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Join Team Helljumper

OP armentroutin8r

We are actively recruiting members for Team Helljumper. We are looking for spartans with a fairly good k/d (around 0.9). We want fairly mature members (18+). We have fun but are competitive at the same time. Join today to be a true Helljumper.
Are you US or EU based?
I am interested.
Send you an invite arsonace. Please join if you are still interested.
This company has grown significantly since my first post. Only taking a few more members. Enlist in Team Helljumper today!
What is the play time requirement?
Between Work, Family, and Destiny Raids I can only put in 3 days a week at most.
No play time requirement. We have people who play 7 days a week and people who only play a day or two a week.