I am designed for hard hitting and fast combat and medical support I can hold my own. Halo CE was the first consel game I ever played and I played halo my whole life. Like anyone else I have my crazy games and my lacking games. I want to get on mlg more than anything else in halo however I know I have to practice very hard and though I know I most likely wont get it I still want to try and I will try for anyone who will try for me I am extremly loyal. So what I want from a clan is a 2nd family, diverse in the way of people of course, has people that will help me harden and strain my skills in combat, members that respect members but will swear and trash talk each other in a fun manner if you know what I am talking about, has a loosely construced, no, or skill based ranking structure, no uncesarry meetings(every week meetings where we talk about stuff we already know), and lastely know how to have a good time and will be willing to teach me what they know. I promise I will try my hardest for you. I am omline about every day but I will be away for 4 days as I am going on vacation. My gt is Sensorial Sleet my email is but plz use email only if you have to as I do not check it often. My friends list may be full so leave a message I will get back to you and if you invite me to a party plz send a message saying that your a clan or who you are because I am bit shy around new people but I gradually grow out of it but I might also think you are a random from a previous game and no one joins those. A little bit about me well I dont like talk about my self but I am laid back, I like classic hip hop and various types of rock. Loyal again, also I like to laugh and, mess with people and, make others laugh. I listen and try to help people with their problems but I pride myself on my kindness,compassion,caring, and understanding for others.
Hey Sensorial Sleet,
I heard you were looking for a second family. We here are AWI are just that, we become a second family for the people that want to be with us and do the same. We are a fun clan that likes to smash faces in games and not take ourselves too seriously. Swearing doesn't matter to us as long as it's said in jest and not racial or hate motivated. We do play competitively and casual so whatever you're feeling like playing is what we are good for. Not to mention all the perks that come with joining AWI such as people that will have your back in and out of gaming, a healthy level of friendly competition among team mates and a great place to chat and share things at the AWI Forums!

If you need a break from competitive play or from Halo games in general we all play different games when we want to chill so if you have any of them such as Magic 2013/2014/2015, COD, Civilization Revolution, and more! We are all different ages so we can help you out with whatever you may need. I really think that what you've put here is a perfect description for AWI.

If you want to join please contact me online: AWI 7PlyJoyRide
Overkill Gaming. We are a competitive group. We just want winners.
Hey guys. Recently I've been getting annoyed with all the scrubs I get partnered up with in infinity slayer. Looking for an active laid-back clan that is also competitive when they need to be. I am usually an aggressive player but I always stick with the team and give backup for other teammates. Fairly accurate with the BR. My time zone is standard eastern time, add me on XBL if you are interested. GT: Broken Downstem
Hello my name is SOULxHARVENGER and I am looking for a competitive and fun clan.

Time Zone-U.S.Central

Style- Quiet and quick killer/sniper/assassin


playtime-every Friday and Saturday for 8 hours a weekend and I will not be online till 6pm on Friday and Saturday

Attitude-Joker/Polite/Respectful/I am up to anything

message me at my xbox live profile via SOULxHARVENGER
I am a close quarters assault kind of guy, I like swords and shotguns and my assault rifle is my Excalibur.
My timezone is PST. Any questions ask me via XBL.
I'm leader of the FMJF clan we like all kinds of combat we have my 2IC in the US online quite a lot I'm in the UK online all the time in day time and my secondary recruiter is in Asia and is frequently online so we have a mixed clan time so plz plz msg me on xbox feeblerex434 or on halo waypoint
Hey all, I'm back in action with Halo. Trying to get better at Halo 4 and wanting to get ready for Master Chief & Halo 5 competitive play. I have 0 experience in the "real" competitive play aspect of Halo but it is something that I really want to get involved in now. I am 27,male, mature player, but still know how to have fun. I am naturally a competitive person, always have been. I am realizing just how hard it is to find some people that are interested in taking Halo serious and truly work together to become better. If you want to start a clan with me or already have a clan that is similar to what I'm speaking of. Please let me know so we can get the ball rolling. I'm not an allstar, but I'm willing to put in the time and effort to become a great Halo player and hopefully destroy some people soon. I think I could make a great support player. I'm smart, understand the importance of team work, map control, map knowledge, practice, etc.
FYI: Yes I want to have fun, but to be honest, I'm looking for serious players who are willing to put in time and if your willing to "teach" or "coach", I'm willing to listen. Whatever it takes to get better. I'm interested in eventually playing ladders, tournys, etc.

GamerTag: COSMAH
Time Zone: US-Eastern
Availability: Usually evenings, sometimes I can also do mornings or mid-day. Depends, but pretty flexible.
I've been a long time halo player and getting geared up for not only MC Collection but also looking to find some new, mature, chill people to play all the new games coming this year with. I'd say im pretty good at halo (check service record if you really care) and like to stay competitive, but I usually play for fun. I'll throw down some info, so just DM.

Age: 23
Occupation: Engineer
Alma Mater: WVU
Availability: Weekends & most evenings
Time Zone: Eastern
Favorite Cereal: Frosted Flakes
Im a Somewhat casual Player I like Custom games and BTB and Swat.
Name of clan: Warriors of the Bushido

Point of contact: Message me or UNSC INFINITY5

Clan mission: To be the very best like no one ever was (sorry for the reference i had to lol)

Don't expect any MLG stuff yet we are still trying
Name of clan: Resurgent E'sports

Point of contact: me alex fives or go to our website to learn about how to join and about us as a whole.

Clan objective: as we are an amateur org now our big goal is to become a professional organisation within e'sports and to have the best teams playing for us

UK based halo team looking for European players to join us.
Hi Guys!

I am a massive gamer and a die-hard Halo fan (Also a Lore Junkie, I really like it ok :3). Been a fan of Halo ever since I was a child.

I'm looking for a clan/group of players to hang out with mainly on H:TMC and Xbox One. My friends list is relatively empty at the moment and I would love to meet more people to do stuff with (especially Halo or Destiny, hell even Dragon Age Inquisition if you are equally into that as me!)

My Playstyle:

I like to play a mixture of both casual and competitive. The majority of my time I spend online I prefer to spend chilling in 'social' playlists and messing around doing activities.
However I do enjoy competitive style game-play and thoroughly enjoy competing in ranked playlists.


0+/- GMT. My times throughout the week are Mon-Fri 18:30-23:00PM and weekends are flexible

What are you hoping from a clan:

Mainly a group of guys who are laugh to be with and also well invested in the Halo Universe. Supporting other games such as Destiny for example is another bonus.

What can I give to the clan:

Humour, sarcasm, tea and 'sc-ones'. I believe I am a funny guy to be with and enjoy playing games be them ranked or social.

Anything else you feel is relevant:

Currently don't have access to my xbox 360. Sad I know but hence why I am looking for an Xbox One oriented group.

Feel free to PM me here or on xbox. If you are also looking for more people to hang about with on Xbox One, feel free to add me and just say your from waypoint! :) I am happy to discuss with anyone about myself and their clans if needed. Thanks for your time!
- Casual and Competitive.


- A good community, with active players that love to play Halo.

- I'm happy to change my armour,colour,emblem and service tag but not my Gamertag since it costs money.
My clan is called The Brothrhood of the Black Suns if you are interested we play on both Halo Reach and Halo 4.
add me on Xbox live WarTitan116 and send me a message
Gamertag: PrinceElvin
Time Zone: East (New York Time) USA
Playstyle: Everystyle

Me parece interesante pero noc que dice
Si alguien esta interesado en formar un clan porfavor invitenme, soy de mexico, mi gametarg: bjcdekm
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