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Looking for a people to play with

OP Kobra KT

Just looking for people to play with in arena, starting to get back into halo.
We at The 3 Barren Kingdoms are a casual group that also aim for the Achilles, but it's not much of a priority (don't have to grind on the daily). We also have a Discord if you'd like. Send me a message if you're interested!
sent an invite my guy
Add me so we can play. I'm a daily player
Check out MG Eclipse! I have enjoyed being a part of the company for over a year now. At its core, MG Eclipse is about sharing a passion for halo with other gamers. Respect is number 1 for us. Non-toxic / positive attitude required!
We have a very active discord, frequent gamenights for our members to play together, and amazing giveaways and tournaments with real prize $$.
Our tournaments are really amazing, I've never seen tourneys done quite like MGE does them. We generally do a draft style where players of completely different skill levels will play together for the prize and the bragging rights! It's a lot of fun. We have players of all skills up to champ.
To join we ask applicants to fill out this form, you can also find a link at the MG Eclipse page: