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La Grande Republique recruitment center

OP Magichitmansean

La Grande Republique recruitment center
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité ou la Mort

La Grande Republique is a new clan that is looking for new members.

1.What does La Grande Armée mean?(The Grand Army)
2.Is this clan mainly English?(yes)
3.Does this clan accept Native French speakers?(yes)
4.What type of players is this clan looking for?(casual custom games and competitive players)
5.Is this a military clan?(yes)
6.What is the clan bases off?(La Grande Armée is the army of Napoleon Bonaparte the first we will be using Napoleonic tactics halo style) this clan first starting out?(yes)
8.what halo games do i need?(Halo MCC/Halo 5)
The La Grande Republique are looking for the finest members of the community to join this common project!

If you are:
Talkative & active on the forums
Nice to be around
Funny (optional, but not completely!)
and active in game

Post a message below or message me on Xboxlive to join La Grande Republique

GT: MagicHitmansean

I would like to join