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Are YOU tired of joining Companies that don't play together? have no good communication? seem unorganized? have no vision? ect.....
Well whatever the reason, look no further. Join Us and have a part in creating a great and fun Spartan Company to be in.
What you will find from our Spartan Company that you will not find with others:
Opportunity: Looking for those that are serious about running a Company on Halo 5 will get a chance to become a Lieutenant for the Spartan Company.
Teamwork: Operating together is our #1 goal and we strive to play together at all times.
Public Lobby Stomping: What is more fun than playing Warzone with 8-12 Spartan Company Teammates to Dominate public lobby games? nothing.
Organization: We are organized to the teeth about how we operate giving our Company an efficient way to operate and play with other Members.
Communication: We not only communicate with each other more efficiently, but also play together more efficiently. We have ways of communicating so that you can check who is online and who will be getting online when you are.
Vision: I have a dream, that one day Halo player will unite under one belief and that is to play together for total domination of lobbies and we will do everything necessary to make our Company operate more efficiently.
Reasons to Join:
Easy Access to Multiplayer FireTeam Teammates to play with in Arena, Warzone, and Legendary Co-Op Campaign Missions.
Want Opportunity to run a Spartan Company as a Lieutenant? We are looking for those individuals with Leadership potential to Promote.
Have a Positive Kill/Death Ratio
Must Party Up with Spartan Company Members
Prefer Everyone has a Microphone or Kinect
Hey wanna send me an invite. I love what you guys have going and I have previous clan leadership experience to bring to the table as well. Would really love to at least talk to you guys. If you want send me an invite on xbox gamertag is Slothy Seconds. Can't wait
Sign me up!
GT: sukumodda
I would like to join your company I like communicating to achieve victory ^_^

GT: DJ Cyrubiss
I'm in GT:BrooklynGear
I'm down FrazeMASTAflexis my gamertag hit me up I need some more communication with a team
I'd love to join a community that can bring progression for me in this game. Message me and add me.
GT: Nothing 2 Fancy I would love to join you guys! Most of my buddies don't even play Halo anymore so I find myself running solo. Sucks. Just a little info. I'm Central time zone and mostly play late night due to work. Looking to have fun but still stay competitive. Add me plz
GT: N1ckPapaGiorgio i hate playing with randoms who would rather focus on other -Yoink- than the objective
im looking for a company that has active plyrs! (:
Sounds legit, I would like to be apart of this company. Not only for the communication aspect, but to make new friends that like to play Halo!

My Gt: SoggyFlapJaks
I'll join.. looking for people to play with as I mostly run solo