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OP snickerdoodle

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GT Stalkulikeahawk
Style TEAM play, aggressive, competitive, and i do love shenannigans

Im hoping to meet new friends and be a part of a winning team

Central Time Zone
Gamertag: Electric F33L
I'm in my 20's and have a mic.
Interested in joining a mature skilled competitive team.

Playstyle/LFG: I've been kicking it on the halo servers since LAN parties during the CE days. Played competitively during Halo 3's prime. I'm a support player, well rounded. Highly skilled with the Sniper Rifle, and I love to control the high-ground - constantly calling out enemy positions to my team. I play and practice often, and am looking for like minded people to form a group or for an existing group looking to supplement their team with a strong support player.

Timezone: Eastern Standard (Canada/US)

//I'm getting really sick of getting put in 5v2 ranked matches and getting wiped by grenade spam. Really (FOR NOW) would like a team for at least matchmaking that's relatively solid and has mic's.
play style: looking for a good time

time zone: eastern

what I want out of a clan: game experience and just a good time

relevant info: I've been clan leader of 2 small time clans and hate the clan gods of death if they are still together hate their leader deathray911

my gamer tag is Fewestpath740 to have an idea of my skill look up jarhead8182015 my old account the got corrupted
Play style = competitive

Time zone = Central

What you are hoping to get from a clan = Looking to rank up quickly to the top, can play daily after 5pm. Looking for a mature team (I'm 24 myself) with mics.

Izeudie It's pronounced I~see~you~die.
ready to play with a good team that communicates and plays well.. invite or message me
play style: competitive but I like playing co op and customs here and there

I have a mic, eastern time zone,

GT: Cheddacheed
I am looking for a clan! I have an agressive yet smart playstyle. I am looking for a clan that is trying to be the best clan out there with members who are fun to play with! My time zone is mountain standard time.
Im in a search of a good clan with good experience player with my level if y'all need EXPERIENCE player add me n msg me so we can start teaming up and play GT MunchiesXx123
Hi everyone,

GT: ApexWhiteWolf

Things about me:
-Pacific Time
-Playstyle Tactical and coordinated. But if I am playing alone I will try different tactics on my own. Prefer midrange attack style. I am effective in close quarters and long distance though.
-Have a mic
-My skill level can be considered above average. Not perfect or excellent (not a pro). But very skilled nonetheless.
-I hope I can find a clan that is level-headed (don't like hotheads), likes to have fun , and are coordinated.
-I play all Halo's but mostly Halo 2 and Halo 4. I do not have an issue playing other Halos though.

Message me if you are interested. Or even just to play.
Hey I'm looking for a clan just to have a good time, make new friends, chill and still be competitive, I honestly wouldn't like to change my gamertag to enter the clan so message me if you want me to join you clan!
I do have a mic, and I'm in Australia, Victoria!
I play aggressive if needed but more of a support and loner type player.

looking to have a halo community back on my friends list and people to play and win and lose together with
i am part the eastern time zone and will be playing just about everyday for a time period.

I'm a very talkative n love callouts

if you want to look into what i can to my GT is same as my name on here

iti a c
  • GT L U X F O R M all caps spaces between letter
  • Main slayer
  • solid objective player
  • good understanding of map control
  • better than average
  • strong on halo4 maps
  • looking for customs and matchmaking teams
  • uk based on daily
  • mic
  • 24
<div>Looking mainly for a decent clan or group 2 develop my skills and friends further....
so if u need a decent player send me an add on xb1 or send me a msg</div>
Playstyle: Causal, fun!

Time zone: -8 PST

What you are hoping to get from a clan: MM/Forging/Custom games like BTB or 4v4s.

I usually play in the evenings during the week and mornings on weekends. Would love to getting into playing custom made maps that have an actual map feel, semi serious. Maps built for causal play in FFA up to BTB maps. Would also be interested in making these types of maps. Im also up for matchmaking in any playlists that arnt MLG.
My name is NileZ and im an addict. Halo is back and got me by the balls. So yah, lets get serious!
  • Very driven, competitive. Love teamwork and want to get better by whatever means.
  • Can switch between slayer and support depending on situation. No egos the win is more important.
  • Play in EU and EST timezones
  • Got mic, 33yr old chef from amsterdam
  • Would love becomming part of a team and run scrims/ladders
  • Im rusty havent played any console fps in quite some time but shaking off the dust at a high pace. Used to play gamebattles with H3.
  • Will drink and drive, apparently you get more splatters that way.
  • Will unleash the beast soonish, untill then ill just pretend and get away with it
  • Love the sniper, but i dont mind sharing
  • Dislikes: Halo 4 MP and hairy women

Competitive Team/Freestyle Solo

Central US/ works night shift 8pm-8am

Looking for a clan to adopt me!

Casual player, UK timezone

Will help with achievement hunting
Gamertag: CoopMiconGplay add me :)
Thinking about doing the clan thing, I'm a decent player and I've been around a while. I like to win, prefer team slayer or big team and I like to take risks. There's nothing I love more than charging in and trying to take as many enemies with me as possible. GT is Prikle. Send me a message if you're interested. Don't want a command structure! Just fun and winning.

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