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Looking for a casual spartan company of UK players

OP Graygray20

Hi looking for a spartan company for UK 🇬🇧 and eu players don't mind if your from the USA too but there is 2 must
1 no sweat just casual for fun and games
2 adults only is a must

Gt on xbox is

We have members in NA and EU and are 16+
If that's of interest, check us out.

Spots open up weekly.
117 Ways To Die
Hi I am currently 151 and am looking to reach 152 max rank before the new halo comes out can you help I need to do mythic firefight but need assistance in doing so as my group have no interest in doing this type of playing

Gt is Graygray20
Hi Gray

try this company we've currently had quite the uptake on people joining.

Specialist Spartans
Hi you still looking for a UK group to join if so send me a message Rambo 5904282