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Join the AJSA(Angry Army)Spartan Company!

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Tired of playing by yourself? Do you want to be part of something greater than just a “clan”? The AJSA Xbox One is recruiting for our Halo 5 Spartan Company. We are seeking new members to join our adventures and our gaming community for Halo MCC,Halo 5,Halo Reach and any Halo games moving forward whether they have Spartan Company Integration or not Apply to join the Angry Army Spartan Company here: Angry Army

What is the AJSA? The AJSA)Angry Joe Show Army) was formed to provide like minded gamers of all types a friendly environment where members can play together,
discuss ideas, give game advice, and converse about any other aspect of gaming with other members.
We have an organized structure and dedicated leadership for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.Join the AJSA(Angry Joe Show Army), a group of like minded gamers.We have Organized Weekly to Bi Weekly Gamenights on PC,Ps4,Xbox One.If you want to join us in battle and represent the AJSA then apply to Join the Angry Army at
Don't be shy! Its recommend to introduce yourself to our community in our section "Introduce Yourself": .

There are no special requirements to apply for the Spartan Company. All we ask for is for you to be respectful of your fellow gamers and work with one another, during in and out of events, in-game. If you want to get better at the game and/or are struggling, get in contact with the Community Commander (AScapeRunePlaya) or our Halo Game Officer (Awakeningrager1) and we'll try to help you.The AJSA Division on Xbox One holds Gamenights for Halo occasionally every or every other month or so where everyone can gather together to play with each other, chat and have a good time. With the AJSA being a gaming community we support other multiplayer games as well, so if you enjoy to play other games than just Halo there will be other options and you'll be able to enjoy the larger AJSA experience.Our Spartan Company has a simple yet effective Code of Conduct, aimed at encouraging team work and fun while maintaining a cordial and non-harassment atmosphere. As mentioned we squad up regularly during non related Game Nights for various games and we hold formal Game Nights that brings everyone together for a night of gaming.Questions? Interested in joining? Post below, apply to join the Spartan Company in the link above or contact "AScapeRunePlaya"/" or me Awakeningrager1" on Halo Waypoint.